China (Mainland) 2016


Assistance for Human Rights Defenders

NGO Strengthening


To support civil society activists and human rights defenders who cannot return to China and provide opportunities for their professional development. The program will identify individuals who are at risk for their work on human rights and democracy and provide resources that will allow them to spend time abroad. These individuals will be paired with universities and other institutions that will allow them to learn new skills and further their human rights and democracy work.


Building Human Rights Advocacy Capacity and Empowering Civil Society

Human Rights


To build the capacity of civil society and at-risk human rights defenders in creating space to protect human rights. This project will foster cooperation among Chinese rights defenders and allow them to better understand and participate in international human rights mechanisms. The project will enable rights defenders to carry out a broad program of advocacy, capacity building, and support for human rights defense activities.


Building the Capacity of Women’s Rights Advocates

NGO Strengthening


To build the capacity of women leaders and to strengthen cooperation and mutual support among women’s rights activists. International educational exchanges enable female activists to learn about NGO management, advocacy, international legal instruments, and leadership development. The participants will also learn about the implementation and promotion of anti-domestic violence laws. 


Building the Capacity of Youth Leadership

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To promote data-driven approaches to public governance challenges. The center will support data-based research on a variety of governance topics and the development of tailored multi-media products making the research findings and analysis readily accessible to the public.


Capacity-Building for Human Rights Defenders

NGO Strengthening

Supplement: $42,700

To build the capacity of civil society activists and human rights defenders. The program will develop practical and educational materials related to strategic planning, organizational development, outreach, leadership skills, and networking. Assistance will also be provided to victims of abuse at the hands of authorities.  


Capacity-Building for Human Rights Defenders

NGO Strengthening


To build the capacity of civil society activists and human rights defenders. The grantee will work with activists to improve their capacity in strategic planning, organizational development, and networking. The project will also provide targeted assistance to those suffering abuse from authorities.


Combating Censorship and Fostering Free Expression

China Digital Times, Inc.


To provide access to uncensored news and commentary about China as well as government efforts to control the information space. The project will work to increase access to information in Chinese cyberspace and nurture a community of influential Internet users committed to expanding access to information and free expression. Content developed and featured by this project, in both English and Chinese, will give Chinese readers and the international community access to important political and social commentary.


Democratic China Electronic Journal

Democratic China, Inc.

Supplement: $67,000

To provide a platform for debate and intellectual discourse on democracy, democratic transitions and strategies for democratization in China. An online magazine will feature articles by academics, social critics, activists, students, and artists covering current social and political issues, comparative analysis of political change, and models of political reform.


Empowering Civil Society to Protect Rights

NGO Strengthening


To support the development of grassroots leaders’ capacity and skills. Activities will include mentoring, workshops, and the development of a variety of online educational and reference resources.  Topics will include management, optimizing decision-making structures and processes, strategic planning, legal awareness, sustainable growth, and team-building.


Empowering Environmental Rights Activists



To build a network of environmental groups with the capacity to conduct advocacy and public outreach on water quality and accountability issues. The project will help partners coordinate initiatives to promote citizen engagement in efforts to protect the environment and act as a watchdog regarding compliance on the part of local governments and businesses.


Enhancing the Quality of Public Policy Research

Human Rights


To increase the capacity of researchers to report on issues of public concern and foster constructive discussion of public policy issues. The program will develop and disseminate practical guides and educational materials designed to promote high-quality data-gathering and analysis of challenging issues such as public health, as well as effective presentation of findings and recommendations for a broad audience of citizens and policymakers.  


Fostering Interethnic and Interfaith Solidarity

Initiatives for China Inc.


To foster trust and cooperation between different ethnic and religious groups. The program will host an interethnic and interfaith conference to bring together pro-democracy activists from groups both inside and outside of China. This conference will allow participants to share experiences and advocacy tools, discuss current events, and explore opportunities for cooperation.


Increasing Access to Information in China

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To increase Chinese citizens’ access to information on issues of public concern. The organization will encourage public demand for accountable governance through increased public access to information, the free flow of which is vital to both free-market economic systems and democratic political systems. The organization’s partners will build the capacity of citizen journalists to utilize regulations that call for open government information.


Increasing Online Access to Information on Democracy

Freedom of Information


To promote freedom of expression for censored publishers and writers. The project will provide access to platforms and online distribution mechanisms that allow writers and publishers to publish independent news and views, reaching a wider audience for literature on important contemporary social and political issues.


International Advocacy for Chinese Civil Society

China Change

Supplement: $14,000

To raise the international profile of human rights defenders, intellectuals, and rights lawyers. The organization will translate commentaries and interviews from Chinese into English and feature original profiles and opinion pieces about the democracy and civil rights movement. It will also conduct advocacy activities at international forums and events.


International Advocacy for Chinese Civil Society

China Change


To raise the international profile of human rights defenders, intellectuals, and rights lawyers. The grantee will translate commentaries and interviews from Chinese into English as well as write original profiles and opinion pieces about the democracy and civil rights movement. The group will also conduct advocacy activities at international forums and events.


Journal of China Strategic Analysis

Freedom of Information


To provide a platform for high-level analysis of international relations, reform initiatives, domestic policies, and the potential for democratic transition. A journal featuring carefully researched and thought-provoking articles will be published and distributed to a targeted audience of decision-makers critical to reform.


Monitoring Media Freedom

International Federation of Journalists – Asia Pacific


To increase the capacity of journalists in China, Hong Kong and Macao to act as media freedom watchdogs. The organization will work with journalists’ associations and individual journalists to foster networks and information-sharing between local groups and international advocates by providing training in international standards and practices, as well as facilitating regional engagement in monitoring press freedom in China and distributing advocacy materials.


Promoting Accountable Public Governance and Transparency

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To provide a forum for learning and discussion regarding contemporary public policy issues. Training sessions and interactive workshops will equip graduates and young professionals to analyze and debate issues of public concern.  Skills to be emphasized will include using evidence-based approaches, reconciling multiple points of view, and using discussion and debate to achieve broader public understanding and devise durable policy solutions.


Promoting Democratic Ideas and Values

Democratic Ideas and Values


To educate and train civil society activists on democratization and social movements and to provide a platform for youth to engage in discussion of democratic ideas, including tolerance, conflict resolution, and civil society activism. A multi-platform program will be available for Chinese youth to learn about modern history and current events, comparative democratic development, and civil society initiatives.


Promoting Democratic Values

Wei Jingsheng Foundation, Inc.


To promote awareness among the Chinese public of democratic values and to inform the international community about the human rights situation in China. The organization will continue its outreach through its website, distribution of information in China, and frequent interviews with the international and Chinese press.


Promoting Government Transparency and Accountability



To increase the capacity of civil society to advocate for transparent government processes. The project will facilitate the work of a network of activists dedicated to pressing for a more transparent and accountable government by conducting research and holding meetings on the use of open government information regulations.


Promoting Respect for the Rule of Law

Rule of Law


To promote respect for the rule of law and equip lawyers to effectively protect human rights. Project activities will include training on combating torture and other forms of abuse by authorities, as well as research and advocacy on criminal defense reforms. The project will also provide literature and training designed to strengthen work on disability rights.


Protecting Religious Freedom Through the Rule of Law

Rule of Law


To assist victims of religious persecution in defending their human rights and freedom of religion. Project activities will include rule of law trainings and legal assistance directed at protecting religious freedom and freedom of association.


Protecting the Property Rights of Chinese Private Entrepreneurs

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen public understanding of the property rights framework and improve the operating environment for private entrepreneurs at the grassroots level. The project will offer legal training workshops and rights protection forums for entrepreneurs and improve the availability of relevant materials, resources, and experts that can be called upon by entrepreneurs at the local level.


Strengthening Civil Society for Policy Accountability



To strengthen the effectiveness of legal and policy work on anti-discrimination issues and consumer rights. The program will refine and disseminate reference materials and manuals to increase knowledge of legislative, legal, and policy frameworks governing specific areas of current concern to the public in China, such as food and product safety and counterfeit medicine.


Strengthening the Resiliency of Chinese Civil Society

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To promote principles of accountability, inclusivity, and transparency in the operations of civil society organizations.  The institute will develop and promote training materials and methodologies designed to boost the capacity and effectiveness of nascent, grassroots organizations. Areas of focus will include human resources, volunteer management, project design, evaluation, and strategic planning.  The institute will also develop viable models for meaningful dialogue among stakeholders concerned with the healthy development and growth of diverse sectors of civil society.


Strengthening Worker Rights and Representation

Freedom of Association


To increase the capacity of workers to use legal means to protect their rights and form associations to represent their interests. Outreach efforts and trainings will educate workers on labor law and collective bargaining. Additionally, international advocacy and social media will be utilized to increase awareness of labor issues in China.


Supporting Emerging Civil Society Networks

NGO Strengthening


To build the capacity of rights-focused civil society networks and organizations. The project will provide civil society actors and activists with project implementation advice, opportunities to network and exchange information with similar groups, and strategic planning assistance for programmatic and organizational development.


Supporting Free Expression and Open Debate

Princeton China Initiative


To provide a platform for intellectual debate and to stimulate discourse on China’s democratization. The organization will publish China in Perspective, an online magazine that focuses on international relations, comparative democratization, the changing dynamics in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and historical analysis of democratization experiences in Asia.


Supporting Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights


To promote civil society development and protection of fundamental rights. The program will conduct ongoing monitoring and verification of the safety and well-being of human rights defenders and their families. Through coordination and collaboration with multiple networks, the program will also connect defenders at risk with available resources in a timely manner in case of need.


Supporting Labor Rights

Freedom of Association


To improve the ability of workers to protect their rights in the area of occupational safety and health. The project will build the capacity of workers living with conditions and diseases caused by dangerous working conditions to organize into networks that can advocate for policy change. The project will assist activists to conduct outreach and hold trainings on rights protection in the workplace.


The Rule of Law and Due Process

Rule of Law


To strengthen the rule of law and bolster standards and skills in the legal profession. Project activities will strengthen the quality and availability of legal aid for cases involving protection of citizen rights, and provide expert legal analysis of trends in relevant areas of the law, particularly those related to ensuring due process within the legal system.


Worker Rights Awareness

Solidarity Center (SC)


To strengthen the capacity of workers and advocates to defend worker rights. The center will continue to support efforts of grassroots workers and independent worker rights organizations to promote labor law enforcement and advocate for strengthened worker rights.

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