Southeast Asia Regional 2011

2011 Annual Report

American Center for International Labor Solidarity
To reinforce democracy and promote freedom of association in Thailand by building the capacity of unions, strengthening the rule of law, and protecting worker rights; to strengthen democratic labor unions in Burma and promote compliance by the Burmese government with international labor standards and ILO Conventions on Forced Labor and Freedom of Association, and protect the legal rights of Burmese migrant workers in Thailand; and to promote participatory and multi-ethnic democracy in Malaysia through labor education and union leadership training for women and youth, and assistance to foreign migrant workers.

Global Witness
To promote transparency and governmental accountability in the Mekong region. Through a multi-faceted project, Global Witness will build the capacity of local and regional civil society organizations to work on the issue of land grabbing in rubber concessions as a means to hold governments accountable and encourage the rule of law in Southeast Asia.

Initiatives for International Dialogue
To build the capacity of civil society organizations and NGOs in Southeast Asia and to facilitate improved policies and civil society engagement in support of democratization in Burma. IID will conduct grassroots diplomacy and advocacy training for local and regional civil society organizations, internship exchange programs between the Philippines and other countries in Southeast Asia, and advocacy programs for democracy in Burma within ASEAN.

Southeast Asian Press Alliance
To promote press freedom and to improve the professionalism and capability of journalists throughout the region. SEAPA will continue many of its successful training and internship programs, and freedom of expression campaigns.

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