Gabor Scheiring

The Rise of Illiberalism: A Framework for Comparative Analysis

Dr. Gabor Scheiring is a political economist and democratic activist currently working as a research associate in the department of sociology at the University of Cambridge. He is also chairman of the Progressive Hungary Foundation, a think tank dedicated to progressive policy research and civic education. An active opposition figure in his country, Dr. Scheiring served as a member of the Hungarian parliament from 2010 and 2014. As an expert on the impact of economic change on health, identity, and democracy, he has authored multiple books and articles including “Globalisation and Health: A Multi-Level Cohort Study on the Gendered Mortality Effects of Foreign Investment and Prolonged State Ownership in Hungary” and “The Discrete Charm of the National Bourgeoisie: The Political Economy of Democratic Backsliding in Hungary”. During his fellowship, Dr. Scheiring is developing a comparative framework for examining the socioeconomic origins of the rise of illiberalism in Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland.