Yesenia Alvarez

Strengthening Democracy Through Civil Society and Public Policies for LGBTIQ+ People

Ms. Yesenia Alvarez is a lawyer and director of Instituto Político Para La Libertad, a Peruvian NGO that promotes freedom and democracy in Peru, Latin America, and the Caribbean, with a focus on youth political education, human rights, and limited government. A lawyer by training, she has, since 2008, directed a program called “Universidad de la Libertad,” which trains young people in Peru and Latin America in the values of liberty and democracy. She is the producer of the documentary “Cuba and the Elephants,” which contrasts the accomplishments claimed by the Cuban regime with the reality of life in Cuba. She is the co-author and co-editor of the 2021 book Libertad y Prejuicio (Liberty and Prejudice), which contains reflections on the defense of LGBTIQ+ rights. During her fellowship, Ms. Alvarez plans to conduct research and outreach on how best to advance equal rights for vulnerable populations. She will aim to write an essay proposing best practices in the formulation of public policies and strategies from civil society that can promote the democratic inclusion and help improve access to the recognition and protection of LGBTIQ+ rights in Peru.