Mr. Titus Gwemende

Mr. Titus Gwemende currently serves as policy advisor to the Netherlands Foreign Affairs’ mission in Zimbabwe, where he is responsible for a multi-million dollar economic governance portfolio. He most recently served as acting executive director of programs at Transparency International Zimbabwe, where he coordinated research, advocacy, and capacity building programs in five southern African countries. As an anti-corruption activist, blogger, and whistleblower, he has highlighted cases of significant abuses of power and has mobilized thousands of Zimbabweans to speak out against corruption and bad governance. In recognition of his efforts to promote political accountability and human rights, including the rights of women and those living with HIV/AIDS, he earned a place in the 2011 List of Top 100 Most Influential Young People in Zimbabwe under 40. He was also a Draper Hills Fellow at Stanford University in 2011. During his Reagan-Fascell fellowship, Mr. Gwemende plans to examine the rise of corruption, misgovernance, and abuse of power within the pro-democracy movement in Zimbabwe and make recommendations for how to address the issue.