Burundi 2018

Monitoring and Raising Awareness of Human Rights Violations

Human Rights


To raise awareness of the situation in Burundi. The group will write and share a series of reports on the current environment in Burundi with local, national, and international partners. Some of its members will also attend a capacity strengthening workshop. Finally, the organization will lead an international advocacy mission and collaborate with international institutions to address current issues in Burundi.

Promoting Political Stability and Good Governance

Parole et Action pour le Reveil des Consciences et l’Evolution des Mentalites


To raise the awareness of the Burundian population and authorities regarding the socio-economic and political situation in the country and to promote civil society’s role in democracy.  The organization will monitor appropriate indicators and report on them through press conferences, journal articles, and radio programs. The grantee will also hold a conference to promote the role of CSOs in democratic society and lobby the government to allow greater freedom for the organizations to operate.

Promoting the Protection of Human Rights in Burundi

Conflict Resolution


To strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in Burundi. The group will hold a training workshop for CSOs and lead an advocacy campaign to promote its work and results through the media and its website. The organization will also raise awareness of the importance of using social media for CSOs, and will convene partners for a strategy workshop.

Providing Legal Aid for the Prevention of Torture

Burundi Bridges to Justice


To provide legal assistance to detainees, prevent the use of torture as an investigative tool, and influence policy makers to enforce due process rights.  The grantee will provide legal aid to detainees and inform them of their legal rights. They will conduct monitoring visits to police holding cells. The organization will also provide training for defense lawyers and lobby government officials to respect due process rights.

Strengthening Freedom of Information in Burundi

Freedom of Information


To strengthen independent media reporting in Burundi. The project will build the capacity of its personnel to use technology, photo and video software, and social media. It will also extend the coverage of its news network to provide news reports in multiple languages and to improve its advocacy work.

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