Congo, Democratic Republic 2019

Another Documentary To Counter Impunity

Human Rights


To highlight the negative impact of impunity on the consolidation of democracy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the grantee will produce a documentary film covering some of the darkest moments of the 2018 pre-election turmoil and ongoing efforts towards solving various cases of political violence. The film will also feature testimonies from government officials, judicial authorities, youth activists, scholars, and the families of victims.

Building Civil Society’s Capacity to Strengthen State Institutions

Dynamique Intergenerationnelle pour la Democratie en Afrique


To help civil society strengthen public institutions in the aftermath of the electoral cycle, the grantee will lead a new consortium of civil society organizations and organize a symposium devoted to governance reforms in the Congo. The grantee will also launch a campaign for judicial reforms, and undertake initiatives aimed at boosting the political participation of marginalized groups.

Defending Press Freedom during the Electoral Cycle

Observatoire de la Liberte de la Presse en Afrique


To defend press freedom during the electoral cycle. The grantee will investigate abuses against independent journalists, publish statements on its website, and monitor the trials of journalists. It will also provide free legal aid, maintain an emergency line for journalists in danger, convene a two-day meeting on journalism ethics, hold a workshop on the role and challenges of digital journalism, and organize press forums on the electoral process.

Defending the Rights of Rural Communities in Kasai Oriental

Collectif pour le Developpement Economique, Social et Culturel Integre


To reinforce the capacity of rural civil society organizations to defend the rights of their communities and improve the accountability of public officials. The grantee will develop a network of human rights campaigners in 12 municipalities in Kasai-Oriental Province. After the trainings, these campaigners will utilize mobile technology to document and report human rights violations from their various localities and will facilitate collaboration between civil society, local populations, and elected officials to reduce political violence and human rights violations.

Defending the Civil, Human, and Political Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Federation Nationale des Associations des Personnes Vivant avec Handicap du Congo


To defend the civil, human, and political rights of persons with disabilities. The grantee will organize several advocacy meetings with relevant officials and closely monitor the government’s compliance to international standards related to the treatment of persons with disabilities. In addition to organizing awareness symposiums for business executives, the grantee will mobilize thousands of persons with disabilities to participate in the electoral process through public conferences, town hall meetings, and radio and television programs.

Empire of Silence

Human Rights


To persuade domestic and international actors to end the long cycle of conflict and impunity in the Congo, the grantee will produce a documentary film that will not only cover recent outbreaks of violence, but also reveal various aspects of the United Nations Mapping Report, which describes 617 serious cases of violations of international law and human rights that occurred between 1994 and 2004.

Encouraging Youth Engagement in the Democratic Process

Espace Inter Plate-Formes des Jeunes


To promote youth engagement in the democratic process in Kinshasa Province, the grantee will organize multiple town hall meetings on the need to prevent the political manipulation of youth before and during the local elections. The grantee will also supervise an awareness campaign, which will include a peaceful march and a free concert aimed at stressing the role of youth in ensuring a stable post-election environment.

Engaging Citizen Movements to Support a Transparent Electoral Process

Initiative Congolaise pour la Justice et la Paix


To reinforce the capacities of citizen movements and to promote a peaceful electoral process. The grantee will organize workshops to discuss the philosophy of citizen movements as well as a series of follow-up sessions. Trainings convening civil society and members of citizen movements will inform the population of updates in the electoral process and reinforce non-violence. They will also produce monthly reports of human rights violations and host educational radio programs throughout the project.

Engaging Youth to Promote Human Rights, Good Governance, and Peace in South Kivu

Karibu Jeunesse Nouvelle Bukavu


To promote good governance and respect for human rights in South Kivu, the grantee will engage musicians and comedians from the region to highlight human rights and governance issues in the DRC.  The organization will host their fifth annual festival to perform selected works and promote their message among Congolese youth.  Finally, the organization will release quarterly reports documenting human rights abuses.

Enhancing Citizen Oversight of Government Action in Kasai-Oriental and Lomami

Centre d’Etude et de Formation Populaire


To help citizens monitor the implementation of public policies in the provinces of Kasai-Oriental and Lomami, the grantee will train local community leaders on participatory budgeting and policy formulation. The grantee will also establish a community coordination committee, and assist civil society in preparing and proposing development projects that reflect that most urgent needs in the targeted communities.

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Elections in Kinshasa and Kikwit

Reseau d’Education Civique au Congo


To promote good governance and maximize citizen participation in the upcoming elections. The grantee will organize town hall meetings in Kinshasa and Kwilu provinces. It will also endorse new public policies, host community assessments on governance and elections, launch a far-reaching election awareness campaign, collect information on different steps of the electoral process, and frequently engage the electoral commission and prospective candidates on issues at hand.

Enhancing Youth Involvement in Decision-Making in Kisangani and Bunia

Actions pour la Justice, le Developpement et les Droits Humains


To create opportunities for youth to hold authorities accountable in Kisangani and Bunia. The grantee will hold several information sessions for local youth activists in both cities. It will gather representatives of youth associations and local government institutions at roundtables where they will debate the need to develop youth-sensitive policies. It will also undertake advocacy missions to further discuss the implementation of the recommended policies.

Increasing Youth’s Involvement in the Democratic Process in Equateur Province

Cadre de Concertation des Jeunes pour les Elections Apaisees a l’Equateur


To support the democratization process, guarantee the respect of human rights, and improve local governance. The grantee will bring together youth leaders, government officials, and citizens through a series of round tables and reflection sessions. Through honest dialogue, participants will identify successes and challenges from the 2018 elections and collaboratively identify ways to improve the electoral process. The grantee will then undertake a public awareness campaign and monitor implementation of the agreed upon initiatives in anticipation of the upcoming local elections.

Monitoring Human Rights and Government Action in Former Orientale Province

Groupe Lotus


To enhance relations between civil society and government officials. The grantee will hold several trainings, roundtables, forums, and town hall meetings with the participation of both groups. In addition to investigating human rights abuses during and after the electoral period, the grantee will frequently publish a pamphlet and special reports on the human rights situation. It will also air radio programs on the latest democratic challenges, and engage local authorities through regular meetings.

Preventing Human Rights Abuses and Protecting Civilians

Solidarite sans Frontiere


To improve the capacity of local officials and security forces to protect the population of North Kivu. The group will train judicial authorities in three territories regarding national and international human rights laws. The group will also coordinate local protection committees in the target areas to monitor activities of armed groups in North Kivu and report human rights abuses. Finally, the grantee will host forums and roundtables to create dialogue between civilians and security forces and monitor the rights of detained persons.

Promoting Credible and Peaceful Elections

Agir pour des Elections Transparentes et Apaisees


To strengthen civil society’s capacity to monitor the electoral process. The grantee will organize several stakeholder workshops, engage in advocacy activities, and conduct fact-finding missions in key provinces. In addition to training and deploying election observers, the grantee will implement an awareness campaign consisting of televised talk shows, candidate debates, a documentary, and a play on democratic alternation of power.

Promoting Good Governance and Accountability in North Kivu

Centre de Recherche sur l’Environnement, la Democratie et les Droits de l’Homme


To promote active citizenship and promote government responsibility, the organization will host a series of workshops with key stakeholders to engage them on the responsibility of elected officials. The grantee will form advocacy panels to meet with elected officials and promote good governance and decentralization. Finally, the organization will monitor the upcoming local and municipal elections.

Promoting Good Governance and Respect for Human Rights in the Post-Election Period

La Voix des Sans-Voix pour les droits de l’homme


To prevent human rights violations in five provinces, the grantee will collect citizen grievances at town hall meetings and establish local human rights monitoring committees in the targeted localities. The grantee will publish its findings on human rights abuses, and observe the trials of pro-democracy activists. Lastly, the grantee will help citizens hold newly elected officials accountable for their actions through symposiums focused on campaign promises.

Promoting Good Governance, Democracy, and Human Rights in North Kivu

Association d’Appui aux Initiatives de la Paix et le Developpement


To engage the farmer population of North Kivu in the electoral process and prevent electoral violence. The organization will host a series of workshops to train farmers on electoral laws in the DRC.  They will host public forums for citizens to engage with CENI and other elected officials to discuss their political and human rights during elections.  Finally, the group will monitor the elections and report on allegations of fraud.

Promoting Good Local Governance and Citizen Participation in South Kivu

Femmes Artisanes de la Paix


To support citizens and local leaders to promote good governance, the grantee will conduct a baseline survey of governance challenge in Uvira and hold trainings with CSOs and local government officials to address them.  The organization will host a series of trainings and launch an advocacy campaign on combatting fraud and corruption. Finally, the grantee will coordinate an open-door day with local officials to discuss governance challenges and ways to improve public services for citizens.

Promoting Greater Scrutiny of Government Actions

Accountability and Governance


To spread ideas on ways to strengthen democratic governance, the project will administer a social network through which citizens will express their concerns openly and engage in constructive conversations with sympathetic authorities. The project will also conduct trainings on how to use the social network strategically, before supervising a series of town hall meetings where youth activists will debate the most pressing governance issues affecting the country.

Promoting Human Rights and Democratic Governance in Tshopo Province

Groupement d’Organisations Villageoises d’Auto-Developpement


To help citizens defend their fundamental rights. The grantee will organize human rights and governance-focused brainstorming sessions for community journalists, specialized workshops for local authorities, and launch an awareness campaign that will include educational conversations, radio programs, and sporting activities. It will also open a community library in order to give its targeted populations access to the relevant documentation for their fight against impunity.

Promoting Human Rights, Good Governance, and Credible Elections in Urban and Rural Communities

Ligue Congolaise pour la Paix, les Droits de l’Homme et les Elections


To promote respect for human rights and good governance in urban and rural communities. The grantee will conduct investigations and organize town hall meetings and roundtables bringing together citizens and all relevant officials. The grantee will also promote free and fair elections by holding several election-focused workshops and conducting a major awareness campaign that will include trainings, symposiums, forums, and audiovisual programs.

Promoting Peace and Social Cohesion amongst Congolese Youth

Benevolat pour l’Enfance


To engage Congolese youth in the consolidation of peace and social cohesion building in the eastern DRC. The organization will conduct an analysis of the roles youth play in the conflicts in the DRC and conduct a series of workshops to address these issues. The grantee will also form Youth Committees for Peace and Social Cohesion that will advocate for peace and development in their communities rather than violence. Finally, the organization will host dialogues with youth leaders and local authorities.

Promoting Respect for Human Rights during the Electoral Cycle

Ligue des Electeurs


To educate voters on their human rights. The grantee will train several civil society and community leaders in cities encompassing seven provinces of the DRC, before tasking them with conducting awareness sessions in their respective localities. The grantee will also document human rights violations committed throughout the electoral cycle, and unveil the findings through comprehensive reports, and radio and television programs.

Protecting Human and Political Rights in Equateur and Tshuapa

Commission Diocesaine Justice et Paix (CDJP)


To prevent human rights violations and enhance dialogue between local authorities and their constituents in Equateur and Tshuapa Provinces. The grantee will organize a series of workshops and town hall meetings to align the priorities of newly elected officials and their constituents, specifically concerning human rights issues. In addition, the grantee will conduct a series of radio programs and advocacy campaigns in order to raise public awareness and prepare the population for the upcoming local elections.

Restoring Social Cohesion in Tshangu District

Ligue des Femmes pour le Developpement et l’Education a la Democratie


To help mitigate post-election conflict in Kinshasa’s Tshangu District, the grantee will instruct hundreds of youth activists on conflict mediation and resolution techniques, before holding a series of citizen forums during which youths will voice their expectations from the new government. The grantee will also organize several screenings of documentaries highlighting the experiences of countries that overcame the same social fragmentation challenges currently faced in the DRC.

Strengthening Citizen Participation in Local Governance in Kwilu Province

Oeuvres Communautaires pour l’Auto-Promotion


To enhance citizen participation in local governance, the grantee will hold trainings on participatory governance and democratic governance investigation techniques, and convene town hall meetings in the targeted localities. In addition to organizing a campaign on peaceful cohabitation, the grantee will establish multiple local governance oversight groups and help the targeted populations identify suitable candidates for the local elections.

Strengthening Citizens’ Capacity to Promote Security and Justice Sector Reform

Reseau pour la Reforme du Secteur de Securite et de Justice


To strengthen civil society’s capacity to monitor the government‘s work on security and justice sector reform, the grantee will organize multiple town hall meetings, citizen forums, and conferences in eleven cities of the DRC. The grantee will also publish reports containing citizen opinions on security and justice sector reform and hold meetings with members of parliament assigned to committees working on this issue.

Supporting Active Citizen Participation and Building the Capacity of Newly Elected MPs

Centre d’Appui a l’Education et au Developpement Communautaire


To promote collaboration between civil society, members of parliament, and the population to ensure peaceful and democratic elections. The grantee will host a series of trainings designed to promote and augment collaboration between various political groups.  Topics discussed will include communication, advocacy and lobbying, and unified messaging.  The grantee will also organize public forums to promote interaction and dialogue between citizens and their elected officials. A series of radio programs will inform citizens of updates in the electoral process.

Supporting Citizen – Led Democracy Promotion Efforts

Congo Peace Network


To engage youth in a peaceful electoral process and promote respect for human rights. The organization will create youth pro-democracy clubs in the cities of Kisangani and Kindu.  The grantee will hold a series of workshops to build the capacity of youth to mobilize and pressure the government to hold peaceful and democratic elections through a campaign called Uchaguzi, or “elections” in Swahili.  Finally, the organization will supply the club offices with computers and a small library to facilitate research and further advocacy.

Supporting Freedom of the Press During the Electoral Process

Journalistes pour la Promotion de la Democratie et des Droits Humains


To strengthen the capacity of journalists to report objectively and safely during a tense electoral period and to promote peaceful elections in South Kivu Province. The organization will improve the understanding of media practitioners on ethical and safe electoral coverage. The grantee will also engage with government officials to advocate for increasing protections for journalists.  Finally, the organization will continue publishing articles on the election and democratic principles on their website.

Supporting Non-Violent Advocacy by Women’s Groups

Actions et Initiatives de Developpement pour la Protection de la Femme et de l’Enfant


To build the capacity of women’s groups in the DRC to advocate for their rights. The organization will expand and train their existing network of women’s groups to take non-violent actions to improve respect for women’s rights in the country. The group will host a gender forum to discuss ways to increase rights for women, and engage security forces in an effort to improve protections for women and children.

Using Social Media to Promote Youth Engagement in the Political Process

Misere, Sors!


To promote youth participation in the election as both voters and candidates, the grantee will identify 75 young candidates running in the upcoming local elections.  The grantee will hold capacity-building workshops for the candidates and conduct monthly check-ins to assist with their campaign strategy.  The organization will host radio debates and promote good governance as an essential quality of candidates.  Finally, the grantee will coordinate an election observation mission in North Kivu.

Defending Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Observatoire Congolais des Droits de l’Homme


To promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Congo-Brazzaville, the grantee will conduct investigations, sponsor radio programs, and release its annual reports on the country’s human rights situation. The grantee will campaign for a peaceful 2021 presidential election process through the release of a short film on violence during the previous electoral cycle.

Preventing Repression During the Next Electoral Process

Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l’Homme


To better inform Congolese and international public opinion on the wave of repression associated with the 2015 constitutional referendum and the 2016 presidential election, the grantee will sponsor several screenings of a documentary highlighting human rights violations during that period. The grantee will also help Congolese civil society prevent further political violence during the 2021 presidential election by organizing conferences and private discussions on the subject.

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