Maha Tambal

Enhancing Sudanese Youth Engagement in Combating Violent Extremism

Ms. Maha Tambal is a program manager at the Regional Center for Training and Development of Civil Society, a Khartoum-based nonprofit organization that focuses on building the capacity of civil society to, promote rule of law, democracy, justice, and develop effective youth political empowerment mechanisms. In this capacity, she led several national-level projects aimed at enhancing youth and young women’s contribution in political transformation and socioeconomic development at local levels. In 2017, she worked as a national consultant with UN WOMEN in Sudan, helping to develop a training module on Gender Mainstreaming in the Darfur Peace Process, which has been used by UN WOMEN for capacity building workshops in numerous communities. Ms. Tambal has notable experience in monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, and other technical skills to help promote peace, human rights, and democracy. During her fellowship, she plans to write a report examining the root causes of and drivers for Sudanese youth involvement in violent extremism, identifying mechanisms to strengthen youth engagement in combating violent extremism. In addition, she intends to identify most used hate speech terminologies and build an interactive platform that will provide space for youth and other stakeholders to better utilize social media to counter violent extremist narratives and ideologies.