Thailand 2014

Cafe Democracy
Democratic Ideas and Values
Promoting Political Awarenaess and Democratic Thinking
To strengthen political awareness and democratic values among the public. Café Democracy will organize a series of activities to promote democratic thinking, open dialogue, and tolerance for diverse viewpoints.

Center for International Private Enterprise
Private Sector Approaches to Anti-Corruption
To reduce the likelihood that businesses in Thailand resort to corrupt business practices, and to expand and diversify an anti-corruption coalition. The Institute of Directors (IOD) will expand its coalition of companies dedicated to collective action against corruption, and CIPE and IOD will provide anti-corruption training courses for Thai and multinational companies, hold an annual anti-corruption conference, and launch a collective action against corruption website.

ENLAWTHAI Foundation
Rule of Law
Strategic Litigation and Community Empowerment in Support of Environmental Protection
To strengthen citizens’ ability to exercise their democratic rights and ensure that environmental protection laws are enforced in an effort to promote government and corporate accountability. ENLAWTHAI Foundation’s project will include strategic litigation on specific environmental cases that could have far-reaching implications for environmental law and regulation in Thailand, community empowerment trainings, and public awareness activities to raise the profile of environmental issues, human rights, and the rule of law.

Foundation for Community Educational Media
Freedom of Information
Supporting Independent Media
To provide the Thai public with a credible source of independent news reporting and editorial commentary and to foster public participation in open debate. The Foundation for Community Educational Media will publish, an online Thai- and English-language daily newspaper that covers underreported issues in the areas of politics, natural resources, energy, the environment, and the ongoing violence in southern Thailand.

Human Rights Lawyers Association
Human Rights
Strengthening a Network of Human Rights Lawyers
To strengthen a network of lawyers engaged in the protection of human rights, particularly the rights of marginalized populations in Thailand. The Human Rights Lawyers Association will coordinate networking and capacity building opportunities for young human rights lawyers; undertake strategic litigation on critical issues; and conduct legal advocacy activities.

International Republican Institute
Democratic Ideas and Values
Fostering Political Dialogue by Empowering Women
To build the capacity of Thai women to take on leadership roles within their communities and organizations. The International Republican Institute will conduct a series of strategic planning sessions and workshops aimed at building the skills and knowledge of sub-national political actors. Additionally, to foster cross-faction linkages in Thailand, the Institute will establish and encourage a network of diverse women leaders and activists to propose and advocate for non-partisan solutions to priority issues.

Makhampom Foundation
Democratic Ideas and Values
Interactive Theater: Expanding Space for Dialogue
To foster critical debate and dialogue on democratic values. The Makhampom Foundation will organize theater activities that encourage discussions on various social topics and provide trainings on dialogue theater techniques as a way to engage citizens on these issues.

Media Inside Out Group (MIO)
Freedom of Information
Promoting Media Professionalism and Freedom
To promote media professionalism, enhance the media’s understanding of democracy, and strengthen media literacy among the public. Media Inside Out will monitor and analyze Thai media practice and news content and post reports on its website. It will also organize monthly public forums on media ethics and convene consultations with media practitioners on press freedom issues.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
Promoting Community Democracy through Greater Youth Engagement
To increase youth participation in the provincial development planning process, NDI will provide youth representatives with the skills and tools to constructively engage with local officials and help shape local government decision making. The Institute will identify young leaders and develop youth steering committees in six provinces. These committees will aggregate grassroots youth issues, organize youth dialogues, draft actionable reports with solutions to key issues raised at the dialogues, and submit the reports to provincial officials.

Thai Poor Act
Human Rights
Enhancing Citizens’ Capacity to Promote Democratic Reform
To strengthen grassroots activists’ knowledge and practice of democratic principles. The Thai Poor Act will conduct a series of trainings on democracy and human rights as well as strategic planning workshops for participants to develop recommendations for democratic reform.

Thai Volunteer Service
Human Rights
Human Rights Volunteer Project
To support the development of a new generation of human rights activists. The Thai Volunteer Service will coordinate a program to place young people as volunteers with civil society organizations throughout Thailand to introduce them to human rights issues and encourage them to become active participants in the country’s human rights movement.

Union for Civil Liberty
Human Rights
Access to Justice and the Protection of Human Rights under Martial Law
To promote and protect human rights. The Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, hosted by the Union for Civil Liberty, will provide legal assistance to those affected by martial law rule. Activities will also include monitoring and documentation of human rights violations across the country.

Human Rights
Building a Human Rights Defenders Network
To strengthen the capacity and enhance the protection of human rights defenders. The project will establish a network of human rights defenders that will coordinate activities aimed at developing strategies and mechanisms to protect rights defenders, raising public awareness about violations of their rights, and advocating for public officials to adhere to the rule of law and ensure the safety of activists.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.

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