Burkina Faso 2019

Consolidating the Democratic Process and Advocating for Reforms

Centre d’Information et de Documentation Citoyennes


To promote citizen participation in local governance and elections. The organization will host three trainings on decentralization and governance principles. Each participant will develop a community action plan to raise awareness of these issues in their communities. Furthermore, the grantee will organize five citizen debates to discuss local governance issues and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. To share this information with a wider audience, the grantee will distribute brochures and host eight radio shows on the themes of political participation, local governance, and elections.

Promoting Human Security and Access to Justice

Centre pour la Qualite du Droit et la Justice


To protect human rights and foster access to justice in eastern Burkina Faso. The grantee will strengthen the capacity of civil society leaders to monitor security sector operations and document human rights violations. The organization will also train local leaders to provide legal assistance to victims of human rights violations. The grantee will produce a policy brief reflecting lessons learned and best practices in the monitoring of the security sector and will share it with government officials, security forces, and civil society of localities facing insecurity.

Strengthening Women and Girls’ Access to Elected Positions and Engagement in Peacebuilding Efforts

Beog Neere: Lendemain Meilleur


To promote women’s leadership in Burkina Faso and increase female participation in the 2020 elections. The organization will reinforce the capacity of women from the Boucle du Mouhoun, Center-West, and North regions. By training women on leadership skills, advocacy techniques and strategic communication using social media in the regions with the fewest women in elected positions, the grantee will empower women and promote gender equality in the political process. In addition, the organization will empower women leaders to engage in conflict prevention and resolution.

Strengthening Youths’ Access to Elected Positions

Association Burkinabe pour la Survie de l’Enfance


To promote youth political engagement in the democratic process, including their right to run for office. The organization will equip prominent youth local leaders and young political aspirants with skills to be active participants in politics. The organization will organize dialogue forums to discuss the importance of youth political participation in democratic consolidation and will conduct radio-based awareness campaigns to raise political awareness among young people ahead of the 2020 general elections.

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