Ms. Simegnish Mengesha

The Effect of the ‘Anti-Terrorism Law’ on Ethiopian Media: A Case Study of Social Media

Ms. Simegnish Mengesha is a seasoned journalist, media consultant, and translator, who has served most recently as director of the Ethiopian Environment Journalists Association. An outspoken advocate for freedom of expression, she has worked extensively with foreign news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Voice of America, and the BBC, working with the international media to highlight stories the Ethiopian government would rather leave uncovered.  In 2005, she began working with the Sub-Saharan Informer and covered the political unrest following Ethiopia’s national elections that year. In 2012, she assisted U.S. photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair and the United Nations Population Fund to produce the award-winning documentary ‘Too Young to Wed.’ During her fellowship, Ms. Mengesha is assessing the impact of Ethiopia’s anti-terrorism law on the country’s media landscape, with a particular focus on social media.

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