Al Sada Women’s Association
To enhance the capacity of women’s organizations in rural areas of Mahweet and Hodeidah to conduct women’s rights education and awareness programs. Al Sada will conduct a women’s rights and empowerment skills training program for eight women’s organizations in rural areas of Mahweet and Hodeidah and help facilitate implementation of their training in independent awareness-raising activities in their respective local communities.

Article 19
To strengthen the legal framework protecting media freedom in Yemen and promote media gender sensitivity. ARTICLE 19 will work with the 25 member Media Law Working Group to develop an advocacy campaign in support of its legislative reform agenda. ARTICLE 19 will also train 10 local journalists to conduct media gender sensitivity monitoring and conduct a training-of-trainers program on gender-sensitive reporting for 14 media representatives.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To enhance the capacity of Yemeni economic journalists to provide quality reporting and information on economic issues, and to cultivate a network of economic journalists. CIPE will support the Yemen Female Media Forum (YFMF) to conduct a six month technical and professional training for 30 Yemeni economic journalists. In addition, YFMF compile a directory of economic journalists, establish a website to connect, expand and inform the network, and issue a monthly bulletin to disseminate economic information.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)
To enable private sector organizations in Yemen to assess, analyze, and advocate for constituent needs and policy priorities. CIPE will partner with the Yemeni Polling Center members from each of the five largest chambers of commerce in Yemen on survey design, implementation, and analysis for use of poll results. The trainings will educate participants on how poll results can be a basis for formulating local and national business agendas, and how to advocate effectively among policymakers.

Civic Development Foundation (CDF)
To conduct a capacity-building and educational training course for 60 active youth representatives of leading Yemeni political parties to enhance their ability to play a more active role in political life. CDF will conduct a ten-month series of ten-day long courses consisting of theoretical and practical training to enhance their skills and understanding of leadership, democracy, human rights, and techniques for advancing youth roles in political participation.

Civic Democratic Initiatives Support Foundation (CDF)
To conduct a capacity-building and awareness program targeting Yemeni citizens and newly elected local council members in rural districts. CDF will train 400 local council members from 100 rural districts on cooperative and participatory planning, budgeting, transparency, and accountability. CDF will also conduct a citizen awareness campaign through radio programs and citizen dialogues with local council members in Taiz, Say’oon, Al Mokala, Hajjah, Al Hudaidah, and Aden.

Democracy School
To enable Yemeni youth leaders to play an active role in civil society reform and advocacy efforts. Democracy School will conduct a six-day training program for its 110 member Youth Council, made up of 10 policy focused committees. Participants will receive advanced training on strategic planning, project management, advocacy, and communication strategies to advance their respective committee agendas and meet twice for Youth Council sessions in February and July 2008.

National Institution for Defending Human Rights (HOOD)
To build a cadre of qualified human rights defenders to lead local efforts in five major Yemeni provinces. HOOD will conduct an intensive advanced human rights capacity building program for 40 lawyers, activists, and journalists from Ibb, Hadramawt, Dhammar, Hodeideh, and Sana’a. HOOD will facilitate the formation of these groups into Legal Assistance Groups (LAG)’s to conduct monitoring and following up on local human rights violations.

National Organization for Developing Society (NODS)
To provide local imams and women religious teachers ( murshidaat) in Taiz, Lahj, Al Dali’, Ibb, Aden, and Hudaidah with democracy, human rights and communication skills. NODS will train 12 imams and eight murshidaat on democracy, human rights, and interpretive methodologies for their application within an Islamic framework. Participants will then train 100 of their counterparts in five additional southern Yemeni governorates.

Sister’s Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF)
To lead a unified national campaign in support for women’s political participation and candidates in the 2009 parliamentary elections. SAF will initiate a network of 30 representatives of leading women’s groups, NGOs, journalists, and lawyers to hold a series of advocacy meetings with leading political party representatives and religious leaders, conduct a public awareness campaign exposing challenges to women candidates, and lobby for legislative electoral reform.

Yemeni Center for Human Rights Studies
To enhance political awareness and dialogue among young people in Aden in southern Yemen. The Yemen Center for Human Rights Studies will establish a Youth House—a local center that will provide 32 bi-weekly open seminars, workshops, and lectures on a range of democracy and human rights related topics for 320 local youth participants. The Center will also develop and produce nine monthly issues of a youth-run newsletter.

Yemen Polling Center (YPC)
To continue to provide scientific polling and research on important social, economic and political challenges facing Yemen. YPC will conduct two public opinion polls gauging awareness and driving factors of the policy making process and institutions in Yemen, at the governmental and public levels. The results will be analyzed, published, and announced through two conferences held in May and August 2007 and on its website

Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights (YOHR)
To promote public and governmental awareness of human rights and democratic reform conditions in Yemen. YOHR will conduct a year-long observation program in 10 major provinces. YOHR will also commission 25 researchers and experts to produce reports on the status of democracy and human rights in seven critical sectors to be published in its third annual human rights report.

Youth Leadership Development Foundation (YLDF)
To enable nascent Yemeni NGOs in Aden and Hodeideh provinces to play more effective roles in advancing human rights. YLDF will conduct an NGO Skills Development Program in human rights for 20 NGOs in Hodeideh and Aden, two major Yemeni provinces, and select one NGO from each province to receive mentoring, financial support, and advanced program training from YLDF to implement pilot human rights awareness projects in their communities.