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Act for Change: Promoting Democratic Culture and Peace among Youth

Insan Foundation Trust


To strengthen the capacity of universities to promote democracy, gender equality, and conflict transformation among youth. Working in partnership with five universities, the grantee will train both faculty and students to design and carry out campaigns that use visual arts, filmmaking, music, seminars, and other youth-led initiatives to increase awareness and activism on issues related to democracy, peace, and human rights.


Advocacy and Public Mobilization for Inclusive Local Governance

SAHARA Development Foundation


To strengthen voices for legislative and policy reforms in the local government system in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Research and consultations with stakeholders will identify key issues in the local government system and will inform an agenda for reforms, which will form the basis of a broad-based advocacy campaign that will involve meetings with political parties, press conferences, and policy briefs.


Advocacy Campaign for Governance Reforms in FATA

Centre for Governance and Public Accountability (CGPA)


To strengthen the advocacy skills of civil society organizations and to promote public understanding and demand for governance reforms in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The grantee will establish a resource center; conduct a training for FATA-based civil society groups and journalists; publish a research report on annual development programs in FATA; and carry out a campaign to build public awareness and demand for reform through community meetings, seminars, and media outreach.


Budget Research and Advocacy for Democratic Accountability

Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives


To enhance the capacity of civil society organizations to promote transparency and accountability in the use of public funds. The organization will carry out a survey on the budget-making process at the district level, conduct trainings for civil society organizations on budget analysis and advocacy, and convene public consultations to strengthen access to information and accountability in all four provinces of Pakistan.


Campaign to Promote Tolerance in Education

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace


To facilitate the development and adoption of a tolerant and democratic curriculum in the public education system. The organization will produce a research study on textbook content and conduct a national-level campaign for education reform by holding conferences, consultations, and advocacy meetings with key decision-makers.


Combating Bonded Labor in Sindh

Development, Awareness & Management of Natural Resources (DAMAN)


To raise public awareness about bonded labor and to empower those who have lived in bondage to become agents of change within their communities. The grantee will carry out awareness-raising activities; provide legal aid; conduct trainings for police, media and youth; and undertake an advocacy campaign on the issue of bonded labor for communities in southern Sindh.


Deepening Democracy through Policy Research and Advocacy

Jinnah Institute


To foster and sustain effective policy debate, improve public awareness about key issues in Pakistan’s democratic development, and generate public demand and pressure for political and economic reform. Project activities will include town hall meetings in universities, a mentorship program for young women leaders, policy roundtables, producing policy briefs, and publishing articles on the themes of youth civic engagement, women’s empowerment, freedom of expression, and good governance.


Empowering Peasant Communities for Sustainable Development and Democracy

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum


To improve the responsiveness and accountability of the government on issues impacting the livelihoods of peasants and fisherfolk communities in Sindh. The organization will strengthen the peasant movement through community-level mobilization; hold district and provincial-level dialogues to raise public awareness of land reform and water issues in the Indus Delta; set up a peasant assembly and tribunals to bring attention to peasant issues and violations of human rights; and conduct an advocacy campaign on the rights of detained fisherfolk.


Engaging the Media and Academia on Conflict-Sensitive Journalism

Individual Land Trust


To strengthen the reporting skills and deepen understanding of conflict reporting among media personnel and journalism students in Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The project will include a series of capacity-building workshops on conflict-sensitive reporting for journalists, journalism trainings for mass communication students, and collaboration with universities to develop a course on conflict reporting.


Enhancing the Knowledge of Journalists about Local Government

Women Media Centre of Pakistan


To enhance the understanding and ability of women journalists to report on the local government system and civil-military relations Six workshops will be conducted on the powers and function of the elected local body system and its implications for civil-military balance, and to improve participants’ skills in television reporting, camera-work, and editing. The grantee will also organize two conferences and a study tour.


Enhancing Worker Rights through Awareness Raising, Social Dialogue and Advocacy

Solidarity Center (SC)

Supplement: $115,167

To promote respect for worker rights in Pakistan through awareness raising, social dialogue, and issue-based advocacy. The center will support an online labor news portal, conduct facilitated video screenings for workers to promote organizational strengthening, and support the publication of a comprehensive annual assessment of labor issues. The center will also build the advocacy skills of women trade union activists and will support joint union-employer dialogue and policy advocacy.


Enhancing Worker Rights through Awareness Raising, Social Dialogue, and Advocacy

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote improved respect for worker rights in Pakistan through awareness raising, social dialogue, and issue-based advocacy. The center will support an online labor news portal, conduct facilitated video screenings for workers to promote organizational strengthening, and support the publication of a comprehensive annual assessment of labor issues. The center will also build the advocacy skills of women trade union activists and will support dialogue between unions and employers, as well as policy advocacy to promote increased protections in the workplace.


Fostering Private Sector Engagement for Improved Regional Governance

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To foster private sector consensus around reform priorities and to engage the private sector in advocating for urgent reforms in the run-up to the 2018 general election. The center will support the business community in developing clear, market-oriented economic platforms, improve its partners’ skills in presenting economic ideas to political parties, and work with the private sector in advocating for implementation of reforms. Complementing this effort, the center will facilitate the development of private sector-led solutions to resolve barriers to business and improve provincial-level governance.


Human Rights Advocacy through Video, Interactive Theater, and Visual Arts

Interactive Resource Centre


To strengthen the capacity of youth and civil society activists to use the arts and media to conduct advocacy campaigns and raise awareness of social issues. The grantee will conduct citizen journalism and visual arts trainings for university students, organize theater trainings and performances for youth groups, hold film and theater festivals, and produce short films that promote democratic themes and highlight human rights issues.


Malakand Women’s Democratic Development Program

Association for Behavior and Knowledge Transformation


To strengthen the capacity of elected women councilors in Malakand division. A series of trainings for women councilors will be conducted in two districts of Malakand Division in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province on rules and procedures of the local government system, the role and responsibilities of elected representatives, and gender-sensitive budgeting and planning. The grantee will also facilitate meetings between the councilors, citizens and local government institutions as well as develop a women councilors caucus.


Peace, Democracy and Human Rights Education in Lahore

Bullah Shah Foundation


To raise awareness of human rights, democracy, and peace in schools and the broader community. The organization, working in partnership with educational institutions, will use arts, sports, and community mobilization techniques to promote democratic values, peace, and respect for human rights in Lahore.


Political Empowerment of Women in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and FATA

Aware Girls


To promote active citizenship and political participation among women in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The organization will train young women in political participation and active citizenship, who will then conduct civic action projects and peer-to-peer education in their own communities. The group will also train elected women councilors to strengthen their leadership, advocacy, and communication skills. The project will also involve community awareness sessions and a provincial policy dialogue to enhance women’s civic participation.


Promoting a Gender-Sensitive Code of Ethics and Content in Media

Uks Research Centre


To promote gender-sensitive content and strengthen ethics with respect to gender within the media. The program will engage journalists and media organizations through consultations and a roundtable focused on adopting a gender-sensitive code of ethics. The program will also engage the broader public by training teachers and students in gender-sensitive media monitoring, forming audience clubs across the country to provide public feedback on media content, and maintaining a center where media watchdog groups can submit complaints.


Promoting Community Activism for Peace and Tolerance in Balochistan

Institute for Development Studies and Practices


To promote and cultivate leadership skills and community activism among youth on issues of peace, tolerance, and democratic accountability in Balochistan.  The grantee will conduct a leadership and capacity-building training for youth from four districts. The trained youth will organize public dialogues and forums to discuss these issues and then plan and implement projects to address the issues identified in their community.


Human Rights, Pluralism, and Peace in Northern Sindh

PAHEL Sindh Organization


To strengthen the capacity of local communities to advocate for human rights, peace, and government accountability.  The organization will train human rights watch groups in advocacy and human rights documentation in nine districts of northern Sindh.  These groups will conduct awareness-raising and advocacy activities at the local level on human rights and peace, establish study circles for youth, and organize a festival on religious tolerance and peace.


Promoting Pluralism and Tolerance Through Music

Democratic Ideas and Values


To engage youth and activists in a grassroots campaign to counter violent extremist narratives.  The grantee will organize a series of concerts that will provide a counter narrative to the ideology of violent extremism, to support civil society and social movements working for a more pluralistic and tolerant society, and to raise awareness among youth about ways to organize communities against extremism and for democratic values.


Raising Voices for Rights in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

Khuwendo Kor


To strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations and activists to advocate for the right to education and good governance in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The grantee will organize capacity-building workshops for local leaders and community-based organizations to conduct advocacy campaigns on education reform and promote women’s political participation and government accountability in education.


Strengthening Civil Society Engagement in Public Sector Accountability

Association for Integrated Development Balochistan


To promote public sector accountability and transparency by strengthening civil society engagement with government. The project will include trainings on public accountability for civil society groups, projects to monitor government performance in key sectors, and an advocacy campaign on government transparency and accountability. 


Strengthening Democratic Governance in Rural Communities

Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy


To strengthen citizen engagement in rural communities and to build the capacity of local, elected representatives for effective and responsive governance. The project will build the capacity of local government representatives through a series of trainings and district- and provincial-level seminars. It will also raise public awareness about democratic processes and institutions and assist communities to engage more effectively with local government representatives on development issues.


Strengthening Good Governance and Democratic Accountability in Sindh

Center for Peace and Civil Society


To strengthen public participation in policy discussions and promote greater transparency and accountability in policy-making and governance in Sindh. The grantee will organize lectures, public forums, and trainings on governance and carry out an audit of government performance and policies. It will also maintain a democracy resource center, publish a journal, and host a fellowship program.


Strengthening Implementation of Pro-Women Legislation

Mehergarh: A Centre of Learning


To strengthen the implementation of pro-women legislation and promote leadership and political participation among women. The grantee will engage with and conduct trainings for the government, private sector, civil society and the media as part of long-term advocacy campaigns to enact and ensure compliance with pro-women laws.  The group will also organize leadership courses on democracy and activism for women and youth.


Local Governance in Punjab

Women in Struggle for Empowerment


To strengthen leadership and advocacy skills of citizens and elected representatives and promote effective local governance.  The organization will conduct advanced trainings for elected councilors, women community leaders, and local dispute resolution bodies. It will also convene seminars and community meetings on local governance and a conference on governance reforms.


Strengthening Support for Democratic Values among Religious and Community Leaders

Peace and Education Foundation


To strengthen the capacity of religious leaders to promote democratic principles and values within their communities. The grantee will conduct a capacity-building training for religious leaders on democracy. It will also organize an advanced training-of-trainers workshop to create a cohort of advocates who will carry out community outreach activities to raise public awareness, understanding, and acceptance of democratic norms and values.


Strengthening the Peacebuilding Institutions in Punjab and Sindh

Centre for Social Justice


To strengthen the capacity of civil society and local government institutions in peacebuilding and conflict resolution in Sindh and Punjab. Project activities will include a survey in 65 districts of Sindh and Punjab to understand issues and assess needs, trainings on peacebuilding in 20 districts for civil society and district peace committees, and an advocacy campaign on strengthening the conflict management infrastructure through conferences, publications, and meetings with policymakers.


Training Institute for Democracy, Human Rights, and Peace Studies

Centre for Human Rights Education


To strengthen the skills and knowledge of activists in promoting human rights, democracy, and peace, and to promote public discourse and activism on issues of peace and democracy. The grantee will conduct two training courses for activists, one on democracy and the other on peace and tolerance, and strengthen a grassroots movement on pluralism and religious tolerance in 30 districts.


Training Youth for Peace, Democracy, and Human Rights in Gilgit-Baltistan

Mountain Youth Resource and Social Welfare Organization


To promote youth activism to strengthen democracy, human rights, and sectarian harmony in Gilgit-Baltistan. The project will involve a five-day training-of-trainers workshop for youth on democracy, human rights, and peace and participants will replicate the training among youth in three districts of Gilgit-Baltistan.


Youth Engagement for Human Rights and Rule of Law

College of Youth Activism and Development


To enhance the capacity of youth to collaborate with government and civil society to strengthen human rights and rule of law. The grantee will conduct a training for youth on human rights and rule of law. The youth will return to their communities and launch monthly action campaigns on specific themes related to the project. The campaigns will include awareness sessions, outreach and advocacy activities with local decision makers, public forums, and actions to address issues by the communities through engagement with relevant government institutions.

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