Congo, Democratic Republic 2018

Educating Citizens on Principles of Democracy

Cercle des Droits de l’Homme et de Developpement


To promote respect for the rule of law and democratic values throughout the population. The grantee will organize numerous conferences and theatrical performances in three cities. Throughout the duration of the project, the grantee will monitor the state of democracy and the extent to which Congolese participate in civic life before publishing the findings in a report.

Fighting Against Impunity for State Brutality

Commission Diocesaine Justice et Paix – Pointe Noire


To fight against impunity for state brutality in the department of Pointe Noire. The grantee will work with an anti-impunity task force consisting of ten lawyers and train members of its parish committees on investigation techniques for human rights violations. It will also sponsor an anti-impunity radio program that will educate citizens on how to file legal complaints against perpetrators of state brutality.

Promoting Good Governance, Democratic Values, and the Rule of Law

Mouvement pour la Culture Citoyenne


To enhance democratic consciousness in Congo-Brazzaville. The grantee will produce a collection of skits inspired by its manual on civic values. The skits will cover numerous themes, such as corruption, impunity, disregard for fundamental liberties, flaws within the judicial system, and repeated violations of the Congolese constitution.  It will broadcast the skits on popular local television channels in the country’s main urban centers.

Safeguarding Freedom of Expression and Information

Human Rights Television


To broadcast accurate and impartial information regarding economic, social, and political challenges in Congo-Brazzaville. The grantee will launch an online news channel independent of the Congolese government. This channel will broadcast several programs designed to provide a safe and neutral platform for citizens to share their thoughts on Congo’s political atmosphere and socioeconomic situation.

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