Cameroon 2019

Engaging Key Stakeholders in the Promotion of Civil and Political Rights

Action des Chretiens pour l’Abolition de la Torture – Littoral


To engage key stakeholders in the monitoring and evaluation of public policies’ impacts on civil and political rights and promote cross-sector collaboration.  The organization will hold a series of five workshops targeting elected officials, judicial sector representatives, traditional leaders, CSO representatives, and a cross-sector seminar to engage them on policies affecting civil and political rights in Cameroon. Finally, the organization will establish a platform to encourage cross-sector collaboration and coordination in address these concerns.

Fostering Youth’s Active Engagement in Political Affairs

The Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All – NewSETA


To foster the inclusion of youth in Cameroonian public affairs and promote freedom of expression during the electoral process, the organization will continue their REPAIR workshops to engage 40 youth leaders in public affairs and promote peace in their communities. The grantee will host a meeting with youth leaders and MPs to discuss the adoption of laws that promote the rights of young Cameroonians. Finally, the organization will continue its advocacy for the VOTE18 campaign to lower the voting age.

Promoting an Inclusive National Dialogue for a Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts

Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation


To engage citizens and promote an inclusive national dialogue for a peaceful resolution of conflicts in Cameroon.  The grantee will host a series of public dialogues to allow citizens and influential leaders to express concerns and discuss compromise solutions to the Anglophone crisis.  The organization will produce a docuseries on the history and impact of the crisis.  Finally, the grantee will host a capacity-building workshop for 50 young peace advocates.

Promoting Youth Advocacy and Reducing Radicalization in the

Anglophone Regions

Movement for Democracy, Development and Transparency Cameroon


To promote youth activism and mobilize youth to advocate for an inclusive dialogue, ceasefire, and a peaceful resolution of the Anglophone crisis. The organization will hold a series of youth engagement events at schools and chiefdoms across the Anglophone regions.  The group will hold a roundtable with key stakeholders to identify a compromise solution to end the violence.  Finally, they will launch a social media campaign to engage citizens and prevent youth radicalization and violence from propaganda.

Supporting Access to Information in the Anglophone Regions

Association pour le Developpement Integre et la Solidarite Internationale


To promote access to information and independent media in the Anglophone regions, the grantee will host meetings with key stakeholders to establish a mechanism to collect and disseminate information. The organization will host a training to oppose false news reporting on the crisis. Finally, they will lobby National Assembly members to adopt an access to information and public data law.

Supporting the Restoration and Consolidation of Peace in the Anglophone Regions

Association Internationale Kofi Annan pour la Promotion et la Protection des Droits de l’Homme et la Paix


To contribute to the restoration of a lasting peace and to promote good governance in the Northwest, Southwest, and West regions.  The organization will identify and train 300 youth peacebuilding volunteers to engage their communities on the costs of conflicts and how to prevent them.  The grantee will engage with elected officials, host community dialogues, and sponsor citizen forums to discuss conflict prevention methods.  Finally, the group will establish a conflict early warning system to prevent conflicts before they become a serious threat.

Supporting Youth’s Political Participation and Monitoring of the 2019 Electoral Calendar

Un Monde Avenir


To strengthen the participation and integration of Cameroon’s youth in the 2019 elections. The group will unite youth leaders in civil society and political parties around political debates through citizen forums. The organization will also train and deploy 350 young electoral observers to conduct parallel voting tabulation during the legislative elections. Additionally, the grantee will facilitate “anti-electoral fraud” caravans traveling throughout Douala to monitor and denounce electoral fraud during political campaigns.

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