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Tunisia 2016


Bringing the Voices of Local Business to Reform II

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To build the role of Sfax’s small and medium industry sector as a constructive partner in economic reform and to enhance the voice of business in Tunisia’s democratic process. The center will support its local partner in its efforts to develop a regional small and medium industry sector reform agenda. The center will also assist in outreach efforts to industry leaders in other regions, and efforts to enhance the partner’s overall ability to represent members and engage with decision makers about urgent reform.


Capacity Building for Civic Education in Tunisia

Impact Foundation for Research and Development


To promote a culture of civic engagement among university students in Gafsa, Jendouba and El Kef; and build the capacity of a nascent youth organization. The grantee will expand its youth civic education program to El-Kef governorate, conduct a three-day training of trainers on civic engagement, and hold a one-day workshop on communication and debate skills for youth club leaders.


Empowering Disadvantaged Groups

Kairouan Community


To empower disadvantaged groups to lead advocacy initiatives.  The organization will establish an eight-member working group that will conduct a needs assessment on public space accessibility, organize a three-day leadership and advocacy workshop, carry out an awareness campaign, host two one-day community consultative events, and advocate for improved public space and access for disadvantaged groups. 


Empowering Marginalized Youth

Maghreb Institute for Sustainable Development


To encourage youth engagement in civic life in the marginalized community of Douar Hicher. The organization will conduct three two-day workshops on democracy, entrepreneurship, and non-violence; organize two two-day capacity-building workshops for members of CSOs active in Douar Hicher; and hold 12 youth dialogue events.


Empowering Youth Voices



To promote youth civic participation and engagement with elected local and national leaders and to build the capacity of a nascent youth group. The grantee will lead a series of two-day advocacy workshops in seven governorates for 175 youth, elect 14 regional youth representatives to participate in a two-day advanced national advocacy workshop in Tunis, and launch a media campaign to raise awareness on regional youth concerns.


Engaging Women in Local Governance

Free Sight Association


To promote women’s participation and engagement in local municipalities. The association will conduct four two-day workshops on local governance and advocacy techniques for 120 youth activists in the four governorates of Zaghouan, Kasserine, Gabes and Kairouan. It will also carry out four local advocacy campaigns on women’s political inclusion at the local level.


Engaging Youth in Legislative Advocacy

Tunisian Youth Leaders


To mobilize youth in civil society to monitor and advocate for legislative reforms and raise citizens’ awareness of their rights, freedoms, and the effects of laws on their daily lives. Youth participants will be trained to monitor the legislative process, including the drafting and discussion of bills and amendments in the Tunisian parliament. The program will also include a series of 10 workshops to raise awareness of legislative issues.


Preparing Entrepreneurs to Lead

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To promote the participation of Tunisian youth in civic action and policy processes; and to encourage substantive engagement between young entrepreneurs and policymakers regarding meaningful reforms to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. The center will work with a local partner to build the collective voice of young entrepreneurs and develop their potential as a constituency. Activities will include developing specific recommendations to improve the entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well opportunities to build skills and experience in engaging decision makers.


Preparing Political Parties for Decentralization and Subnational Elections

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To enable Tunisian political parties to implement locally based campaigns and to develop the ability of women and youth at the regional party level to participate in party activities in advance of municipal elections.  The institute will consult with national and regional level party leaders on the skills and information necessary to conduct locally-based campaigns and provide appropriate assistance to prospective young and female candidates on a multi-party basis.


Preparing Political Parties for Decentralization and Subnational Elections

International Republican Institute (IRI)

Supplement: $30,000

To enable Tunisian political parties to implement locally based campaigns and to develop the ability of women and youth at the regional party level to participate in their parties in advance of municipal elections. Trainings and consultations will equip national and regional level party leaders with skills and strategies to conduct locally-based campaigns. The institute will also provide targeted multi-party assistance to prospective young and female candidates.


Promoting a Transparent Electoral Process

Chahed Observatory for Monitoring Elections and Supporting Democratic Reform


To promote a transparent electoral process through a domestic election monitoring initiative. The program will consist of two, three-day capacity building workshops on local governance for 48 regional coordinators, and 12 one-day regional workshops for 300 long-term observers on domestic election guidelines including voter registration, electoral campaigning, and election day processes. 


Promoting Citizen Participation

Will and Citizenship Organization (OVC)


To promote citizen participation in the municipal council elections and facilitate engagement with elected municipal councils. The group will train 20 youth leaders to promote voter awareness campaigns and community forums, organize five dialogue meetings between citizens and elected officials, arrange five radio talks on the role of citizen engagement in local governance, and produce a report on recommendations for civil society collaboration with municipalities.


Promoting Civic Forums

Al-Jahedh Forum for Free Thought


To promote active participation in civic and political debate among youth activists in Tunisia. Program activities will include ten forums on democracy and political transitions, a two-day conference on political Islam and religious extremism in the MENA region, and six two-day workshops for youth activists on conflict prevention, local democracy, youth civic engagement, and good governance.


Promoting Community Dialogues

Association for the Defense of Human Rights


To promote community dialogues in the southeastern border regions. The organization will pilot a series of eight community dialogue sessions with 200 diverse stakeholders on the challenges of smuggling networks, criminal activity, and marginalization in the southeastern border cities of Ben Gardane and Dhiba. The organization will compile dialogue proceedings into a working paper and produce a short documentary film featuring citizen opinions and advocate recommendations to national and local authorities.


Promoting Effective Legislation

Solidar Tunisia


To promote and advocate for civil society’s input in the legislative process, and build the capacity of a nascent think tank in Tunisia. The grantee will lead a series of consultations with various stakeholders, develop policy recommendations on the new Independent Commission for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption (ICGGAC), organize a one-day workshop and a one-day conference to discuss article 130 of the constitution and the framework for establishing the commission; and produce a draft law proposal on the establishment of ICGGAC.


Promoting Local Accountability

Tunisian Association for the Environment and Nature in GABES (ATEN Gabes)


To enhance the capacity of local civil society to advocate good governance and local accountability on government adherence to environmental regulations in Gabes. The project will produce an assessment study on environmental degradation and its effects on local communities, organize two one-day seminars on environmental rights and democracy, host a two-day workshop on environmental rights and accountability, and lead a campaign to advocate for better living conditions for local communities in Gabes.


Promoting Local Observatories

Observatory for Municipal Work and Urban Planning


To build the capacity of a national and regional observatory network specializing in municipal work and local governance. Four two-day regional workshops on decentralization laws and the implementation of local observatories will equip 100 civil society leaders to launch or improve activities related to good governance. The group will also incubate a regional observatory in the southern region, which will conduct a household survey on local governance and host two daylong seminars on the decentralization process.


Promoting Media Sector Reform



To promote freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Tunisia. The organization will lead a series of consultations with various stakeholders to produce policy recommendations for the new press code; organize two two-day trainings for 30 judges on freedom of expression; produce two legal analyses focusing on the new press code and broadcasting laws; and provide ongoing technical assistance to establish a new regulatory body.


Promoting Peaceful Discourse

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy in Tunisia


To empower religious leaders to promote a moderate, peaceful, and democratic discourse in Bizerte, Kairouan, Kasserine, and Tunis; and to foster a national dialogue on youth and economic reform. A series of three-day workshops will train imams on social media skills, conflict resolution techniques, citizenship, and democratic values, and five roundtables will enable participants to discuss critical issues relating to Islam and democracy. A series of focus groups, workshops and seminars will bring together civil society and political parties to discuss youth and economic reforms in Tunisia.


Promoting Social Accountability

Tunisian Active Network for Social Accountability (TANSA)


To promote social accountability awareness and to build the capacity of a nascent organization. The grantee will organize five three-day awareness trainings on social accountability, hold a three-day workshop on community assessments of the education sector, pilot three community assessments of schools in Tunis and Nabeul, compile a report on assessment findings, and convene a one-day seminar on the status of the education sector and social accountability.


Promoting Social Accountability

Association for Citizenship and Northwest Development


To promote community dialogues in the southeastern border regions. A pilot series of community dialogue sessions will engage 200 diverse stakeholders will be organized on the challenges of smuggling networks, criminal activity, and marginalization in the southeastern border cities of Ben Gardane and Dhiba. The dialogue proceedings will form the basis of a working paper and a short documentary film featuring citizen opinions and recommendations to national and local authorities.


Promoting Women’s Rights

Tounissiet Association


To promote women’s civic and political participation in Tunisia. The organization will continue to support a Women’s Policy Laboratory promoting legislative priorities. It will also conduct a nationwide survey on women’s issues; organize a three-day training-of-trainers on policy analysis and advocacy; host a one-day seminar on rural women’s empowerment; and organize a national conference on feminist movements in Muslim countries. The organization will also lead two two-day regional workshops on violence and extremism; organize two skills-building workshops for members and affiliates; and publish three online newsletters.


Promoting Youth Civic Engagement

Youth and Skills Association (Maharat)


To promote youth civic participation. The grantee will organize nine two-day capacity building workshops using the Success in a Changing World curriculum, in addition to two seminars, four round-table discussions, and two follow-on workshops, to encourage civic engagement among youth in Tunisia.


Promoting Youth Engagement in Gafsa

Union of Independent Tunisians for Freedom (UTIL)


To promote constructive youth civic engagement. The organization will lead three two-day trainings for 25 youth leaders and civic actors, convene four dialogue meetings between youth and various local stakeholders, and publish a final report on the resulting findings and recommendations.


Promoting Youth Policies

Alternative Youth Network – RAJ Tunisia


To empower and equip youth activists with the knowledge and skills to advocate for youth priorities and policies. The grantee will form a five-member civil society committee; select 12 youth leaders to participate in a series of three-day learning courses on policy analysis and advocacy of youth socioeconomic empowerment, employment, and counterterrorism in the interior regions; publish and publicize policy papers at a press conference; and launch an interactive web competition.


Strengthening Investigative Journalism

The Research Foundation for the State University of New York


To promote accountability, transparency, and access to information through investigative journalism. Two five-day investigative journalism trainings and workshops will equip 15 journalists from across Tunisia with understanding, skills, and tools necessary for in-depth reporting on critical civic matters. The grantee will and provide ongoing guidance for participants throughout the production of in-depth stories.


Supporting Women in Local Elections

Voice of Eve Association


To promote women’s participation in local elections and raise awareness of and advocate for women’s economic and social rights in Sidi Bouzid. The organization will hold a conference on local gender issues; organize four training sessions over 10 days for women activists and members of political parties on advocacy skills and women’s rights; hold an exercise simulating a local assembly; organize two regional conferences; and develop and distribute a list of recommendations to local councils.


Supporting Women’s Empowerment

Association Irtikaa for Effective Women Participation


To promote women’s political participation and economic and social rights in marginalized interior regions. The organization will raise awareness of women’s economic and social rights; conduct eight two-day seminars and six workshops for women activists; and lead campaigns to promote women’s participation in local elections.

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