Burundi 2019

Contributing to the Recovery of Democracy, Stability, and Good Governance

Civic Education


To raise awareness and educate Burundian citizens on the upcoming 2020 elections and to conduct monitoring of democratic norms, economics statistics, and the electoral environment.  The organization will host a large National Workshop on election issues and transparency.  The grantee will conduct a series of town halls to engage citizens on the importance of voting and launch an advocacy campaign on related issues.  Finally, they will host a post-election workshop to discuss the results and make recommendations for future elections.

Monitoring and Raising Awareness of Human Rights Violations

Human Rights


To raise awareness of the human rights situation in Burundi.  The grantee will support its network of 18 human rights monitors in each of the provinces of Burundi.  The monitors will write and share a series of reports with local, national, and international partners.  It will also lead an international advocacy mission and collaborate with international institutions to address current issues in Burundi.  Finally, it will report incidents of forced disappearances to a UN agency.

Preventing Ethnicity- Based Violence during  the 2020 Elections

Association Bonne Semence pour le Developpment et la Paix


To prevent ethnic-based violence during the 2020 campaign, the organization will engage 40 youth leaders to promote cross-cultural understanding and prevent radicalization along ethnic lines. The grantee will host cultural events to promote a culture of peace and cohabitation amongst the different ethnic groups.  Finally the organization will organize a campaign to promote peaceful and transparent elections and promote greater representation of women in national politics.

Promoting Human Rights and Supporting Human Rights Defenders in Exile

Human Rights


To promote human rights in Burundi and support civil society representatives in exile.  The grantee will monitor and release monthly reports on human rights violations.  The organization will also engage refugee communities and provide support to civil society representatives in exile.  Finally, the grantee will complete advocacy missions to raise international awareness about the human rights situation in Burundi.

Strengthening Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information


To strengthen independent media reporting in Burundi, the organization will build the capacity of its personnel to use technology, videos, and social media to highlight issues in Burundi and of Burundian refugees. The partner will hire additional staff members to extend the coverage of its news network, to provide news reports in multiple languages, and to improve its advocacy work.

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