Latin America and Caribbean

Guatemala 2016

Citizen Oversight of High Impact Cases in the Judicial System

Movimiento Nacional por la Integridad


To promote transparency in the judiciary, with a focus on high political impact cases. The grantee will train a group of select youth to monitor and report on judicial proceedings of the Supreme Court, especially high impact cases involving public officials. A public event will be held to launch a platform designed to track progress on such cases and a public dialogue will be held with Supreme Court magistrates.


Crafting an Entrepreneurial Vision for Youth

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To stimulate a democratic culture in Quetzaltenango based on private initiative and innovation; and to motivate youth to explore economic opportunities centered on their creative talents. The center and its local partner will strengthen citizens’ civic-mindedness and engagement in locally driven economic development by enhancing collaboration among a variety of stakeholders, implementing a series of educational programs on entrepreneurship for more than 400 youth, and raising awareness of the power of entrepreneurship through events, an international educational exchange, and a series of videos and photographs.


Fostering Institutional Reform IV

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To promote transparency and accountability in the Guatemalan congress and to enhance the capacity of Guatemala’s democratic institutions to implement sound economic, social, and security policies that deliver sustainable results. The center and a partner organization will measure the performance of the new congress and individual legislators against a set of specific indicators, and produce proposals containing recommendations to improve key economic, social, security, and institutional policies.


Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Guatemala

Accion Ciudadana


To promote accountability and transparency in Guatemala’s procurement system. The grantee will raise awareness on the issue of transparency in the government procurement system. It will hold a series of trainings for civil society groups on the use of an open online database of government contracts, as a key tool for oversight. The grantee will also raise awareness about reforms to public procurement laws and monitor problematic or non-transparent cases of acquisition.


Promoting Youth Crime Prevention Policies

Por Una Vida Digna


To promote and strengthen youth-centered violence prevention in Guatemala. The organization will work with local community members, police, and the local government to monitor the budget for violence prevention initiatives. The grantee will also hold meetings with national officials to raise awareness of youth perspectives on crime prevention policies and youth-centered programs within the political agenda. The grantee will coordinate with civil society organizations to have greater impact, including partner organizations in other Central American countries.


Smart Governance – Fostering Civic Tech Activism to Advance Local Democratic Governance

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To help a Guatemalan community catalyze new opportunities for self-direction in technology to improve local governance. The institute will link regional civic tech-activists to local activists and engage them on how to develop low-cost, information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to help solve local democratic governance challenges. The Institute will then advocate key public, private and academic stakeholders and powerbrokers to provide resources that help advance their solutions.


Strengthening Rule of Law in the Maya Biosphere Reserve

Asociacion Civil Foro de Justicia Ambiental de Peten

Supplement: $11,000

To strengthen rule of law in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Peten. The organization will work in collaboration with justice operators to litigate strategic cases related to illegal natural resource extraction. As a result, the grantee will develop a joint protection strategy for the Mayan Biosphere Reserve.


Supporting Effective Implementation of Electoral Law Reform

Asociacion de Investigacion y Estudios Sociales


To strengthen electoral institutions and political parties through meaningful reform efforts. The grantee will continue to support effective reforms to the law on elections and political parties, which is now entering the implementation phase. The grantee will work with national and departmental government institutions, including the electoral tribunal and Congress, to coordinate and help standardize implementation of the reforms. The grantee will also provide technical advising as necessary and conduct a media campaign on the reforms to the law.


Youth Engagement in Oversight of Government

Movimiento Civico Nacional


To increase accountability and promote citizen oversight of local and national officials. The organization will encourage citizen interactions with the National Congress and local officials by holding bimonthly youth forums on citizen oversight efforts, expanding its training and support for youth activists, and facilitating citizen monitoring efforts of newly-elected government officials.


Youth Oversight of Local Government

Red Nacional por la Integridad


To promote more transparent and accountable government in Guatemala. The grantee will train a national network of youth in political analysis, oversight of local government agencies, construction of citizen proposals, communication strategies and political advocacy, and assist youth in two dozen municipalities to conduct oversight activities of new elected officials.


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