Mr. Hikmet Hadjy-zadeh

Mr. Hikmet Hadjy-zadeh is co-founder and president of the Far Centre for Economic and Political Research, a Baku-based think tank that conducts research on economic and political reform, press and religious freedoms, rule of law, and institutional strengthening aimed at deepening democracy in Azerbaijan.

He has previously served as Azerbaijan’s vice-premier and ambassador to Russia, and as a journalist, political party leader, and creator and webmaster of Democracy House (, the first online library of the social sciences in the Azeri language. He is the author of Democracy: A Long Way to Go (2001), an Azeri-language reader featuring classics of democracy and democratic reform, from Plato to Václav Havel.

During his fellowship, Mr. Haji-zada plans to examine the phenomenon of quasi-democratic regimes, using Azerbaijan as his primary case study. He would also plan to identify the reforms that would be needed to make countries democratic not merely in name but also in practice.


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