Middle East and Northern Africa

West Bank and Gaza Strip 2014


AFKAR Organization for Educational and Cultural Development

Civic Education


Palestinian National Debate Competition

To strengthen Palestinian youth’s ability to think about and speak critically on political issues. AFKAR will expand its Palestinian National Debate Competition, integrating it as a central extra-curricular activity for secondary school students in the West Bank. AFKAR will lead a two-day training for school coordinators, conduct 16 days of coaching for local coordinators, and establish debate clubs at eight participating schools.

Al Maqdese for Society Development

Freedom of Association


Protecting Workers Rights

To raise legal awareness of workers’ rights. Al-Maqdese will lead 14 legal rights awareness sessions for 350 Palestinian workers in East Jerusalem. Its Legal Aid Clinic staff will also lead two three-day introductory training courses for 60 lawyers on defending workers legal rights, as well as one three-day advanced course for previous trainees.

al-Dameer Association for Human Rights

Human Rights


Promoting Human Rights in Gaza

To promote a human rights culture in the Gaza Strip. Al-Dameer will lead six 30-hour courses on human rights standards and their application for 180 social and political activists from Gazan universities. Once trained, a minimum of 30 trainees will join Friends of al-Dameer, al-Dameer’s 150-member youth group affiliate that constitutes a permanent presence at these local universities, and will hold ten or more public meetings to enhance and provide direct youth feedback on the association’s work.

Center for International Private Enterprise

Developing Market Economy


Expanding Corporate Governance Culture throughout the Private Sector

To foster more comprehensive implementation of corporate governance principles among companies and to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of the Palestinian Governance Institute (PGI) to respond effectively to corporate governance needs. CIPE will support PGI to advance democracy that delivers in Palestine by fostering improved corporate governance in companies and related private sector institutions. In addition, CIPE will work with PGI to develop and implement an organizational sustainability program.

Civitas Institute



Youth Civic Participation

To engage youth in civic action, oversight, and interaction with local representatives. Civitas will lead two six-day training courses on research skills, reporting and documentation, and hearings follow-up for its 70 current Youth Council (YC) members. YCs and Civitas will hold 14 hearings, 9 public meetings, and 70 awareness sessions on the role of citizens, duties and responsibilities, public money, municipalities’ roles and services, and the relationship between citizens and their local representatives.


Freedom of Information


Female Journalists Club

To strengthen the role of female journalists in Palestinian media and public life. Filastiniyat will launch an internship program to provide practical on-the-job training opportunities at independent media outlets for female journalists. It will coordinate nine three-month internships for young club members, six in Gaza and three in Ramallah. Filastiniyat will also continue to work to improve the policy environment affecting journalists, particularly women. In the context of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate’s upcoming leadership elections, Filastiniyat will coordinate efforts to advocate for an increased number of women in the press syndicate and its executive committee.

Human Rights and Democracy Media Center (Shams)

Democratic Ideas and Values


Expanding Democracy and a Civic Culture

To promote democratic and human rights values and norms among law students in the West Bank. The  Center will lead 12 half-day workshops for 180  law students on political systems, democratic transitions, citizenship in a democratic system, and the features of liberal democracy. It will complement these with a four-day capacity-building workshop, a focus group among representatives from the various colleges, and a roundtable that brings the students together with representatives of media institutes, civil society organizations, and political parties.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs



Civic Participation in Municipal Government

To promote opportunities in the West Bank for citizens and representatives of civil society organizations to engage with decision makers at the municipal level. NDI will provide technical assistance to the Palestinian Vision and the Omniah Youth Center to design and implement advocacy campaigns on connecting citizens with their elected representatives in Bethlehem, Jenin, and Qabetiya.  Through the advocacy campaigns, the organizations will seek to change the relationship between citizens and their elected officials, bringing greater accountability to local councils.

Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution


Together for National Reconciliation

To fortify the principle of reconciliation among civic sectors of the Palestinian population within the West Bank and Gaza Strip. PCDCR will lead 12 roundtables addressing the regional variables on national reconciliation, as well as a conference. The center will also lead two five-day training courses for 40 youth on conceptual and practical issues of debate. PCDCR will then mentor the youth to conduct four debates on various issues, such as university tuition, and youth participation in the decision-making process. Additionally, PCDCR will continue to work with its Civil Society Alliance for Social Peace to lead 180 awareness raising sessions for secondary school students on tolerances.

Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies



Promoting a Tolerant Constitution

To strengthen youth understanding of and engagement in constitutional reform that promotes tolerance. Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies will lead four two-day training workshops for 80 university students on promoting tolerance through constitutional reform. It will lead four additional issue-specific workshops with the students, and facilitate two dialogue sessions between the students and policy makers.

Safad Advertising Company (Wattan TV)



Holding Public Officials Accountable

To make use of the media to promote government accountability to its viewing audience. Wattan TV will produce and broadcast 48 episodes of a hard-talk television program, Sa’et Ramel. The 55-minute, recorded program will address accountability in ministries and municipalities, as well as civil society officials and decision-makers in political, economic and social realms.

The Arab World Democracy and Electoral Monitor



Toward Representative Government

To strengthen government representation of and response to citizens’ needs and priorities in the West Bank, with a particular focus on upcoming elections. MARSAD will lead a national committee to advocate for government’s adherence to an election timeline, produce a draft code of conduct for upcoming elections, and promote public awareness of the code. It will conduct a two-day workshop, five roundtables, 12 training workshops, and five town hall meetings.

The General Union of Cultural Centers-Gaza



Promoting Youth Civic Participation in the Gaza Strip

To promote youth inclusion in Palestinian reform through youth engagement in, and oversight of, national policies. GUCC will work with its established 45-member Leadership Youth Committee (LYC) to sustain pressure for youth inclusion in Palestinian reform. It will lead a refresher training for the team, and then mentor the members in the conduct of 73 half-day awareness workshops on the need for tolerance. GUCC and LYC will then lead a one-day conference for 180 participants to draw attention to youth demands for greater tolerance.

Grant descriptions are from the 2014 NED Annual Report.


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