Central and Eastern Europe

Ukraine 2016


Activating Advocacy in Regional Coalitions

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To promote economic and political reforms. The center will formalize the governance structure of regional coalitions of business associations and chambers of commerce, improve their advocacy capacity, and assist in establishing a local leadership academy. The coalition building and strengthening program will allow Ukrainian small businesses to contribute meaningfully to and influence ongoing economic and political reforms, while the leadership academy will build the management skills of, and foster networks among, reform-minded government officials.


Fostering Accountability and Transparency in Central Ukraine

Investigative Agency


To promote local government accountability and transparency in central Ukraine. A team of Vinnytsia-based journalists will investigate corruption practices in the region. It will raise awareness about them through publications on its website vajr.info, other regional and national media outlets, and social media. The grantee will also report the findings and advocate for launching formal investigations to law enforcement agencies.


Fostering an Inclusive Democracy

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To foster political participation. The institute will conduct public opinion research, work with national and emerging political parties to improve their regional outreach, and support outreach efforts by parliamentary reformers to improve the overall political representation and inclusion of Ukrainian citizens, particularly in the south and east.


Fostering Decentralization in Eastern and Central Ukraine

Zelenodolsk Development Agency


To promote decentralization in eastern and central Ukraine. The grantee will hold two training sessions for 60 activists and officials representing newly created amalgamated communities. Based on the organization’s positive experience in Zelenodolsk, the staff and trainers will oversee a mentorship and consultation program for the project’s participants. Ten of the most promising and motivated activists will participate in a nine-day study visit to Poland.


Fostering Freedom and Transparency in the Media

Detector Media


To foster freedom of the media and promote transparency in the media sector. Serving as an independent resource to assist journalists, the organization will continue to monitor Ukraine’s media environment for censorship, restrictions on freedom of the press, and harassment and physical attacks against journalists. The grantee will also monitor governmental agencies’ attempts to reform the country’s media market and introduce public broadcasting.


Fostering Independent Media in the Donbas

Anti-crisis Media Center


o foster independent media in the Donbas. The grantee will produce daily reports on social and political developments in the Luhansk, Donetsk and Dnipro regions. It also will establish a press club and hold at least 50 public events, including discussions, press conferences, and trainings, to address local issues and strengthen the skills of local civic activists and journalists. The outlet will publish all news reports and project materials on its website, akmc.in.ua, and social network pages.


Fostering Reforms and Promoting Government Accountability



To facilitate informed public discussion on reforms and promote governmental accountability and transparency. While continuing to develop its resource website VoxUkraine.org, the organization will further enhance its political monitoring. It will track and assess the progress of reforms, push parliamentarians to produce reports on their activities, and launch a new fact-checking component to improve the veracity of public debates. Its fact checking of major statements will expose manipulations and misinterpretations by politicians.


Fostering Reforms and Promoting Government Accountability


Supplement: $40,000

To facilitate informed public discussion on domestic reforms and promote governmental accountability and transparency. While continuing to develop its resource website, Voxukraine.org, the organization will track and assess the progress of reforms, push parliamentarians to produce reports on their activities, and launch a new fact-checking component to improve the veracity of public debates. In cooperation with Hromadske TV, the organization will produce weekly video clips that highlight and debunk politicians’ factual mistakes and manipulations.


Fostering Regional Reconciliation

Center for Cultural Management


To promote cross-regional dialogue and reconciliation. The grantee will facilitate the participation of 50 civil society leaders in weeklong exchanges at opposite ends of the country. During their stay, the activists will participate in local activities and implement local projects fostering reconciliation and expanding cooperation between different communities. The program will contribute to building mutual understanding and overcoming stereotypes dividing the country.


Improving IDP–related Coverage in Three Regions

Association of Regional Media


To improve media coverage of IDP-related issues in the Dnipro, Zaporizhia, and Poltava regions. The association will survey 1,900 people, monitor over 200 local media outlets and social networks, conduct trainings for 90 journalists, and assist them in producing at least 90 original materials and two PSAs on IDP-related issues. It will disseminate the materials and findings through the regional media and present them at a final press conference in Kyiv.


Improving the Implementation of Education Reform

Center for Society Research


To monitor and foster education reform. The organization will continue to monitor violations of the rights of students, professors and university employees, and post the findings on its website, profrights.org. The grantee will prepare quarterly reports analyzing systemic problems and work with the Ministry of Education and the Parliament to introduce legislative changes to address them. It will also organize seminars and press conferences to promote greater understanding of the educational reform law.


Increasing Citizen Participation in Local Governance

Institute Respublica


To increase the activism and advocacy skills of citizens in Ukraine’s regions. Part of a broader campaign to promote engagement in decision-making at the local level, the organization will promote constructive dialogue and cooperation between local citizens and municipalities. Its regional coordinators will work in 17 regions with local grassroots initiatives, conduct trainings for them, and guide their efforts in advocating for solutions to community problems.


Increasing the Capacity of New Political Leaders in Ukraine

European Institute for Democracy


To increase the skills of new Ukrainian political leaders. The Warsaw-based organization will conduct a training and three study visits for emerging leaders of regional political party branches in Ukraine. The political activists will, in turn, use their new skills to conduct trainings for their party members and organize local events promoting democratic reforms.


Increasing the Capacity of Regional Media

Media Development Foundation


To increase the capacity of regional media. The group will train regional journalists across Ukraine to build their new media, video news, and editorial writing skills while raising their journalism standards. Regional journalists will intern with leading Kyiv media outlets and, following the program, produce training plans for their regional newsrooms that will foster international media standards. The group will also organize highly specialized technology and security trainings for journalists reporting from the country’s war zones.


Monitoring Human Rights Compliance by Law Enforcement Agencies

Association of Ukrainian Law Enforcement Monitors


To promote Ukraine’s adherence to international human rights standards. The organization will continue training regional monitors and rights activists, monitoring law enforcement practices in the country, and tracking and documenting human rights violations by police. It will widely disseminate and make available the results on an interactive online map. Based on the information collected, the grantee will also develop and advocate for policy recommendations for governmental institutions to prevent future abuses.


Monitoring Local Government in Southern Ukraine

Odesa Committee of Voters of Ukraine


To monitor elected officials in southern Ukraine and increase their accountability. The organization will continue to track electoral promises and the extent of their fulfillment by municipal and regional councils in Odesa, Kotovsk, Rozdilnya, Bilhorod-Dnistrovsk, Izmail, and Reni, while offering recommendations on how to make their work more effective and transparent. The grantee will also regularly publish its findings online and share the monitoring results with the media and the public.


Promoting Accountability and Increasing Transparency

Young People’s Movement


To promote accountability and increase transparency in municipalities and universities. The initiative will work in eight regions across the country and train youth in the available mechanisms and best practices for analyzing the budgets of higher education institutions and municipalities. In each region, the grantee’s activists will organize an advocacy campaign emphasizing the problems identified and offering recommendations on how make budgets more open and understandable to the public.


Promoting Accountability and Transparency through Open Data

Fundacja TechSoup


To promote government accountability and transparency in Ukraine. The Warsaw office of the grantee, together with local NGO and government partners, will conduct of series of five workshops and hackathons on using open data to foster greater government accountability, and hold a contest to support the development of innovative online applications that engage Ukrainians in improving the quality and performance of local government.


Promoting and Protecting Human and Civil Rights of Veterans

Legal Hundred


To promote social cohesion and the enfranchisement of veterans of the Donbas military conflict and their families. The organization will raise legal awareness and provide legal assistance to veterans and their families. To address existing legislative shortcomings, the grantee will analyze cases, draft recommendations and advocate for reforms to existing laws and regulations.


Promoting Awareness of Human Rights Violations in Crimea

Ukrainian House


To promote awareness regarding the human rights situation in Crimea. The organization will produce its website, Voice of Crimea (voicecrimea.com.ua), and a weekly radio show and television program to be broadcast by regional and national outlets, which will spotlight news and information on human rights violations in Crimea.


Promoting Civic Activism Among Youth

Lviv Education Foundation


To promote regional integration, social cohesion and civic activism among youth. The organization will engage 700 young people from 25 regions across Ukraine to participate in series of activities promoting volunteerism and civic engagement while breaking down regional stereotypes. It will use NED support to cover the partial costs of a series of volunteer camps in eastern Ukraine.


Promoting Civic Activism among Youth

Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine


To promote youth activism. The organization will stimulate greater youth involvement in civil society by strengthening the capacity of ten youth centers around Ukraine. It will organize seminars for staff and volunteers of existing youth centers, and facilitate better communications and sharing of best practices among them. The organization will analyze the existing legislative framework that regulates the operation of the centers and advocate for its improvement.


Promoting Civic Activism in Northern and Eastern Ukraine

Sumy Regional Committee of Youth Organizations


To promote civic activism in northern and eastern Ukraine. The organization will continue working with its network of over 30 NGOs to expand civil society initiatives in rural areas of the Sumy, Poltava, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipro and Zaporizhia regions. It will hold three trainings for 60 NGO activists, maintain its website (Molod.sumy.ua), publish six issues of its bulletin Spalakh, support six local initiatives with mini grants, and convene a regional conference.


Promoting Civic Activism in Southern Ukraine

Mykolaiv Branch of the PLWH Network


To promote civic activism in the southern region of Mykolaiv. The organization will organize a series of trainings and roundtables for civic initiatives in four regional centers of southern Ukraine, produce and distribute booklets and brochures, award five small grants of up to $500 to facilitate the activities of smaller initiatives, and create a regional website.


Promoting Civic Engagement among Youth IDPs

Bloc of Active Youth


To promote civic engagement among youth IDP activists in Kyiv, Odesa, and Vinnytsia. The grantee will organize a series of three trainings for a total of 90 activists in the three regions, and assist participants in developing and implementing small projects aiming at addressing issues being faced by the IDPs in their new communities.


Promoting Civic Engagement of Veterans

Healing War Scars, Inc.


To assist war veterans. The US-based organization will conduct trainings to equip Ukrainian veterans with techniques for coping with and overcoming PTSD. The trainings will enable veterans to re-engage constructively with society and advocate more effectively for related reforms. The grantee will train 2,400 veterans across the country. The most resourceful and motivated participants will become peer-to-peer instructors and co-trainers, able to assist victims needing psychological rehabilitation. The grantee will also train Ukrainian psychiatrists and psychotherapists to conduct future trainings.


Promoting Decentralization in Central Ukraine

Local Democracy Agency of Dnipropetrovsk Region


To promote administrative and decentralization reforms in central Ukraine. Serving as an intermediary between government officials, civil society groups and the public in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the organization will facilitate the process of unifying several communities into two new administrative units. The organization will hold a series of meetings, trainings and workshops for community members, activists and local officials, while fostering greater public engagement in solving local problems.


Promoting Decentralization in Eastern Ukraine

NGO East-Ukranian Patriotic Association


To increase awareness of decentralization reforms in eastern Ukraine. The grantee will conduct 12 seminars in 10 towns of the Donetsk region for 300 citizens, civic activists, and municipal officials. It will hold a two-day training for 40 representatives of local governments in the region and convene a two-day conference to discuss the progress of decentralization reforms throughout the country. It also will produce and distribute 80,000 copies of informational materials and operate a hotline.


Promoting Decentralization in Southern Ukraine

Ukrainian Institute for International Politics


To promote decentralization in southern Ukraine. The grantee will strengthen the skills of local government officials and the capacity of civil society representatives in Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson to implement important decentralization reforms. The organization will build upon its previous work with an advocacy campaign to foster reforms at the local level. It will organize seminars, working group meetings, and press conferences for local media, as well as distribute related materials.


Promoting Decentralization in Western Ukraine

Center of Community Development


To promote decentralization reforms in western Ukraine. The organization will select and support the development of nine newly created local administrative units in the Ternopil region. It will hold 13 training sessions and strategic planning workshops for community leaders, activists, and local officials to facilitate the development of a strategic plan for each unit. To promote lessons learned, the organization will publish and distribute a manual with specific recommendations, analysis, and case studies.


Promoting Decentralization in Western Ukraine

Strengthening Communities


To increase awareness of the decentralization reform process in the Khmelnytskyi region. The organization will conduct trainings in different parts of the region for citizens, civic activists and representatives of municipalities. The workshops will focus on the new opportunities for local communities introduced by the ongoing decentralization and administrative reforms. The grantee will also publish and disseminate manuals with information and recommendations for local activists and officials.


Promoting Dialogue and Reconciliation



To strengthen regional understanding, cooperation and reconciliation. The organization will facilitate east-west dialogue in Ukraine by conducting workshops for 60 activists on debunking myths and tackling stereotypes about east Ukrainians, holding discussions in five regions with high concentrations of IDPs, conducting related civic actions around the country on International Peace Day, and convening a retreat for 20 displaced activists to foster closer cooperation.


Promoting Dialogue and Reconciliation in Eastern Ukraine

Think Tank Donbas


To promote dialogue and reconciliation in the Donetsk region. The organization will conduct a survey in the government-controlled territories of the Donbas and establish a network of partner national and local media outlets, activist groups and local authorities to analyze the scope and depth of the challenges there. To reduce tensions, the grantee will develop a communications strategy for the conflict zone, and produce a set of public service messages and disseminate them through media channels.


Promoting Freedom of Information and Accountability in Dnipropetrovsk

Dniprovsky Center for Social Research


To increase access to information and accountability in the eastern region of Dnipropetrovsk. The center will continue to monitor the reform process and its implementation on the regional level. It will produce and distribute its quarterly monitoring and analytical reports, which will be distributed though the website www.dcsi.dp.ua and the regional analytical portal Novyi Format at www.nf.dp.ua. Finally, the center will convene expert working groups and a seminar to strengthen the reform process in the region.


Promoting Government Accountability and Citizen Engagement

Civil Control Platform


To promote accountability and transparency in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Through anti-corruption investigations, advocacy campaigns, and trainings on effective methods of public oversight, the organization will increase the efficiency and responsiveness of local authorities. It will also promote participatory budgeting in Dnipro, monitor local budget spending, and visualize it for the public on a separate online platform.


Promoting Government Accountability in Southern Ukraine

Kherson Committee of Voters of Ukraine


To promote the transparency and accountability of local and regional governments in southern Ukraine. The group will monitor the implementation of local election promises and programs in six districts of the Kherson region, and carry out an information outreach campaign, including a public opinion survey, an analytical report, two bulletins, two press conferences, and seven roundtables, to disseminate the results.


Promoting Human Rights in Eastern and Southern Ukraine

Educational Human Rights House Chernihiv


To promote human rights in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. The organization will hold a training, coordination meetings, and a conference on human rights for lawyers, journalists and activists. It also will develop an online human rights course and award small grants of up to $1,700 to seven NGOs for human rights activities in southern and eastern Ukraine. The grantee will also provide assistance to, and serve as a base for, displaced human rights organizations from these regions.


Promoting Human Rights Reform

Center for Civil Liberties


To promote human rights. The organization will monitor, analyze and propose improvements to human rights related legislation. To foster the implementation of human rights reforms and ensure an inclusive reform process that incorporates civil society, the grantee will organize consultations and working groups with the Ukrainian Parliament, NGOs and human rights activists. The grantee will also organize advocacy media campaigns to increase public awareness regarding the reforms.


Promoting Human Rights through a Documentary Film Festival

NGO South


To raise public awareness of human rights. The organization will convene the 13th edition of its Docudays UA human rights film festival. The annual event features international and domestic documentary films, educational materials, and public discussions, seminars, performances and debates led by human rights activists and civil society representatives. The grantee will use NED support to cover partial costs of the festival in Kyiv, as well as its traveling film festival across Ukraine.


Promoting Independent Information and Democratic Debate

Hromadske Radio


To promote access to independent information and democratic discourse. The media outlet will produce and broadcast the daily, two-hour talk show Hromadska Khvylia (Civic Wave) covering pressing public issues, such as the country’s democratic transition, implementation of reforms, situation in Crimea and the Donbas, and human rights. The talk show will be broadcast on AM and FM radio, and be available on the organization’s website, hromadskeradio.org, and through online platforms.


Promoting Local Activism in Eastern Ukraine

Lion Society


To promote activism and increase the capacity of NGOs in eastern Ukraine. The organization will hold seminars for, and provide ongoing technical assistance and support to, civic initiatives in eastern Ukraine. To enhance regional integration, it will also organize two study visits to model initiatives in western Ukraine.


Promoting Public Awareness of Corruption

Tom 14


To increase public awareness of high-level corruption. A team of investigative journalists will produce a weekly television show, Nashi Groshi (Our Money), that will be broadcast on three major national television channels. Each of the 16 shows will highlight up to three cases of corrupt practices perpetrated by senior government and law enforcement officials.


Promoting Public Debate on Government Performance

Data Journalism Agency


To increase public awareness of and debate on government performance. After collecting and systematizing open data, the grantee will carry out four interactive data journalism projects, publish 10 articles each month, and produce 12 data visualizations on key accountability, transparency and reform issues. The organization will continue to develop its popular website texty.org.ua and disseminate the materials through it and other outlets. The materials will help citizens to better understand complex political, economic and social issues.


Promoting Public Understanding of the Reform Process

Ukrainian Toronto Television


To increase public understanding of the reform process and to promote government accountability and transparency. The grantee will produce a weekly television show that will be broadcast on three major national television channels. The program will analyze critical political developments using humor and satire.


Promoting Reconciliation and Civic Activism among Youth

Ukrainian Catholic University


To foster reconciliation and civic activism among youth. The grantee will train 50 volunteers to engage 5,000 young people from different parts of the country in a series of local activities promoting civic engagement. It will conduct a summer school and trainings to enhance the knowledge of the most promising volunteers. By organizing 12 and supporting 10 community-oriented projects, and working closely with local citizens, the grantee will help to break down regional stereotypes and prejudices.


Promoting Reform in the Security Sector

Democratic Society East Foundation


To promote public debate and encourage demand for reform in the security sector. Together with its local partner, the Poland-based organization will expand a website and produce and publish at articles, analyses and video blogs related to the topic, as well as assist five local media outlets in producing their own security-related content. Project experts will also participate in several public events and discussions in the media and organize a contest for the best publications on security reform.


Promoting Reforms and Accountability in Ukraine’s Regions

Polissya Foundation of International and Regional Research


To increase the capacity of regional think tanks to impact and influence reforms. The grantee will continue to coordinate the activities of the Association of Regional Think Tanks and foster the further development of its members. With the support of experts from Central Europe, the regional partners will monitor reforms in their respective regions, discuss common issues, and develop policy recommendations for local authorities.


Promoting Religious Freedom

Ukrainian Catholic University


To promote freedom of conscience through an informed analysis of religious rights and obstructions to religious freedom. The grantee will continue to operate an online news agency (RISU.org.ua) that covers church-state relations, religious rights, and conflicts between Ukraine’s various faith-based communities. The website will publish up to 4,000 articles during the coming year.


Promoting Social Dialogue

Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research


To promote public discussion on political reforms and national unity. The think tank will organize a series of activities to analyze, publicize and debate the state of democracy in Ukraine. Activities will include trainings, meetings, and discussions to facilitate dialogue about reform and national unity. It will also conduct in-depth studies on the situation in Crimea, political parties, and ethics in representative politics. Finally, the think tank will produce its e-bulletin Research Update.


Promoting Strategic Communications

Non-governmental organization “Ukraine Crisis Media Center”


To promote the delivery of objective information. The center will serve as a platform for communicating news and information about ongoing reforms and the conflict in southeastern Ukraine, provide a space that addresses the needs of the domestic and international media, support strategic government communications with respect to ongoing reforms and humanitarian concerns, and facilitate public dialogue. 


Promoting the Integrity of the Information Space



To defend the integrity of the information space. The organization will conduct open-source investigations that monitor and spotlight external Russian military actions. 


Promoting Tolerance and Integration through the Media

Foundation Center for Contemporary Art


To promote regional integration and social cohesion. The grantee will hold trainings for young journalists and activists to overcome stereotypes and assist communities experiencing acute social problems. The project aims to strengthen the role of media in limiting hate speech and to promote participatory community and cultural projects that create a favorable democratic climate in society. The organization will conduct trainings and assist participants in implementing cultural projects fostering regional cooperation, tackling divisive topics and supporting post-conflict peacebuilding.


Promoting Transparency and Accountability in the Healthcare Sector

Patients of Ukraine


To reduce corruption in the healthcare sector. The group will monitor state activities and promote anti-corruption reforms in the healthcare sector. It will unite the efforts of its member organizations to advocate for the legislative changes necessary combat special interests and corrupt officials. The grantee will also work closely with media outlets to improve public awareness about existing corrupt practices as well as possible solutions.


Promoting Transparency and Accountability of the Judiciary



To improve judicial accountability and transparency. The organization will create an online database of all Ukrainian judges, including their public financial and asset statements, and an evaluation of their professional performance. The database will serve as an effective tool to identify and expose corrupt judges, and empower civic activists, independent journalists and the general public in their efforts to reform the country’s judiciary.


Promoting Transparency and Accountability with Investigative Journalism

Internews Ukraine

Supplement: $12,500

To promote the transparency and accountability of local governments. The organization will assist a network of regional journalists to conduct 40 in-depth investigations on cases of corruption. The network will produce 400 articles and blogs, as well as 15 infographics, on cases of corruption for the website Corruptua.org. The grantee will also disseminate a monthly newsletter, publicizing the corruption investigations in five regions, and organize a training workshop and internship on investigative journalism for 20 young reporters.


Promoting Transparency in Public Procurement

Center for Political Studies and Analysis “Eidos”


To promote government and business accountability by increasing the transparency of public procurement. The grantee will monitor the implementation of the new Public Procurement Law, produce an analytical report with the monitoring results and recommendations, hold regional trainings and roundtables for civic activists, government officials and media, and convene a press conference to encourage government agencies to implement more effectively the new law.


Promoting Transparency in Public Procurement in Western Ukraine

Rivne Social Partnership Center


To promote public procurement reform in the Rivne region. By monitoring the tenders of local authorities and state- and municipality-owned enterprises, the center will identify and investigate cases of corruption. The grantee will publicize the findings by producing at least 10 television programs and 25 journalistic investigations and publishing them in local media outlets. To improve procurement reform, the grantee will offer a series of trainings and consultations to local officials.


Promoting Youth Human Rights Awareness

Independent Association of Broadcasters


To raise awareness of human rights and the role of media in a democratic society. The association will organize its seventh annual Kinomedia Festival, which will include film screenings and public events in 10 cities. It also will convene media-related debates in the regions, organize a summer school of animated film, and conduct short film and screenplay contests for students. The association will assist nine TV companies in producing and broadcasting 80 programs on important human rights and reform topics.


Protecting Human and Civil Rights

Ukrainian Coalition for Legal Aid


To promote and protect civil and human rights. The coalition will provide legal aid through 10 of its 16 regional offices to Ukrainians dislocated due to the conflict in the country’s east. ULAC will also produce and distribute information leaflets, organize a training on IDP issues for human rights lawyers, and conduct master classes on legal recourse for up to 400 IDP activists.


Providing Independent Input into the Legislative Process

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To increase the private sector’s ability to provide input into the discussion and formation of laws that shape the country’s business environment. The center and its partners will provide independent analysis of, and input into, existing draft laws that affect SMEs, as well as prepare and submit for consideration new draft laws to improve the business climate for entrepreneurs.


Providing Information and Analysis on Human Rights

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group


To promote and safeguard human rights. The grantee will work with regional media, NGOs, and government bodies to monitor and report on the country’s human rights situation, with a particular focus on the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. It will also monitor draft legislation related to human rights, provide recommendations to lawmakers, and initiate legal proceedings in cases of rights violations in Donetsk and Luhansk, including extrajudicial killings, torture and arbitrary detention.


Stimulating Dialogue on Transition Process

Democratic Initiatives Foundation


To inform decision-makers and citizens about key reforms. The think tank will continue to stimulate informed debate and dialogue among civil society, the government, and the general public on issues relating to Ukraine’s decentralization. Through a national poll, roundtables, and monthly bulletins, the think tank will inform Ukraine’s leaders about public opinion, while at the same time making the public aware of important policy debates.


Strengthening Civil Society in Southern Ukraine

Foundation for the Development of the City of Mykolaiv


To increase the capacity of local initiatives in the southern region of Mykolaiv. The organization will hold two trainings for civic activists on budget monitoring and basic management, award seven small grants for local monitoring initiatives and convene a roundtable for activists to exchange best practices. The organization will maintain its website at www.frgn.mk.ua.


Strengthening Interregional Communication and Cooperation

Ukrainian Youth Association of Ukraine


To strengthen civil society organizations and promote dialogue and reconciliation in Ukraine’s regions. The organization will train teachers to become trainers, conduct seminars on conflict resolution for 630 teachers and activists in seven regions, hold a working meeting for teachers, and organize a small grants competition that will provide funding for five interregional civic initiatives, to foster cooperation and national unity.


Strengthening Local Civil Society in Rural Communities

Community Center New Generation


To strengthen NGOs and local initiatives in rural areas of southern Ukraine. The organization will convene trainings on management and capacity building for 100 representatives of local NGOs from four regions, award small grants for up to $800 each to local groups, provide consultations to regional NGOs, conduct a regional exchange for NGO representatives, and maintain its website at www.socioprostir.org.ua.


Strengthening Local Democracy

Institute of Political Education


To strengthen the capacity of local and regional governments. The organization will conduct trainings for 150 local and regional councilors elected in the October 2015 municipal elections. The trainings will focus on new opportunities to advance the ongoing decentralization reform and present tools to implement them effectively in local communities. The participants will share experiences and best practices at a final conference.


Strengthening Pro-Democratic Think Tanks

Policy Association for an Open Society


To strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian analytical centers. The Prague-based grantee will continue a fellowship program that enhances the capacity of pro-democracy think tanks by allowing Ukrainian analysts to spend two months with their colleagues in Central Europe, while working on joint projects promoting democracy and human rights in their home country. They will also participate in an annual networking and capacity-building event to build linkages and share best practices between the policy communities in Ukraine and Central Europe.


Strengthening Public Participation in Ukraine’s Regions

The Institute of Public Affairs


To increase the political skills of civic activists. In partnership with a Ukrainian network of civic initiatives, the Poland-based think tank will organize trainings in three Ukrainian cities for 36 participants. The organization will select 10 promising activists to participate in a study visit to Poland to gain practical political skills. Participants will work individually with tutors to develop reform action plans, of which three will receive further support to be implemented in their target regions.


Strengthening the Capacity of Internally Displaced People Groups

Right to Protection


To strengthen the institutional capacity and civic activism of IDP groups in central and eastern Ukraine. The organization will hold a series of trainings and consultations to help IDPs from the eastern part of the country to develop their initiatives into functional, sustainable, and more professional civil society organizations. The project also will provide small grants to these groups.


Strengthening the Capacity of Local Governance

Center for Ukrainian Reform Education


To strengthen the capacity of local and regional governments. The center will organize five trainings and five webinars on data literacy and open data for civil servants at the local and regional levels responsible for implementing the new law on open data. Approximately 125 public servants will increase their technical skills in data management, statistics, and data analysis through the trainings. The organization will make the project materials available online for a broader audience.


Strengthening the International Outreach of Think Tanks

Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels


To strengthen the Ukrainian think tank community, promote reforms and advocate for Ukraine’s European integration. The Brussels-based organization will develop its institutional capacity to advocate more effectively for its Ukrainian member organizations, intensify cooperation between Brussels and Ukrainian-based think tanks, and implement concrete joint projects, including the UkraineLab workshop, which brings together Ukraine and Europe-based think tanks, donors and EU decision-making bodies.


Strengthening Transparency in Procurement in Northeastern Ukraine

Sumy Bureau of Political Analysis


To promote transparency and accountability in the use of public funds by local governments in northeastern Ukraine. The organization will conduct trainings for civic activists to familiarize them with procurement procedures. The activists will monitor 120 procurement cases and 16 regional and municipal budgets in the Sumy, Kharkiv, Poltava, Chernihiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Kherson, and Mykolaiv regions. The organization will publicize the results through online and print articles, press club events, and a final report.


Supporting Local Media in Ukraine

Lviv Media Forum


To strengthen the capacity and improve the professionalism of local media. The grantee will facilitate the participation of 30 journalists and editors from important regional outlets in the annual Lviv Media Forum conference, and design a specific program of events for them. It will also organize a data journalism summer school for journalists from different regions. Finally, the organization will identify successful regional media outlets and publish five case study interviews with their editors.


Supporting Regional Independent Media

Center for Research on Donbas Social Perspectives


To increase independent news and information about developments, especially the military conflict, in eastern Ukraine. The grantee will maintain its popular news website, OstriV (www.ostro.org), and expand a section dedicated to monitoring events and media inside the separatist-controlled territories and reporting on the conflict. The outlet’s team of journalists, analysts and volunteers will produce more than 120 analytical and 6,000 informational items for the website.

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