Angola 2018

Civic Education and Human Rights in Rural Communities of Huila

Associacao Construindo Comunidades


To promote political tolerance in rural Angolan communities and human rights in Angola internationally. The group will empower communities to think beyond partisan lines. It will promote the emergence of an Angolan national identity, which has been lacking since the end of the civil war in 2002. The group will also advocate continent-wide for the respect of human rights in Angola.

Holding Parliament Accountable

National Counselling Centre


To deepen the population’s understanding of the Angolan parliament and hold parliamentarians accountable to citizens. The organization will attend parliamentary plenaries and observe the policy-making process. Subsequently, the grantee will publish monitoring reports in a local newspaper and coordinate public debates with local officials to inform the population on policymaking and political developments.

Promoting Democratic Principles and Defending Human Rights

Associacao Maos Livres


To strengthen the capacity of civil society to advocate for human rights in the provinces of Lunda Norte and Sul. The grantee will raise the awareness of non-governmental organizations and communities on the rights enshrined in the constitution and the international standards on democracy and human rights of which Angola is a party. The group will also create a network of local associations to foster knowledge sharing in the exercise of citizenship and participatory governance. Finally, the group will provide free legal aid to human rights defenders and journalists arrested for political purposes.

Promoting Peace and Political Tolerance in Benguela Province

Associacao OMUNGA


To promote peacebuilding following politically motivated communal violence during the 2018 elections. The group will organize a meeting of diverse youth civic leaders to design a peacebuilding strategy that will target affected communities. The group will also bring the communities and activists closer through “peace camps” and concerts. Moreover, the group will use street performance art to broadcast messages of peace and political tolerance.

Reporting on Corruption, Human Rights Abuses, and Disregard for the Rule of Law

Maka Angola


To enhance communication, freedom of expression, access to information and informed discussion in Angola. The grantee will improve its cybersecurity, continue reporting on Angolan governance and human rights, and provide legal opinions on matters of public interest. It will strive for innovation in its reporting, and sponsor legal counseling for a limited number of victims of human rights abuses and other injustices.

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