Ms. Abril Perez

Ms. Abril Perez is an election observation expert with the Grupo Cívico Ética y Transparencia, Nicaragua’s preeminent election-monitoring NGO, where she has worked on a wide range of projects: parallel vote counts; monitoring and analysis of campaign financing; and most recently, recruiting, training, and building a network of election monitors in preparation for Nicaragua’s November 2011 presidential elections. Currently, Ms. Perez also serves as a member of the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network. In 2009, she served in Bolivia as a long-term election observer with the Carter Center, conducting fieldwork and research on citizen participation, the media, and the role of the government in the run-up to the country’s national elections. In 2006, she served as a consultant to Transparency International on a comparative study of political financing in ten Latin American countries. During her fellowship, Ms. Perez is examining the experiences of election observers in countries whose governments place official restrictions on election observation. She plans to work on a training manual aimed at strengthening the efforts of domestic and international election observers working in restrictive political environments.


"Is Effective Election Observation Possible in Politically Restrictive Environments? Perspectives from Nicaragua," National Endowment for Democracy, June 27, 2012. View PowerPoint Presentation. View Event Highlights.