Latin America and Caribbean

Regional: Latin America and Caribbean 2015


A Regional Approach to Promoting Democratic Values in Cuba

Centro para la Apertura y el Desarrollo de America Latina


To support and raise the visibility of pro-democracy actors and human rights advocates in Latin America. The grantee will promote greater international awareness about the efforts of democracy activists to promote greater political pluralism throughout the region.


Bolstering Reform Approaches to Democratic Challenges in the Region

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen the network of private sector associations and think tanks in Latin America and the Caribbean to promote democratic and market-oriented reform; and to enhance access, dissemination, and application of information on successful reform strategies. The grantee will organize a regional conference with business associations, think tanks, and market-oriented non-governmental organizations to build bridges among reformers with common goals, enable replication and cross-pollination of local reform experiences, and foster collaborative partnerships for future projects.


Building Worker Demand for Strengthened Rule of Law in the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Solidarity Center (SC)


To foster increased demand among workers for rule of law in Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR). The SC will support a range of activities to educate workers on their basic rights; generate demand for law enforcement; and build trade union capacity to organize, represent, and advocate the interests of workers and their families.


Democratic Governance and Citizen Participation in Latin America

Forum 2000 Foundation


To promote effective engagement of democratic actors across the region to support democracy and prevent further authoritarian backsliding. Forum 2000 and the Arias Foundation will organize a two-day conference in San José, Costa Rica to analyze and respond more strategically to new democratic challenges in the region. The conference will convene a wide range of political, economic and social leaders from across the region and the ideological spectrum.


Fostering Access to Information on the Prison Crisis in Latin America

Fundacion Insight Crime


To strengthen investigative journalism on citizen security in Latin America.  The organization will investigate and report on the prison crisis in two countries in South America and the Northern Triangle to raise awareness about the nexus between prisons, organized crime and democratic stability in Latin America.


Fostering Online Investigative Journalism and Public Policy Debate in Central America

Fundación de Estudios Estratégicos para la Democracia


To foster investigative online journalism in Central America’s Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The Salvadoran-based program is an online media portal that covers citizen security, transnational crime, corruption, and political issues in the sub-region. The program will strengthen its online presence and convene a series of meetings to position itself as a pluralistic media outlet for the younger generation of political influencers.


Helping Local Government and Civil Society Better Attend to Citizen Needs and Interests in Zones Near Extractive Industries in Colombia and Peru

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To improve resource development in rural communities by addressing weak local governance and ineffective democratic engagement among civil society and the general population.  The Institute will build the administrative capacity of local authorities and improve interest groups’ advocacy efforts to foster transparency and inclusion in decision-making related to extractive industries.


Human Rights Advocacy for Forced Migrants in Central America and Mexico

Asylum Access


To promote due process and respect for refugee rights and to strengthen refugee communities to enhance their participation in local policy-making and civil society.  The organization will continue to advocate for refugee rights policies, strengthen community outreach for refugee communities and provide legal assistance to facilitate status determination processes in Central America.


Increasing Legislative and Political Party Transparency

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To assist legislatures, political parties and civil society organizations in Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay to address actual and perceived corruption and lack of transparency, the Institute will incorporate representatives from all three countries into regional transparency initiatives and strengthen working relationships among these groups domestically on issues of importance, including environmental transparency. In collaboration with local partners, the organization aims to strengthen the capacity of participating legislatures and political parties to develop and implement transparency practices and initiatives.


Journal of Democracy in Portuguese

Fundacao Instituto Fernando Henrique Cardoso


Fundacao Instituto Fernando Henrique Cardoso will produce an online Portuguese version of the Journal of Democracy to contribute to information sharing and debate on democracy-related issues among Portuguese speaking audiences in Brazil, Africa and Europe. With NED support, IFHC will publish two issues of the Journal in Portuguese, translating at least four English articles for each issue and actively disseminating the online material.


Latin America and Caribbean Access to Justice Program

International Senior Lawyers Corporation

Supplement: $7,478

To promote rule of law and access to justice in Bolivia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  ISLP will support local Haitian efforts to provide the most vulnerable populations in the country with access to justice. ISLP will also assist Dominican civil society organizations working to protect the rights of Dominicans of Haitian descent through education, case management, advocacy, and monitoring government actions affecting Dominicans of Haitian descent. In Bolivia, ISLP will address the pre-trial detention crisis by building public defenders’ skills via training and mentoring.


Latin American Youth Network for Democracy

Centro de Investigacion y Capacitacion de Emprendedores Sociales Asociacion Civil


To promote civic participation and interaction among youth activists in Latin America. CICES will bring a network of young Latin-American leaders to participate in a series of regional forums discussing youth-related issues in the region.  The organization will then present an advocacy document summarizing the views of the group attending the events and meetings.


Latin American Youth Network for Democracy

Centro de Investigacion y Capacitacion de Emprendedores Sociales Asociacion Civil


To promote civic participation and interaction among youth activists in Latin America. The organization will work to consolidate a network of Latin American youth activists and political leaders to foster youth participation, identify common threats to democracy, and coordinate activities to support their objectives in 20 countries in the region. The group will also organize a series of forums to discuss youth-related issues in the region and share best practices to address them.


Monitoring the Human Rights Performance of Latin American States in Multilateral Organizations

Global Americans, Inc.


To monitor the performance of Latin American governments in various multilateral fora on matters related to human rights, popular sovereignty, and democracy. Through a series of reports, press briefings, and public events, the grantee will raise awareness about the importance of multilateral norms and institutions in protecting human rights and democratic values.   The organization will also provide knowledge and tools to journalists and activists working on these issues to promote greater accountability of Latin American governments for their human rights record in multilateral bodies.


New Horizons in Smart Governance  (Sweep-up Reprogramming from 2012-282)

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To share best practices among governance and technology experts on the effective use of technology for democratic governance. To do this, IRI will hold a two-day forum on using technology in governance and supporting municipal stakeholders in Latin America. This event will build mutual knowledge on strengthening democratic governance through technology.


Promoting Fiscal Policy Dialogue in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras

Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Fiscales


To promote regional public debate on fiscal policy and reform within Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. ICEFI will also continue to work with the Guatemalan National Congress and to raise journalists’ and civil society’s awareness of fiscal policy issues. ICEFI will meet monthly with legislators – focusing on relevant committee members – and evaluate fiscal reform legislative initiatives. ICEFI will also hold meetings with civil society organizations and research centers to coordinate advocacy and develop a joint civic platform.


Promoting Innovation in Youth Leadership

Asuntos del Sur


To strengthen the capacity of youth leaders across Latin America to effectively address democratic challenges. Asuntos del Sur (ADS) will use its guide on high-impact, low-cost innovation in democracy projects to expand its trainings in up to three new countries. In addition, ADS will maintain its virtual mentorship platform for youth leaders and facilitate exchanges aimed at furthering substantive youth participation in democracy in the region.


Promoting LGBT Political Participation and Leadership

Corporacion Caribe Afirmativo


To promote LGBT political participation and leadership in Colombia, Peru, and Honduras. Caribe Afirmativo will work with LGBT human rights activists and candidates running for office in the three countries. Caribe Afirmativo will work with partner organizations in Peru and Colombia to establish open dialogue with political parties to advance the rights of the LGBT community to participate in political party activities and institutions . Caribe Afirmativo will hold meetings in Honduras to expand its work in Central America.


Promoting Rule of Law in the Americas

Due Process of Law Foundation


To promote the advancement and respect of international human rights standards in the context of extractive industries; and to promote best practices on judicial independence. The organization will engender an informed discussion on issues of business, human rights and extractive industries, focusing on new actors and the role of more established democracies in respecting international standards. Similarly, the group will organize a regional event on judicial independence in the Andes, and monitor the selection process of new Supreme Court justices in Mexico.


Promoting Transparency and Accountability of Public Figures

Journalism Development Network


To promote transparency and accountability of public officials in Honduras, Peru, and Venezuela through the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, a global network of investigative journalism centers. The grantee will train reporters to produce investigative pieces about the lack of transparency, security problems, corruption and attacks against independent media and the public figures associated with them. Complete records will be available online at a designated site, along with news stories detailing the findings. A series of advocacy meetings will encourage media outlets to use these findings to hold public officials accountable.


Raising Awareness on the Latin American Human Rights Situation in Europe


Supplement: $23,000

To raise awareness among European decision-makers on the deteriorating human rights situation in selected Latin American countries and to encourage public statements, resolutions, and expressions of solidarity in favor of human rights and democracy in Latin America.


Raising Awareness on the Latin American Human Rights Situation in Europe



To raise awareness among European decision-makers on the deteriorating human rights situation in selected Latin American countries and to encourage public statements, resolutions, and expressions of solidarity in favor of human rights and democracy in Latin America.


Sectoral and Thematic Strategies to Promote Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in the Americas

Solidarity Center (SC)


To encourage unions in Latin America to include marginalized workers and improve strategies to defend freedom of association in the face of heightened pressure on union freedoms. The program will employ cross-border strategies to enable construction unions to better mobilize and represent marginalized, immigrant, and informal workers; support manufacturing and construction unions to coordinate multinational social dialogue; and help unions across sectors develop and implement joint strategies to overcome race, age and gender-based discrimination in the workplace.


Strengthening Anti-Corruption Efforts in Latin America

Instituto de Defensa Legal


To support anti-corruption efforts in several countries in Latin America. The grantee will work with partners in Chile, Brazil, Peru and Venezuela to produce country level assessments and recommendations for combatting corruption and will produce three regional, comparative reports. The grantee and its partners will call attention to emblematic cases in each target country and conduct radio programming to raise awareness about the effects of corruption on Latin America’s democracies.


Strengthening Democracy through Regional Networks

Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy, Inc.


The grantee will strengthen the role that civil society plays in defending democratic institutions and human rights throughout Latin America.  The grantee will continue to advocate for civil society leaders from repressive regimes within the OAS. The organization will continue to expand its network to defend democratic principles and values.


Strengthening Political Parties through Policy Platform Development

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen the capacity of political parties to develop and implement platforms responsive to citizen needs in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.  To this end, NDI will organize a series of policy development activities, including multiparty training sessions, targeted technical assistance to specific parties, and candidate training to help parties present their policies effectively in debates. The proposed activities will help strengthen the parties’ policy development cycle to produce policies that are responsive to citizen needs.


Strengthening the Capacity of Human Rights Defenders

International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights


To enhance the knowledge and advocacy skills of Cuban human rights defenders and increase their interaction with their Latin American counterparts. The organization will carry out a training program on the use of international human rights mechanisms to advocate for greater respect for their rights.


Strengthening the Civil Society Pillar of the Community of Democracies

Asociacion Centro de Capacitacion y Promocion de la Democracia


To promote the civil society pillar of the Community of Democracies’ Ministerial Meeting in El Salvador. CECADE will launch a pluralistic and thorough reformation of the civil society pillar to bolster the role it plays. CECADE will host a series of online consultations with activists from around the world.


Strengthening Youth Advocacy in Central America

Fundacion Nacional para el Desarrollo


To strengthen the capacity of Central American youth organizations to effectively participate in the democratic process and regional integration efforts. The Salvadoran-based organization, FUNDE, will continue to work with a representative group of youth organizations in each Central American country and provide training and strategic orientation in political advocacy.


Supporting Independent Journalists and Digital Activists in Latin America

Institute for Nonprofit News


To enable journalists and activists to share digital media best practices and further their cross-border collaboration throughout Latin America.  The organization will develop a dynamic regional network of independent journalists and activists running their own digital media projects in 12 countries.  The grantee will manage the network, share best practices and success stories, and actively encourage collaboration between members of the network.


Trade Union Strengthening in Colombia and Venezuela (FOA)

Solidarity Center (SC)


The Solidarity Center will support unions to coordinate with congressional representatives, regional and local governments to conduct hearings on the role of labor and employment conditions in the building of peace in the post-conflict transition.


Trade Union Strengthening in Colombia and Venezuela (FOA)

Solidarity Center (SC)

Supplement: $136,636

In Colombia, the organization will support unions to coordinate with congressional representatives, regional and local governments to conduct hearings on the role of labor and employment conditions in the building of peace in the post-conflict transition. In Venezuela, the organization will continue to support union and civil society partners to promote a national platform in defense of fundamental worker rights, particularly freedom of association, collective bargaining, and the right to strike. The platform will be promoted by a broad coalition of representative union expressions, and academic and human rights organizations.


Trade Union Strengthening in Ecuador and Peru (FOA)

Solidarity Center (SC)


To help unions in Ecuador and Peru improve internal representativeness, while providing technical and legal assistance to educate policymakers and the public on workers’ perspectives in public policy and broad-based dialogue in democratic governance.  By supporting greater worker democracy within organizations in strategic sectors, and providing unions with the support to articulate technically sound proposals with effective messages, the project will reassert the legitimacy of workers’ voices in policymaking and rights enforcement.


From the 2015 NED Annual Report

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