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Colombia 2011

Asociacion de Afrocolombianos Desplazados – AFRODES
To defend the rights and promote greater attention to the needs of displaced Afro-Colombians. Following passage of Colombia’s Victim’s new Law, AFRODES will work with the Ministry of the Interior to ensure that the law’s administrative regulations and procedures attend to the specific interests of Afro-Colombians. Lastly, AFRODES will brief members of its national network about new procedures to seek reparations and the restitution of lands under the Victims’ Law.

Blogosfera Producciones S.A.S.
To promote greater analysis and discussion about politics and municipal and regional elections in Colombia. La Silla Vacía will update its database of prominent political figures, incorporating profiles on candidates in key races throughout the country. La Silla Vacía will also create a new interface that allows users to search the database of political figures and create graphics that map the relationships between members of Colombia’s political class.

Corporacion Caribe
To promote increased institutional transparency and accountability in the City Councils of Barranquilla and Santa Marta. CorCaribe will monitor and evaluate the work of the councils and will produce a series of reports analyzing their activities. These reports will be presented to citizens and the media to raise greater awareness about the work of the councils, and to increase citizen confidence in the councils.

Corporación Cívica de Caldas
To promote accountability in the Departmental Assembly of Caldas. Adapting the methodology it uses to monitor the work of the city of Manizales – the capital of Caldas – the Corporación Cívica de Caldas will develop an innovative new initiative to oversee the work of the department’s highest legislative body. Corporación Cívica de Caldas will monitor how often assembly members attend sessions, how long they remain in each session, their contributions to legislative debate, and their voting records.

Corporación Manos Visibles
To strengthen the leadership capacity of Afro-Colombian women in the City of Cartagena and the Department of Bolivar. Manos Visibles will engage Afro-Colombian women currently holding leadership positions in civil society organizations, local or regional government, or community groups, and provide them with advanced leadership training to increase their potential to promote greater social, political and economic development in their communities.

Corporacion Ocasa
To engage candidates for local and regional office in order to promote greater attention to the interests and concerns of youth in Boyacá Department. Following direct discussions and negotiations with candidates prior to elections, Ocasa will help program participants in three municipalities advocate for the implementation of new youth programs and policies. Ocasa will also assist program participants as they design and carry out initiatives to monitor the implementation of these new programs and policies.

Corporación Transparencia por Colombia
To promote greater transparency and citizen oversight of government in four cities of Colombia. Colombia will hold local elections this year, and Transparencia will use this opportunity to promote informed voting, increase transparency and accountability among city council members and candidates, and monitor the discussion, approval and implementation of the 2012-2016 development plan.

Fundacion Civico Social Pro Cartagena (FUNCICAR)
To promote greater transparency and accountability in the work of the City Council of Cartagena and the Departmental Assembly of Bolivar. FUNCICAR will monitor the City Council’s and Departmental Assembly’s sessions and prepare a series of reports to raise greater public awareness about the legislatures’ work. FUNCICAR will also develop a series of initiatives designed to increase public knowledge about candidates running for the 2011 local and regional elections in Colombia.

Fundacion Ideas para la Paz
To promote a deeper understanding of the role of paramilitaries in Colombia’s armed conflict. Through in-depth investigations and interviews with victims of paramilitary violence, FIP will raise public awareness about the activities of illegal armed actors in Colombia and the implications for efforts restore lands and compensate to citizens affected by the country’s conflict.

Fundacion para la Libertad de Prensa

To increase public awareness about the ways in which legal procedures are used to intimidate journalists and undermine freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Colombia. FLIP will develop a database to systematize the way in which legal charges have been used to silence journalists that have published articles critical of government officials. FLIP will provide legal assistance to journalists in these cases and prepare a national study on the need for new protections to defend freedom of expression in Colombia.

Universidad Industrial de Santander
To promote greater transparency and accountability in the work of the City Council of Bucaramanga. The Concejo Visible Bucaramanga initiative will monitor the city council’s sessions and prepare a series of reports to raise greater public awareness about the council’s work. Concejo Visible Bucaramanga will also promote greater public awareness about the city council and its members.

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