Central African Republic 2019

Building Civil Society’s Capacity to Improve Governance in the City of Bangui

Initiative pour la Democratie et le Developpement Durable


To promote a dialogue between civil society and authorities in Bangui. The grantee will train several representatives of civil society organizations and hold exchange sessions to encourage them to work in synergy. It will convene working sessions involving national and local government officials and hold quarterly press conferences to unveil the outcome of the working sessions.

Preventing the Spread of Hate Speech and Supporting the Involvement of Youth in the Implementation of the National Recovery and Peacebuilding Plan

Association Uru


To reinforce collaboration between the government and youth and prevent the spread of hate speech. The grantee will host workshops uniting youth from diverse backgrounds against divisive hate speech. To support this initiative, the grantee will undertake a public awareness campaign, including the posting of informational posters and a yearlong radio program. The grantee will also host trainings for government officials and youth leaders to ensure that youth continue to be active and represented in civic life, governance, and the peace consolidation process.

Promoting Urban Youth Involvement in the Electoral Process

Alliance pour la Renaissance Centrafricaine


To maximize youth participation in the 2020 general elections, the grantee will train youth leaders from civil society and political parties, and then supervise an election awareness campaign that will feature neighborhood talks, sports tournaments and theatrical performances. The grantee will also run a social media page focused on stimulating the youth voter turnout and warning youths against political manipulation during the electoral period.

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