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Bolivia 2016


A Platform for Democratic Dialogue

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To foster the private sector’s role in formulating public policies and promoting an informed democratic dialogue based on statistical evidence. The center will support the analysis and advocacy activities of one of Bolivia’s business confederations. The center’s local partner will conduct technical analysis of pending economic legislation that will inform reports for private sector representatives and used in their dialogue with the government. The center’s partner will also develop original policy proposals to present to the government.


Advocating Against Gender-Based Violence

Oficina Juridica para la Mujer


To empower women to make their own legal decisions in defense of their rights and to raise domestic and international awareness of the pervasiveness of gender-based violence in Bolivia. The grantee will continue to offer free legal assistance to women; provide training on the legal framework to multiple stakeholders; and complete shadow reports on Bolivia’s compliance with ratified international human rights agreements and conventions.


Bolivian Human Rights Observatory

Fundacion Nueva Democracia


To raise domestic and international awareness on the human rights situation in Bolivia, especially with regard to violations of civil and political rights. The group will monitor and document violations of human rights in Bolivia and strengthen its communication, advocacy, and outreach efforts to amplify a human rights message.


Building Consensus on Reform Agenda

Fundacion Milenio


To develop public policy research and recommendations on fiscal responsibility and economic diversification, judicial reform, and education. The grantee will expand its research to include transparency, access to public information, and electoral reform, and foster informed and pluralistic debate on national public policies.


Building the Capacity of Digital and Mobile Journalists

Fundacion para el Periodismo


To improve the capacity of working journalists and improve the quality of information they publish, and to foster the creation and use of digital media platforms. The organization will train journalists on mobile and digital journalism techniques as well as journalism ethics.


Engaging Youth in Local Government Accountability

Consorcio Boliviano de Juventudes – Casa de la Juventud


To strengthen the public’s capacity to engage in political advocacy and public policy issues at the local and national level. The organization will work across Bolivia on public policy and government accountability issues and train community leaders in five major municipalities to access mechanisms for citizen participation.


Further Strengthening Civil Society Support for Local Government Transparency

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support the development of civic alliances and empower civil society actors with skills to create and implement strategies that advocate for increased local government transparency. The institute will conduct trainings and provide technical assistance to civil society actors to conduct advocacy campaigns. The institute will also facilitate the development of an online platform that contains information and resources that can be used to conduct effective advocacy campaigns.


Implementing Judicial Reform in Bolivia

Fundacion Construir


To improve civil society participation in the implementation of judicial reform in Bolivia. The grantee will provide technical assistance to relevant civil servants, as well as defend the public’s right to access to justice. The organization will work closely with other civil society groups in order to collectively advocate for judicial pluralism and universal access to justice.


Promoting a Women’s Agenda

Asociacion Coordinadora de la Mujer


To strengthen the analytical, collaboration and advocacy skills of female state legislators to advance a women’s agenda. The group will facilitate meetings and exchanges between female state legislators and women’s civic groups to improve collaboration and develop joint strategies, and will bolster the management and technical skills of newly-elected leaders.


Promoting and Protecting Prisoners’ Rights

Centro de Estudios sobre Justicia y Participacion


To empower inmates to advocate for their rights, and especially the right to information; and to raise public awareness on prison conditions and the responsibility of the state to protect the rights of inmates. Building on previous research, the group will draft a manual on inmates’ rights to access information, due process, and humane living conditions. The organization will then disseminate the manual through information workshops. Finally, it will publish a newspaper insert with information on prison conditions in Bolivia to educate the public at large.


Promoting Citizen Accountability of Local and Regional Governments

Centro Boliviano de Estudios Multidisciplinarios


To promote increased accountability among local and regional authorities through effective citizen oversight. Working in conjunction with a network of civil society organizations, the grantee will offer trainings on developing technically sound public policies and budgets. The group will also carry out an assessment of its partner organizations’ capacity to monitor local governments and compile this information into a final report.


Promoting Freedom of Expression

Asociacion Nacional de la Prensa


To strengthen the grantee’s ability to advocate for freedom of expression in Bolivia and enhance its alliances with domestic and international organizations in support of freedom of expression in Bolivia. The group will also carry out a public awareness campaign on freedom of expression, inviting international guests.


Promoting Human Rights in Marginalized Communities

Caritas Boliviana


To increase understanding of human rights issues and to strengthen the capacity of organizations to document and denounce human rights violations. The organization will work with groups to establish human rights committees and equip them with the technical skills needed to monitor and denounce human rights violations in their territories.


Promoting Transparency and Access to Information

Educacion Radiofonica de Bolivia


To increase demand for transparency and access to information. Through a radio network, the organization will train journalists and raise public awareness on the need for an access to information law, and improve transparency and accountability. The grantee will collaborate with other civil society groups to launch a citizen education campaign on democratic values and practices.


Promoting Transparency and Accountability

Asociacion Juventud para el Desarrollo

Supplement: $16,202

To advocate for increased transparency; the grantee will use supplemental funding to receive, review and report potential irregularities during the electoral process. This call center will bolster the organization’s work on electoral reforms and improved transparency standards.


Strengthening Democratic Values

Construyendo Redes para el Desarrollo


To strengthen democratic values and organizational capacity. The grantee will produce materials on the principles and values of a democratic system and facilitate training programs on democratic values and practical governance skills.


Strengthening the Political Participation of Indigenous and Rural Communities

Fundacion Microjusticia Bolivia


To promote political participation by indigenous and rural communities through increased understanding of their civil and political rights; and to facilitate access to basic legal documents to members of indigenous and rural communities to enable them to participate in political processes. The grantee will identify recurring legal and bureaucratic obstacles to obtaining basic identification documents and advocate for legal and procedural changes to facilitate access.

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