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Moldova 2016


Advocating for a Business-led Anti-Corruption Agenda

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To foster accountability and tackle corruption. The center will work with a local partner to convene a national anti-corruption summit to discuss how the private sector can respond to this pressing challenge. Following the summit, the local partner will survey 500 companies on the leading corruption risks for business, and work with the center to determine priorities for legislative reform. The findings will drive a public-private dialogue on reducing corruption.


Developing New Media Skills

Transitions Online


To build the new media skills of civic activists and journalists. The Prague-based organization will expand its debates.md platform, launch a new online site for bloggers, and create a new website, founders.md, to provide accountability-related information on companies in Moldova. The grantee will also train activists and journalists in investigative reporting, and assist them in producing investigations. The group will organize fellowships for journalists in Chisinau and Prague, and publish articles about Moldova on its website, www.tol.cz.


Educating and Mobilizing Voters Ahead of Presidential Elections

NGO Center Contact


To promote free and fair elections. The organization will carry out a nonpartisan voter education and mobilization program ahead of the October 2016 presidential election. The NGO will prepare four coordinators, 10 facilitators and 25 volunteers to inform and mobilize 100,000 voters in 10 cities and towns in southern and northern Moldova through discussions, public debates, media spots, posters, banners, and leaflets.


Educating Voters Ahead of Parliamentary Elections in Gagauzia



To foster free and fair elections. The NGO will carry out a nonpartisan voter education program and promote issue-based debate ahead of elections to the People’s Assembly in Gagauzia, slated for late 2016. The NGO will poll 600 citizens and convene six focus groups to identify pressing issues, and hold 10 issue-based debates with candidates in seven towns. The NGO will promote the project’s activities and results through its website, press conferences, and print and social media.


Fostering Accountability Through Investigative Journalism

Investigative Reporters Association for Editorial Security in Moldova (RISE Moldova)


To foster accountability. A team of journalists will launch a video department and produce 12 video investigations to expose corruption practices. The group will assist reporters from the country’s regions in conducting investigations and publish them on its website, in other outlets, and on social media. It will report the findings to law enforcement agencies and advocate for launching formal investigations when appropriate.


Fostering Civic Activism

NGO Strengthening


To strengthen the skills of NGO activists and promote the development of civil society. Project activities include individual, week-long studies for activists, support for civic initiatives, and monitoring. Finally, the group will continue to assist and build the capacity of independent legal centers and citizens’ clubs.


Fostering Free and Democratic Presidential Elections

PROMO-LEX Association


To promote free, fair and transparent elections. The association will conduct a monitoring mission for the country’s October 2016 presidential election. In cooperation with partners, it will train 42 Long-Term Observers and 700 Short-Term Observers, who will be deployed to 700 polling stations throughout Moldova. On Election Day, the association will conduct a Quick Count and Parallel Vote Tabulation, issue three reports, and operate a press center.


Grassroots Party Building

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To build political parties at the grassroots level. The institute will launch a pilot project to train a greater number of Moldovan elected officials in a more cost-effective manner. The institute will streamline and improve the effectiveness of its current model by developing and testing methods to move more political party members through the program at faster rates and lower expense.


Improving Judicial Accountability

Public Association Lawyers for Human Rights


To improve judicial accountability and human rights. The association will maintain www.magistrat.md, an online database of Moldovan judges, which provides information about their performance, qualifications and assets. It will expand the site by adding similar information for prosecutors, and will promote it through traditional and social media. The association will also maintain its www.lhr.md site, which offers information about European Court of Human Rights decisions regarding Moldova. It will advocate for Moldova’s better adherence to ECHR rulings.


Increasing the Skills of Civic Activists

Institute for Public Policy


To increase the skills of young activists. The organization will continue to develop its public participation platform, www.pman.md, train civic activists in crowdsourcing and fundraising, and assist them in developing and implementing six online technology and new media tools which will address important social issues.


Increasing Voter Turnout

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To promote free and fair elections. To increase turnout for the October 2016 presidential election, the institute will carry out a series of nonpartisan get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities. The institute will work with partners to foster issue based voting and turn out young and first-time voters.


Multi-Level Capacity Building II

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To strengthen the skills of national political party branches and mayors. The institute will provide a series of trainings in party-building communications and citizen outreach, hold a summer school session to motivate the political participation of women and youth, and offer public administration and management skills trainings for local officials. 


Promoting Civic Engagement in Northern Moldova



To promote civic engagement among youth in the northern region of Moldova. The NGO will organize four monthly trainings on civic engagement, volunteering and project development for approximately 100 youth in five villages in the Balti region. The organization will carry out a survey to identify important issues for youth, and award five mini-grants to promising young activists for local civic initiatives.


Promoting Democratic Ideas and Values in Moldova’s Regions

Association of Independent Press


To strengthen democratic ideas and values in Moldova’s regions. The organization will produce eight newspaper inserts in Romanian and Russian that will familiarize readers with the democratic and economic benefits of EU integration by providing tangible and clear examples. It will disseminate the inserts through 15 regional weekly newspapers issued throughout the country.


Promoting Free and Fair Elections Through Media Monitoring

Association of Independent Press


To promote free and fair elections. As part of a larger project, the Association will conduct a comprehensive media monitoring of 16 broadcast, print and online media ahead of the October 30 presidential elections. The monitoring will be conducted at the national and regional levels and assess whether candidates have equal access to media and whether voters have access to the information necessary for making an informed choice. The Association will produce and distribute nine monitoring reports.


Promoting Human Rights

Human Rights


To promote human rights in Moldova. The organization will continue to strengthen civil society and promote human rights through advocacy and legal assistance. It will monitor rights violations, produce and distribute its bimonthly e-newsletter, organize press conferences, and provide onsite legal assistance. The organization also will convene five working meetings for 75 experts and government representatives to promote reform and strengthen human rights.


Promoting Human Rights

Human Rights


To foster human rights. Public awareness of ill treatment in detention centers will be raised. Informational materials also will be produced and posted on a website. A training and roundtable will be held for human rights activists and journalists. A legal clinic will be maintained, monitoring visits to detention centers organized, an analytical report produced, and formal inquiries regarding cases of ill treatment submitted to the government.


Promoting the Accountability and Transparency of State Enterprises

Transparency International – Moldova


To promote government transparency and accountability. In cooperation with leading investigative reporters, the organization will monitor the activities and financial reports of approximately 40 public enterprises. It will produce concrete policy recommendations for reforming the sector, as well as educate the public about the enterprises’ role in fostering corruption.


Promoting Youth Activism in Rural Areas

NGO Perspectiva


To promote youth activism and human rights in southern Moldova. Targeting three districts, the organization will conduct workshops and presentations on leadership and civic participation, and support local civic initiatives and forums. To engage rural society on human rights issues, it will organize youth-led seminars in ten villages. Ahead of the October 2016 presidential elections, the organization will conduct a nonpartisan voter education campaign.


Strengthening Independent Journalism

Independent Journalism Center


To improve independent media standards. The grantee will organize a ten-month journalism school, offering 28 courses on news and media reporting and month-long internships for up to 20 young reporters beginning their professional careers. In addition, it will hold professional training seminars for the school’s instructors and provide tuition assistance to five students.


Strengthening the Implementation of the EU Association Agreement

National Environmental Center


To promote government accountability. Together with two local partners, the organization will monitor the government’s implementation of the EU Association Agreement, hold working meetings with government officials, produce analytical reports and recommendations, and present them at two public forums for government officials, civic activists, youth leaders, and journalists. The grantee will also organize a media campaign to publicize the project’s activities and results.


Strengthening The Professional Skills of Young Journalists

European Actors Association


To strengthen the professional skills of young Moldovan journalists. The Bucharest-based organization will conduct three trainings on new media tools, investigative techniques, and fundraising for 15 Moldovan reporters in Chisinau. It will also organize a week-long study visit to Bucharest for three reporters, and assist Moldovan journalists to expand the Report.md independent news portal.


Supporting Democratic Governance through Pre-Election Economic Policy Dialogue

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To promote improved political accountability and democratic governance. The center will partner with the private sector and civil society before and after the October 2016 presidential election to advocate for economic reforms and monitor their implementation. The center and its partners will work with the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) community to present priority economic issues and recommendations to candidates. The project will help citizens understand how democracy can deliver when the candidates’ platforms and programs address citizens’ concerns.


Supporting Independent News and Information in Gagauzia

Studio Triumf S.R.L.


To increase objective news and information in Gagauzia. The organization will maintain and expand GaguzMedia.md, a leading voice on Gagauzia-related issues in the Russian language. In addition to publishing 10,000 news items, the grantee will conduct investigations of important local issues, and produce and broadcast online talk shows on stories related to corruption, reforms, EU integration, human rights, and other important topics. It will also produce and distribute videos examining what local authorities do with taxpayer’s money.


Supporting Independent News and Information in Northern Moldova

Editorial Periodical Newspaper Supply-Demand


To increase objective news and information in northern Moldova. The Balti-based organization will maintain and expand eSP.md, a leading independent news portal in the Russian language. The website will publish 2,000 news items and conduct up to 40 investigations of important local issues, including corruption, reforms, EU integration, and human rights.


Supporting Online News and Information

South-East Junior Association


To foster freedom of information. The grantee will continue producing and expanding Moldova.org, a key voice and leading website on Moldova-related issues. During an important election year, the organization produce and post 7,000 nonpartisan news pieces and articles, as well as 12 video reports on political developments and human rights issuse throughout the country.


Supporting Online News and Information in the Russian Language

NewsMaker SRL


To increase objective Russian-language news and information on democracy-related developments. The grantee will maintain and expand NewsMaker.md, a key independent voice and leading website on Moldova-related issues in the Russian language. It will produce and post at least 5,000 news pieces, articles, and video reports on stories related to corruption, the economy, reforms, EU integration, human rights, Transnistria, Gagauzia, and other important topics.


Targeting Voters Abroad

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To promote free and fair elections. The institute will conduct nonpartisan programs to mobilize Moldovan citizens living abroad to take part in the October 2016 presidential election. It will work with the Central Election Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop strategies fostering voter turnout in diaspora communities throughout Europe. To improve electoral access for the diaspora, the institute will host seminars with communities across Europe, provide voter education materials, and conduct trainings in Election Day procedures.

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