China 2006

Civil Society Capacity Building
To promote greater access to information and increase public participation in the policy-making process. The project will include a mini-grants program supporting innovative, small-scale projects pressing for accountability to the public.

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To promote awareness of labor rights among migrant workers. ACILS will support rights education and networking opportunities for low-wage migrant workers in several localities.

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To educate workers about their rights under Chinese law. ACILS will support a bilingual website that serves as an information clearinghouse on labor issues in China. The website will contain information from a range of sources inside and outside of China.

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To collect and disseminate information concerning workers’ rights in China. ACILS will support an online, Chinese-language worker-rights information center and an email newsletter containing information about developments related to labor issues. 

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To promote awareness of labor conditions in China and to enhance access to judicial recourse for Chinese workers suffering violations of their legal rights. ACILS will support a Chinese-language website that provides comprehensive information and analysis of the labor situation in China, and will also support a legal aid project that provides analysis and advice for constructive approaches to dispute settlement in worker compensation and other labor law-related cases.

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To promote corporate social responsibility and strengthen worker education. ACILS will work with Chinese partners to promote compliance with China’s labor laws and to carry out workers’ rights education programs.

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To promote labor rights in China. ACILS will support the work of Chinese partner organizations to develop effective channels for worker representation and sustainable strategies for the protection of core labor rights and standards.

BBC World Service Trust
To raise public awareness of citizens’ rights, including awareness of avenues through which disabled and other citizens can gain access to the legal system. The BBC World Service Trust will establish a legal-awareness telephone hotline and create innovative media programs with the goal of fostering uniform standards of accountability and access to the judicial system.

Beijing Spring Magazine
To publish the monthly Chinese-language magazine Beijing Spring. The magazine publishes analysis and commentary by authors inside and outside China regarding political developments, social issues, and the prospects for democratization in China.

Beijing Zhiaixing Information Counseling Center
To operate a diverse program promoting accountability and human rights. The work of the Institute will include legal aid, investigative reporting, activist training, and human rights documentation related to HIV/AIDS and other public health threats.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To strengthen the capacity of business associations. CIPE will work with a partner in China to collect and disseminate information on Chinese business associations and their activities, as well as association management best practices. CIPE will also conduct research and analysis on the legal status of business associations in China and their contributions to economic growth and good governance.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To encourage market-oriented reforms in China’s public finance system. CIPE and its Chinese partners will hold a symposium on public finance reform in Beijing and will maintain and expand a website that serves as an online forum for the exchange of ideas among private entrepreneurs and economists.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To promote good corporate governance and business ethics in China. CIPE and its partners in China will develop training materials and conduct a training course on corporate governance for senior managers and directors from state-owned enterprises and the private sector.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To encourage better local governance and on-going policy dialogues. CIPE will support local partners in China to research local governance issues and conduct regular symposia on China’s economic and governance reforms.

Center for Modern China
To maintain a forum for informed and responsible debate of public policy questions. The Center will publish Modern China Studies, a quarterly Chinese-language scholarly journal that features economic and social science research concerning liberal, democratic solutions to contemporary policy questions in China.

China Aid Association
To promote religious freedom in China. The Association will publish the Chinese Law & Religion Monitor, a journal containing analysis and documentation of religious issues and the challenges of the struggle for religious freedom in China. The Association will also maintain an online library of reference materials, including Chinese- and English-language full-text copies of laws and regulations governing religious practices in China.

China Free Press
To serve as a resource for Chinese websites and bloggers and to expand the space for free expression. China Free Press will provide free hosting for banned and censored Chinese prodemocracy websites that provide a forum for well-informed, critical discussion and debate on a variety of current events and pressing social, political, and economic questions facing China.

China Information Center
To provide an alternative source of news and opinion. The Center will disseminate news, commentary, and independent analysis of developments in China and important international events through two Chinese-language websites and an email list.

Democratic China
To promote uncensored dialogue on issues relevant to China’s political development. Democratic China will publish the weekly online Chinese-language magazine Minzhu Zhongguo (Democratic China), which carries analysis by authors inside and outside of China regarding current affairs, culture, history, and international relations.

Foundation for China in the 21st Century
To support a variety of forums for liberal intellectuals and prodemocracy analysts to promote democratic values and political reform. The Foundation will sponsor a book series, two Internet-based projects, the China E-Weekly magazine of analysis and commentary, and a petition forum.

Human Rights in China
To advance internationally recognized human rights in China. HRIC facilitates the work of domestic groups in building an effective agenda for social, legal, and political development through collaborative research and education, print and electronic publications, and advocacy.

Independent Chinese PEN Center
To promote freedom of expression in China. Activities will include the publication of banned works, advocacy on behalf of imprisoned writers and journalists, and campaigns calling attention to authors who suffer state censorship and persecution.

International Republican Institute
To increase the capacity of Chinese civil society organizations. The IRI program will support community-based NGOs and provide technical assistance to foster the development of the next generation of civil society organizations.

Laogai Research Foundation
To campaign for the abolition of the laogai labor camps. The Foundation will carry out investigation and documentation of the Chinese system of labor camps, while also undertaking a program of timely research exposing other human rights abuses in China.

Open Magazine
To promote free discussion and analysis of current events and political issues. Open Magazine will continue to publish its monthly periodical, Open Magazine, known for its regular exposés and timely analysis of trends and newsworthy events in China. The organization will also publish a series of Chinese-language books on issues related to the future of democracy and human rights in China.

Princeton China Initiative
To promote human rights in China. The Princeton China Initiative will carry out a broad program of support for human rights defense projects aimed at transparency, accountability, knowledge of the law, and access to justice.

Princeton China Initiative
To promote media freedom and civic engagement via the Internet in China. The Initiative will bring together specialists in internet technology to create online tools that can be easily used by ordinary Chinese citizens, journalists, and social activists for “citizen journalism” and civic-oriented, open communication.

Southern Mongolia Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC)
To advance the human rights of ethnic Mongolians living in the Southern Mongolia region of China. SMHRIC will report on the human rights conditions in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, also known as Southern Mongolia, through its website and its English and Mongolian electronic publication, the Southern Mongolia Watch.

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