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Adalah Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS)
To introduce human rights values in Jordan through building the capacity of NGOs and practitioners to promote human rights, democracy, and justice. ACHRS will lead and implement a series of human rights orientation sessions in three Jordanian universities.

al-Urdun al-Jadid Research Center (UJRC)
To inform and educate Jordanian society and organizations working throughout the region on timely topics related to Jordan’s political reform process. UJRC will publish nine issues of its Civil Society Issues newsletter on civil society developments and activities in Jordan, distributing 1,000 copies mainly inside Jordan.

To promote citizen awareness of and engagement with parliament. AmmanNet will monitor Jordanian parliamentary activities through a weekly FM radio program, regular news reports, and updates to its website which profile members of parliament and their voting records.

Arab Media Institute (AMI)
To strengthen free and independent press in Jordan through web-based information, publications, advocacy, and journalist training. AMI will develop and strengthen its website and maintain its informal training, consultations, and advice to Arab journalists.

Arab Women Media Center (AWMC)
To strengthen the independence, transparency, and quality of the Jordanian press and citizen involvement in the media. AWMC will extend its “Media for Non-media Professionals” program through four 51-hour interactive training workshops and a three-day National Assembly course on national media, human rights, and the role of women. The activities will target Jordanian youth in each of the northern, central, and southern regions of Jordan, in addition to the capital of Amman.

Arab World Center for Democratic Development (UNIHRD)
To improve respect for the rights of detainees. UNIHRD will address rights issues in prisons and rehabilitation facilities through a series of conferences and workshops designed not only to draw national attention to this issue, but to provide police officers and rehabilitation center workers with the necessary skills to perform their duties in a manner that respects detainees’ rights.

Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists (CDFJ)
To build on its training program for youth on press freedom and democratic awareness. CDFJ will provide journalism skills-building training to six youth groups, which will be drawn from youth clubs, universities and other NGOs in the north, middle, and south regions of Jordan. Each group will work together to identify an issue of local concern requiring a media platform, research the topic, and write a newspaper supplement that addresses the issue.

Center for International Private Enterprise
To promote corporate citizenship and modern business practices. Implemented as part of the Mediterranean Development Forum, the CIPE project will be undertaken with al-Urdun al-Jadid Research Center to advance the debate on the role of corporations and the private sector in a democratic society through a series of consultative meetings, regional workshops and conferences, communications program, and follow-up surveys.

Community Development Center/ Zarqa (CDC/Zarqa)
To build awareness of the connection between international human rights standards and Jordanian national strategies. CDC/Zarqa will lead four 5-day training workshops, organize four advocacy campaigns, establish a youth resource center, and produce informational materials.

Good Governance Studies Center (GGSC)
To increase the Jordanian citizenry’s awareness of and ways to combat corruption. GGSC will lead workshops at ten Jordanian universities to raise awareness of anticorruption practices, organize three training workshops, establish ten anticorruption groups, conduct a field survey on anticorruption, and produce and distribute a guide for NGO activists and government officials on anticorruption.

Jordanian Center for Civic Education Studies (JCCES)
To increase citizen participation in their local communities and decision-making processes. JCCES will introduce 250 university students to civic concepts and encourage their use in identification and resolution of community problems.

Jordanian Women’s Union (JWU)
To increase awareness and decrease instances of domestic violence and abuse of women’s rights. JWU will extend its popular legal hotline service and reach out to new members in al-Zarqa, the second largest city in Jordan. The hotline will be staffed by in-house lawyers and social workers and will provide legal assistance to victims of abuse throughout the community.

Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP)
To expand civic education to the isolated Mafraq region. LHAP will work with students in three schools to form extra-curricular school parliaments, which will examine and debate issues in their schools related to human, civil, and political rights. LHAP will also publish newsletters contributing to human rights awareness, establish sections devoted to democracy in the school libraries, and lead a celebration of International Day for Human Rights.

Mleeh Young Women’s Association (MYWA)
To enhance women’s empowerment in rural Jordan. MYWA will conduct training courses and workshops on women’s rights, public lectures on women’s legal rights as based on international convention and domestic legislation, and seminars with women’s organizations at the local level. All of these courses will draw young women from the local community, in particular those working with other humanitarian organizations.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs
To establish and develop a focus group center to conduct 30 focus groups on a variety of democratization topics in Jordan. NDI will organize a study mission to Morocco for its local partners to observe the People’s Mirror, and will then develop and staff the Focus Group Research Center in Amman. The focus groups will work with political parties, women’s organizations, and parliamentary groups to better understand the viewpoints of their stakeholders.

Sisterhood is Global Institute/Jordan (SIGI/J)
To promote women’s rights in Jordan. SIGI/J will conduct two citizens’ rights workshops, two “claiming our rights” workshops, and one “safe and secure” workshop, reaching at least 140 rural women. SIGI/J will also lead one awareness workshop and three seminars on the four-year “Jordanian Women’s Document” work plan and increase accessibility to its trainings via an e-learning website.

Women’s Organization to Combat Illiteracy (WOCI)
To increase opportunities for women of rural and refugee populations in Jordan. WOCI will launch an information campaign to raise women’s awareness of Jordanian labor laws and their rights as guaranteed by Jordanian and international law. WOCI will train a pool of nine trainers, conduct six workshops for 120 women on key legal provisions, and organize the dissemination of labor rights information at grassroots-level meetings.

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