Malaysia 2014

International Republican Institute
Democratic Ideas and Values
Building the Capacity of the Next Generation of Political and Civilian Leaders
To increase Malaysian civil society’s ability to engage youth in the political process. IRI will build on its successful work with its current partner to engage youth as participants in an ongoing parliamentary accountability project, and will additionally work with Sarawak-affiliated NGOs on advocacy techniques focused on Malaysia’s youth. Furthermore, IRI will strengthen the capabilities of youth political party leaders running for office in the 2015 Sarawak state elections.

Islamic Renaissance Front Berhad
Democratic Ideas and Values
Promoting an Understanding of the Relationship Between Islam and Democracy
To familiarize key Malaysian audiences with the philosophical foundations of democracy and human rights and their relationship with Islam. The Islamic Renaissance Front will conduct a series of forums and symposiums on democracy and Islam that provide young Malaysians with the opportunity to better understand and appreciate Islam’s relationship with the fundamental civil liberties and norms of pluralism, gender equality, citizenship rights, and good governance.

KiniTV Sdn Bhd
Freedom of Information
Supporting Independent Web TV in Malaysia
To provide the Malaysian public with a credible and respected source of independent news reporting. KiniTV will improve its online presence, maintain its trilingual programming, and broaden the types of programs that it produces.

Lawyers for Liberty
Human Rights
Promoting Human Rights and Access to Justice
To build a community of lawyers dedicated to the advancement of human rights through strategic litigation. Lawyers for Liberty will litigate a variety of cases with important human rights implications and conduct public information campaigns and empowerment trainings.

Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd
Civic Education
Civic Education for Youth
To provide the Malaysian public, especially young Malaysians, with a forum to discuss critical political issues in the country. The organization will maintain a resource center for Malaysian youth, organize a series of workshops on human rights, and develop a website that tracks engagement of Members of Parliament on human rights issues.

Merdeka Center for Opinion Research
Freedom of Information
Public Opinion Research
To provide policymakers and civil society representatives with public opinion research that can be used to formulate policies and programs in Malaysia. The Merdeka Center for Opinion Research will conduct public opinion surveys across Malaysia in an effort to gauge the priorities and perceptions of the Malaysian public on a variety of public policy issues.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.

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