Guatemala 2014

Acción Ciudadana
Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Guatemala
To promote transparency and accountability in Guatemala. Acción Ciudadana will conduct a series of activities that seek to raise awareness of the issue of transparency in the government procurement system, Guatecompras. Acción Ciudadana will highlight the relevance of e-government as a mechanism for transparency. Acción Ciudadana will conduct an in-depth investigation of the use of the national government’s procurement system. Acción Ciudadana will convene press conferences and conduct a series of workshops with relevant actors.

Asociación Civil Foro de Justicia Ambiental de Petén
Rule of Law
Strengthening the Rule of Law in the Maya Biosphere Reserve
To strengthen the rule of law in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén. The FJA will collaborate with lawyers and relevant civil servants to litigate cases related to illegal natural resource extraction, which are part of the local cultural patrimony. The FJA will work with other members of the Forum to develop a joint protection strategy for the Mayan Biosphere Reserve.

Center for International Private Enterprise
Democratic Ideas and Values
Fostering Institutional Reform
To improve the capacity of Guatemala’s democratic institutions to implement sound economic, social and security policies that deliver sustainable results and to foster public dialogue on policies that promote long-term democratic and economic development. CIPE and the National Economic Research Center (CIEN) will develop and publish analysis and recommendations on economic, social, security, and institutional policies to foster public dialogue on policies that promote long term democratic and economic development.

Movimiento Cívico Nacional
Promoting Accountability in the Legislative Branch
To increase accountability and citizen interaction with the National Congress. MCN will conduct a survey to collect information on how legislative employees and citizens view the National Congress. MCN will prepare a bill that improves citizen interaction with legislators and legislative advisors. Once the bill is drafted, MCN will conduct 10 seminars throughout Guatemala to raise awareness among citizens on the importance of legislative transparency. Last, MCN will strengthen its congressional internship program with youth leaders.

Movimiento Nacional por la Integridad
Promoting Transparency in Legislative Management
To promote greater transparency in the legislative process in Guatemala, especially in the nominations for various public officials such as the Attorney General and Supreme Court Magistrates. Movimiento Nacional por la Integridad will raise awareness among the general population and members of Congress as to the importance of selecting the best candidates by conducting a campaign using traditional and social media.

Por Una Vida Digna
Promoting Youth Crime Prevention Policies
To foster greater collaboration among civil society in order to promote violence prevention policies. Por Una Vida Digna (also referred to as JCV Guatemala) will update its web-based platform that links citizens directly with National Police to report crimes. JCV will hold two workshops in two urban municipalities in order to develop crime prevention plans, launch a National Development Agenda with other civil society organizations, coordinate the content and advocacy for youth crime prevention policies among its partners, and train 150 youth leaders on youth violence prevention and leadership. JCV will also provide funding for 25 leaders to attend the Central American Youth Violence Prevention Meeting in 2014.

Red Nacional por la Integridad
Civic Education
Promoting Accountability through Citizen Observatories
To foster greater accountability of government institutions and their policies as they relate to education, security, the environment and democracy issues in nine government departments of Guatemala. The Red Nacional por la Integridad will launch citizen observatories which will monitor, evaluate, and advocate for more transparent programs, policies, and plans being undertaken by municipal and national governments.

Universidad Rafael Landivar
Fostering Independent Electoral Institutions in Guatemala
To foster increased independence of Guatemala’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). The URL will conduct a survey on citizen perceptions of the TSE in four departments. The URL will create a network of ten citizen monitors which will track proposals, resolutions, and issues within the local TSE delegations. The URL will complement its local activities with a series of seminars with political parties, academia, journalists, students, and civil society organizations on the importance of a strong, independent electoral tribunal in anticipation of the 2015 general elections.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.