Middle East and Northern Africa

Turkey 2016


Asulis – Discourse, Dialogue & Democracy

Hrant Dink Foundation


To diminish discrimination and discriminatory discourse in the Turkish public sphere. An open access, online archive and library will feature extensive resources on preventing discrimination and hate speech. The grantee will also establish local and national networks to combat related practices.


Engaging Civil Society in Policy Formation

Freedom of Expression Association


To enhance the role of civil society in law-making through the provision of platforms for public dialogue with members of parliament. The grantee will work with 25 small provincial assemblies comprised of local NGOs to discuss issues pertinent to their communities in monthly town hall meetings. Assemblies will also be formed in Ankara to reach out to elected representatives and advocate policy recommendations to the public and decision-makers.


Enhancing Dialogue During Conflict Turkey

Democratic Progress Institute


To broaden support for developing a peaceful process for de-escalating the conflict in southeastern Turkey and to construct inclusive platforms for dialogue. The organization will hold an inclusive dialogue forum for stakeholders; organize a collaborative study visit to a former conflict region; arrange mentoring sessions to facilitate structured dialogues; and publish two briefing papers.


Monitoring Hate Crimes

Human Rights Research Association


To strengthen the rule of law on hate crime violations and enhance the functionality of a monitoring network and its reporting mechanisms. The association will strengthen the functionality of local monitoring networks and continue to mobilize its members to report hate crime activity. It will also publish a briefing paper on mob violence and an annual report on hate crime for distribution to decision makers.


Promoting a Policy-Based Political Debate and Enhancing Political Party Competition

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To continue to promote open, constructive and policy-based political competition in Turkey.  The institute will present its public opinion polling data to a broad range of key decision-makers, train and provide consultations for youth and women political activists, facilitate policy-based discussions, and assist in policy development and advocacy efforts.


Share of Truth

Dialogue for Common Future Association


To promote issue-based political discourse and enhance transparency, accountability, and participation as core values in Turkish public life. The program will continue to develop and promote a fact-checking portal that reports on the accuracy and consistency of statements of elected leaders, candidates for public office, and other officials. The findings will be distributed on a regular basis to local media and on social networks.


Strengthening Advocacy through Grassroots Engagement

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To give Turkey’s citizens the space and opportunity to collectively shape their country’s political and social priorities. The institute will partner with a network of civic groups from around the country to strengthen advocacy efforts by gathering citizen input on key issues facing Turkey. To multiply the effect of in-person discussions, the program will integrate technology and social media platforms into these initiatives.

Supporting Constructive Civic Dialogue on Peace

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To respond to the growing conflict and breakdown of social cohesion in Turkey. The institute and a local partner will foster dialogue among diverse civic activists and community leaders to reach a shared vision for promoting peace. The institute will conduct interviews to identify openings for constructive dialogue, develop a model for convening discussions, and facilitate exercises that support an initial group of activists and leaders in reaching consensus on an approach to a sustainable peace initiative.

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