Batsugar Tsedendamba

Combating Foreign Authoritarian Influence in Mongolia

Mr. Batsugar Tsedendamba is a Mongolian independent researcher and civil society activist, who currently serves as the Global Governance Steward for the Innovation for Change (I4C) Network, a global consortium of civil society organizations and think tanks working to promote human rights and advocacy through social innovation, research, and dialogue. He is also a core member of the Mongolian Civil Society Consortium, an informal network advocating for open civic space and fundamental freedoms. He is an advisor at the Independent Research Institute of Mongolia and served as its executive director in 2018–2019. He has conducted extensive research on governance, transparency, accountability, and fundamental freedom issues in Mongolia. In 2021 and 2022, he co-authored two reports for the Brookings Institution on strengthening beneficial ownership transparency laws in Mongolia. During his fellowship, Mr. Tsedendamba is examining the scope and extent of foreign authoritarian influence in Central Asia across a variety of domains, with a special focus on Mongolia. He plans to author a report that would aim to foster awareness and collaboration in promoting democratic resilience in the region.