Mr. Malik Siraj Akbar

Mr. Malik Siraj Akbar is an award-winning Pakistani journalist who has risked his life covering enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, assaults on journalists, and other human rights violations, particularly in his native Balochistan. The founding editor of the Baloch Hal, Pakistan’s first online local newspaper, he has served as the Balochistan bureau chief of the Daily Times, Pakistan’s leading English-language newspaper (2006–2010), and as a Hubert Humphrey Fellow at Arizona State University (2010–2011). A recognized regional expert, he is the author of The Redefined Dimensions of the Baloch Nationalist Movement (2011), as well as numerous articles on press freedom, human rights, religious radicalism, and the war on terror in Pakistan. During his fellowship, Mr. Akbar is conducting a study of the threats facing defenders of democracy in Pakistan, focusing on the problem of enforced disappearances, attacks on journalists, and targeted killings of political leaders and human rights activists.  


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