Dolgion Aldar

Democracy and Inequality in Mongolia

Ms. Dolgion Aldar is a research professional focused on promoting evidence-based policy-making and social cohesion in Mongolia. She is a former CEO and current board member of the Independent Research Institute of Mongolia, one of Mongolia’s preeminent think tanks that promotes independent research and analysis of governance and social issues in the country. She also serves on the board of the Asia-Pacific Evaluation Association and is a member of the Social Well-Being Consortium in Asia and the EvalGender global network. For her dedication to promoting democratic governance in Mongolia, Ms. Aldar received the Asia Foundation’s Development Fellowship in 2018. During her fellowship, she intends to write a report on strengthening democratic ideals and values as they relate to equality in Mongolia. In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the democratic movement in Mongolia, and in recognition of the widening gaps between the rich and poor that may ultimately threaten democracy, Ms. Aldar hopes her report would serve to bolster the efforts of those committed to combating inequality and consolidating democracy in the country.