Rodjaraeg Wattanapanit

Democratic Ideals through Critical Thinking and Debate-Training

Ms. Rodjaraeg Wattanapanit is a co-founder of Book Re:public, which promotes freedom of expression and fosters the free exchange of ideas by providing a space for public dialogues on social issues. A civil society activist for the past 25 years, she began her career with CARE International, working on a project to support livelihoods in northern Thailand. Since the country’s 2014 military coup, she has been summoned to and detained in military camps three times, and was a recipient of the U.S. Department of State’s Women of Courage Award in 2016. During her fellowship, Ms. Wattanapanit is developing a critical thinking and debate-training curriculum as a tool to improve Thai civil society leaders’ skills in interacting with target groups.