Muhammad Ashif Entaz Rabi

Developing a Secure Online Forum for Free Expression in Bangladesh

Mr. Ashif Rabi is a Bangladeshi journalist, TV personality, radio jockey, and blogger working to strengthen civic engagement and freedom of expression in the face of rising extremism and state repression. He is the former editor of Bicchu, a satirical Bengali-language cartoon magazine, and has published numerous blogposts on a range of topics, including religious tolerance and cultural diversity. In 2011, Mr. Rabi started the Magic Movement, which sought to bring positive change to Bangladeshi society. Beginning in 2012, he served as a television anchor for the ATN News show “The Young Nite,” where he conducted interviews with youth on issues related to politics, employment, and freedom of expression. During his fellowship, he is exploring the creation of an online forum where Bangladeshi citizens may discuss political concerns without fear of persecution.