Angola 2019

Defending Fundamental Rights in the Lunda Provinces

Associacao Maos Livres


To better protect the local population from the abuses of the extractive industries. The grantee will instruct several civil society and community leaders on basic notions of human rights and the laws governing resource extraction. The grantee will encourage citizens to denounce injustices by organizing community debates and awareness sessions. It will also provide legal aid to human rights defenders and publish a study on the negative impact of the extractive industries in the mineral-rich Lunda provinces.

Encouraging Greater Dialogue Between Elected Officials and Youth

Friends of Angola


To bring parliamentarians closer to their constituents. The grantee will train a select group of youth leaders on how to build a climate of trust and mutual understanding and communicate their grievances effectively.  In addition to organizing numerous reflective conversations on Angola’s socioeconomic situation, the grantee will compile a list of all parliamentarians, which it will use to plan a series of town hall meetings in the capital, as well as two other provinces.

Mobilizing Women for the Local Elections

Plataforma Mulheres em Accao


To enhance women’s overall political participation and encourage their participation in the upcoming local elections as candidates. The grantee will mentor several women active in civil society, political parties, and the business community. In addition, the grantee will design and implement a social advocacy plan aimed at engaging various government institutions on the issue of women’s representation. The grantee will conduct an outreach campaign consisting of lectures and radio programs.

Promoting Freedom of Expression and of the Press

Observatorio da Imprensa e da Comunicacao


To spark a national debate on freedom of expression and of the press in Angola, the grantee will organize symposiums with journalists, youth leaders, and scholars, and invite each group to publish articles, studies, and interviews on its website. In addition to broadening its audience through partnerships with four independent media outlets, the grantee will release a book on the relationship between media and democracy in Angola.

Promoting Transparency in the Management of Public Funds

National Counselling Centre


To strengthen civil society’s capacity to promote transparency in the management of public funds in three critical municipalities, the grantee will first hold trainings on how to monitor the execution of public budgets, and then organize forums where stakeholders will discuss their expectations about planned state-funded projects. The grantee will document progress on the execution of these projects, and sponsor a radio program on development challenges in the targeted municipalities.

Reporting on Corruption, Human Rights Abuses, and Disregard for the Rule of Law

Maka Angola


To enhance freedom of expression, access to information, and public discourse in Angola, the grantee will strengthen its cybersecurity, continue reporting on governance and human rights issues, and provide legal opinions on proposed reforms for the public administration. It will strive for innovation in its reporting, and expand its range of investigations to cover large-scale corruption in the public health and educations sectors.

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