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Jordan 2015


Enhancing Civil Society Oversight of Legislation

Vision Institute for Civil Society Studies


To engage civil society in legislative processes and their oversight.  The institute will lead eight one-day workshops on Jordan’s labor and personal status laws. At the end of each four-workshop series, the institute will develop and publish a 12-page policy brief that analyzes proposed amendments, based on workshop feedback, and will present these findings in a one-day roundtable in Amman.


Online Youth Radio

Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development


To inspire and engage youth in public life and promote enlightened views on Islam, pluralism, and civil rights through an online youth radio. The center will strengthen its online radio, Radio Success, produce a minimum of 30 programs, and broadcast for a minimum of 12 hours each day. Four technical workshops will provide training for a minimum of 90 youth, and two courses on youth engagement in political and social movements will reach 50 young men and women. In addition, the center will lead two five-day training workshops in Tunisia for 40 youth who seek to launch an online radio.


Online Youth Radio

Hikaya Center for Civil Society Development

Supplement: $23,000

To promote youth civic participation in Jordan. The grantee will launch a national civic education and youth leadership campaign targeting 5,000 youth throughout Jordan. This campaign will build on the grantee’s current program that includes courses on youth engagement in political and social movements and training workshops in Tunisia for youth who seek to launch an online radio.


Parliament Monitoring

Community Media Network (AmmanNet)


To raise public awareness of and engagement in the activities and functions of parliament and parliamentarians. The organization will lead a parliamentary monitoring program that will organize public events throughout Jordan to link the public with parliamentary action. The program will recruit, train, and manage three teams of 10 youth volunteers to assist in organizing six town hall meetings and five public debates.


Raising Awareness on Socio-Economic Policies

Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics Studies


To enhance public understanding of, and decision makers’ responsiveness to, citizens’ priorities for critical areas of Jordanian economic reform. The center will design and conduct two national polls on pressing economic issues in Jordan, and conduct half-day workshops on its findings for 40 political and civil society leaders.


Strengthening the Democratic Participation of Small Business Associations

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To enhance the ability of small business associations to represent their members interests and effectively advocate for legal and regulatory reforms supportive of SMEs. CIPE will support Al Quds Center for Political Studies to develop the organizational capacity of small business associations through workshops on governance and management, engage small business associations in dialogue about pressing issues affecting their members, and produce a consensus document outlining the priorities of Jordan’s small-business community.


From the 2015 NED Annual Report

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