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Iran 2016


Empowering Iranian Women to Demand Economic Rights

Human Rights


To empower civil society to advocate for the increased legal rights of women and decrease obstacles to their integration and full participation in the national discourse.  The center will increase the capacity of a local non-governmental organization to lead efforts for increased legal rights of businesswomen in Iran. This effort will build consensus among private-sector stakeholders around an advocacy campaign to reform laws that blatantly discriminate against women.


Engaging Civil Society in Environmental Accountability



To mobilize public participation in initiatives aimed at ending widespread water mismanagement by national and local authorities. Project activities will raise civil society and public awareness of the role that authorities’ mismanagement of water has played in Iran’s current drought conditions, endeavoring to elevate the issue for debate in the public political sphere.


Expanding Political Process Monitoring for Accountability



To improve local cultures of accountability and civic engagement in Iran. the grantee will build the capacity of Iranian citizens to conduct community-level political process monitoring through a focused training program. By convening in-person workshops on monitoring and training skills, delivering Farsi-language materials and developing new resources, and engaging in sustained mentoring with participants, the grantee seeks to support expanded civil society accountability efforts. 


Iran Human Rights Memorial Project

Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation for the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran

Supplement: $9,100

To promote understanding and discussion of human rights and democracy in Iran. The project will grow its database and expand its on-line projects; the Human Rights and Democracy Library and Omid. It will monitor and document the state’s human rights violations, informing Iranians of them.  The organization will further advocate for accountability to its international treaty obligations and for the people they are to protect.


Iran Human Rights Memorial Project

Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation for the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy in Iran

Supplement: $30,000

To promote education and discussion regarding human rights and democracy in Iran. This organization will grow its database and expand its online projects. The program will monitor, document, and disseminate information on human rights violations, and advocate for accountability to international treaty obligations regarding Iranian citizens suffering or at risk of abuse.


Iran Parliament Watch



To promote transparency in Iranian politics and engage citizens to advocate accountability and responsiveness to citizens’ needs on the part of parliamentarians. The grantee will develop and maintain a website providing cross-referenced records of the public statements, legislative records, and other public activities of parliamentarians and candidates for office.


Monitoring Human Rights Violations

Human Rights


To raise awareness about and monitor human rights violations in Iran and enhance communication and information access for Iranian activists. The grantee will publish a monthly report providing coverage of a wide range of human rights issues of concern to ordinary Iranians, support local monitors to carry out documentation of new cases, and compile a comprehensive record of violations.


Promoting Debates on Iran’s Future

Democratic Ideas and Values


To engage members of the Iranian intelligentsia in public deliberation on the social, economic, and political prospects of a democratic Iran. An online forum will facilitate debate among Iranian activists, students and academics on relevant issues. The project will also publish an online journal and solicit contributions from experts on topics pertinent to Iran’s future.


Public Political Dialogue



To improve accountability in Iran by facilitating improved communications between citizens and members of Parliament.  The grantee will customize and promote a set of online tools that will allow Iranian citizens to engage elected officials in matters of concern to them through constructive dialogue.


Raising the Legal Debate in Iran

Rule of Law


To raise awareness and enhance discussion among Iranian lawyers on the rule of law and fundamental rights and develop and consolidate a network of democratically minded jurists in Iran. The project will publish a Farsi-language law journal for electronic distribution among a network of Iranian lawyers, law students, and clerics in Iran.


Strengthening Independent Journalism

Freedom of Information


To enhance journalistic and research skills among Farsi-speaking journalists, and to galvanize citizens to press for greater transparency and accountability. Online tools and resources will be developed to help journalists utilize digital public data in reporting and provide a forum for ongoing exchange and guidance through a network of journalists.

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