Mr. Aung Moe Zaw

Mr. Aung Moe Zaw is chairperson of the Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS), a Burmese political party affiliated with the broader democracy movement for which he has worked as a presidium member for more than eight years. A student leader in the 1980s and key participant in the 1988 student uprising and subsequent campaign for the National League for Democracy, he was forced into exile soon after the 1990 elections. Aung Moe Zaw is a co-founder of the Forum for Democracy in Burma and the Student and Youth Congress of Burma. In 2002–2004, he served as general secretary of the National Council of the Union of Burma and in 2001–2004, as general secretary of the Democratic Alliance for Burma. During his fellowship, Aung Moe Zaw is researching the impact of foreign democracy aid in Burma through interviews with donors, grantees, and other stakeholders, with the goal of making recommendations concerning international support for democracy in Burma.


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