North Korea 2015


Advancing Human Rights in North Korea and Democracy Education for North Korean Defector Youth

Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights


To bring international attention to the human rights situation in North Korea and to promote awareness among South Koreans about North Korea. Citizens’ Alliance will advocate for human rights in North Korea at the UN in Geneva, organize an international conference on North Korea in Asia, and provide democratic civic education to North Korean defector youth.


Creating Political Space Through Private Markets

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To educate participants in the North Korean informal markets about private property rights, entrepreneurship, free markets and the linkages between economic and societal liberalization. The program will expand and refine a digital library of educational materials on market economics and free societies for distribution in the Asia region.


Daily Internet Newspaper

The Daily NK


To disseminate accurate and timely information about North Korea. The organization will produce an online newspaper serving readers in South Korea and in the international community and train North Koreans working as citizen journalists as well as provide ongoing professional development for its correspondents in the Asia region. The newspaper will cover news and information about North Korean politics, economics, and society.


Daily Radio Broadcast to North Korea

Radio Free Chosun


To support the free flow of information in North Korea. Radio Free Chosun will broadcast a daily program providing news, features and in-depth analysis of current affairs and issues in the Korean peninsula, as well as human rights and civic education programs, to the North Korean public.


Democracy and Leadership Program for North Korean Women

Center for Korean Women and Politics


To instill democratic values and cultivate political leadership in North Korean defector women and to encourage partnership and cooperation between South and North Korean women in promoting democratic change for North Korea. The Center for Korean Women and Politics will implement a democracy and leadership program for North Korean women, including trust and partnership building opportunities with South Korean women, and will conduct ethnographic and survey research on the changing roles of women in North Korean society and defector women’s awareness and perceptions of women’s rights and democracy.


Democracy and Media Training for North Koreans

Human Rights


To raise awareness of democratic ideas and values among North Korean citizens. The organization will carry out a structured democracy and media education program for North Korean citizens in the Asia region by using multimedia educational materials developed for those born and raised in North Korea.


Democracy Education and Journalism Training

Human Rights


To provide training and a platform for North Korean citizens to share information and discuss opinions about North Korean culture, society, economics, and politics. North Korean participants working or traveling in Asia will receive intensive training on fundamental concepts of democracy and free market economies as well as basic writing and analytical skills.  In addition, a Korean-language quarterly magazine using information collected directly from North Koreans will be produced.


Encouraging Democratic Reform in North Korea via Radio Broadcast

North Korea Development Institute


To support the free flow of information into North Korea. The North Korea Development Institute will produce the North Korea Reform Radio program, which provides daily broadcasts of news, information, and commentary designed to encourage reform and the development of independent public opinion inside the country.


Engaging Youth and Defectors in North Korean Human Rights

NAUH (Now, Action and Unity for Human Rights)


To strengthen the leadership capacity of North Korean defector students in South Korea and encourage their engagement in North Korean human rights and democracy issues. The grantee will carry out a series of educational and networking activities for South Korean and North Korean defector students, a leadership program, and a public awareness campaign on North Korean human rights.


Engaging Youth and Defectors in North Korean Human Rights

NAUH (Now, Action and Unity for Human Rights)

Supplement: $15,000

To strengthen the leadership capacity of North Korean defector students in South Korea and encourage their engagement in North Korean human rights and democracy issues, and provide information about democracy and human rights to young North Korean citizens. The grantee will carry out a leadership program and series of educational and networking activities for South Korean and North Korean defector students, and produce a weekly radio program for North Korean listeners.


Illicit Drugs and Human Rights

North Korea Strategy Center


To support international efforts to advocate for human rights and seek accountability for state-sanctioned abuses by researching and gathering evidence of systematic human rights violations in North Korea. The project will research and document the human rights impacts of illicit drugs in North Korea and the government’s role in these issues, and gather new sources of evidence that can be used in international advocacy.


Increasing Communication Between North and South Koreans

Freedom of Information


To increase opportunities for North Korean defectors to share accurate information about North Korea and personal experiences living in democratic South Korea with the citizens of North and South Korea. The project will include posting defector-written blog pieces and hosting online forum discussions with North and South Koreans on a variety of democracy-related issues.


International Symposium on North Korean Human Rights

Salzburg Global Seminar, Inc.


To coordinate and sustain international responses to crimes against humanity in North Korea. Salzburg Global Seminar will convene experts and practitioners for a symposium to sustain and build on the momentum of the UN Commission of Inquiry on North Korean human rights, engage in critical discussion to develop recommendations for global policymakers on next steps for advancing human rights in North Korea, and build an international coalition of individuals and organizations committed to supporting democratic change in North Korea.


Leadership Education for Defector Students

Young Defectors’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights


To build the capacity of North Korean defector students in South Korea and to encourage them to become more engaged on issues related to North Korean human rights and democracy. The organization will organize a variety of leadership programs, including a democracy education program, an online magazine and video project, public seminars, and a debate competition, to help equip defector students to serve as bridges between South and North Korea and to prepare them to take an active part in the civic life of a future democratic North Korea.


Mapping Crimes Against Humanity

Transitional Justice Working Group


To seek accountability for crimes against humanity and systemic human rights abuses in North Korea and raise awareness of transitional justice issues among key stakeholders, including policymakers and defectors. The organization will carry out a human rights mapping project that documents geospatial evidence of potential crimes against humanity in North Korea to be used for international advocacy on North Korea human rights and to prepare for a future transitional justice process.


New Approaches to Advancing Human Rights in North Korea

Korea Human Rights Foundation


To strengthen efforts to facilitate trust building and constructive dialogue among key actors about North Korean human rights issues. The organization will carry out a dialogue project with key actors from various North Korea-related fields in South Korea to encourage inter-sectoral dialogue on enhancing North Korean human rights. Through this project, the organization will also work to develop a comprehensive inter-sectoral strategy for addressing North Korean human rights issues in a coordinated manner.


NK Youth Club

Human Rights


To develop democracy and leadership educational material suitable for North Korean youth. The project will develop self-study material for young North Koreans who are interested in learning about democratic ideals and values. Topics will include free-market economic principles and regulatory frameworks, the rule of law and access to justice, and the challenges of transition.


Radio Drama and Feature Series for North Koreans

North Korean Writers in Exile PEN Center


To raise awareness of freedom, human rights, and democracy in North Korea through a radio drama and feature series. The organization will produce a radio drama called “Chonbok and Mankil” and a feature series titled “Letters from South Korea,” which will introduce key concepts of human rights and democracy and the outside world to North Korean listeners in an easy-to-understand and familiar manner.


Support for a Conference on Private Markets and Political Reform

Institute for Far Eastern Studies Kyungnam University


To provide a platform to explore the potential role of the jangmadang, or private markets, in supporting democratic change in North Korea. The grantee will hold an international conference for North Korea experts and practitioners to discuss how the jangmadang, especially the post-famine generation of jangmadang participants, can be empowered to serve as a critical force for change in North Korea.

From the 2015 NED Annual Report

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