Cameroon 2018

Facilitating Efficient Elections and a Responsible Choice of Leaders

Association Internationale Kofi Annan pour la Promotion et la Protection des Droits de l’Homme et la Paix


To contribute to an efficient 2018 presidential election in Cameroon. The group will facilitate access to voter cards. It will also train and deploy a group of educators to promote youth participation in the elections. The group will also deploy electoral observers and conduct parallel voting tabulation in the West Province to fight electoral fraud. Throughout the electoral calendar, the group will conduct an intensive civic education campaign to reduce voter apathy and promote a large turnout ahead of the presidential and general elections.

Fostering Youth’s Active Engagement in Political Affairs

The Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All


To foster the inclusion of youth in the electoral process and public affairs of Cameroon and enhance freedom of expression and democratic unity. The group will facilitate trainings and consultations of young community leaders to tackle the Francophone-Anglophone crisis. The group will also deploy observers in strategically targeted provinces to document and denounce any irregularities at polling stations. Additionally, the organization will advocate to reduce the voting age from 20 to 18 years old through its VOTE 18 campaign.

Promoting Social Cohesion and Electoral Preparedness in the Southwest and Northwest Regions of Cameroon

Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa


To promote social cohesion between Anglophone and Francophone Cameroonians. The grantee will educate youth in Anglophone regions on using social media to mobilize communities and reduce hate speech. They will hold town hall meetings to encourage women’s political participation and address any concerns they have related to the Anglophone crisis or local governance issues. During a series of discussions with Anglophone leaders, it will promote dialogue with the central government. They will also organize a meeting with members of the Anglophone diaspora in Washington.

Strengthening Freedom of Information Ahead of Elections in 2018

Association pour le Developpement Integre et la Solidarite Internationale


To facilitate access to public data and information ahead of the electoral period and improve citizens’ contributions to public accountability following elections. The group will observe and publish live updates of the elections on its website. It will also launch a Communal Digital Platform tool for communities to work alongside their elected officials for better management of public projects.

Supporting Youth’s Political Participation and Monitoring of the 2018 Electoral Calendar

Un Monde Avenir


To strengthen the participation and integration of Cameroon’s youth in the 2018 elections. The grantee will unite youth leaders in civil society and political parties around electoral debates through citizen forums. It will also train and deploy 350 young electoral observers to conduct parallel voting tabulation during the presidential elections. Moreover, the grantee will facilitate “anti-electoral fraud” caravans traveling throughout Douala to monitor and denounce electoral fraud during political campaigns.

Surveying Public Opinion Ahead of Elections and Nurturing Emerging Political Leaders

Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation


To amplify the voices of Cameroonian citizens and promote civic engagement. The grantee will conduct a national public opinion survey on democratic and governance challenges as Cameroon prepares for presidential elections this year. They will design short videos to share citizens’ stories and concerns with a wider audience. The project will also train a group of 25 emerging leaders on public service, policy analysis, and engagement.

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