Côte d’Ivoire 2018

Curbing Violence among Ivorian Youth Through Political Enfranchisement

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To mitigate prospects of youth frustration with political processes turning violent. The institute will encourage effective participation through supporting two youth local campaigns to reduce the youth gap in voter registration. It will also assist political party youth wings leaders to effectively engage their party structures.

Defending Human Rights in State-Owned Classified Forests

Regroupement des Acteurs Ivoiriens des Droits Humains


To consolidate social cohesion ahead of the national elections. The grantee will train several awareness facilitators and establish committees to monitor intercommunal conflict. It will promote respect for human rights in inhabited public forests through additional trainings and advocacy meetings with the relevant authorities. The grantee will also undertake an investigative mission to document incidents of abuse.

Increasing Youth Participation in Electoral Processes

Plateforme des Organisations de la Societe Civile pour l’Observation des Elections en Cote d’Ivoire


To maximize youth participation in local, regional, and national elections. The grantee will hold numerous trainings on the importance of voting and the appropriate steps toward obtaining the right to vote. The grantee will also organize a major awareness campaign aimed at boosting voter registration levels in three localities where youth registration levels are below the national average.

Preventing Electoral Conflict and Promoting Democracy Education for Youth

ONG Espoir-Vie


To promote peaceful elections and youth political participation. The grantee will create a network of youth organizations focused on civic engagement.  The grantee will host a workshop on youth political participation and create youth democracy clubs in local high schools. Members of these clubs will host follow-up sessions and community awareness campaigns on civic engagement and the importance of peaceful elections. Awareness campaigns on non-violence will be held in schools. Radio shows, text messages, and leaflets will share this information with the public.

Promoting Political Tolerance for National Reconciliation

Centre de Recherche Politique d’Abijan


To reinforce social cohesion in the pre-electoral period. The grantee will host informational workshops discussing the principles of national reconciliation and social cohesion. The grantee will also organize workshops focusing on promoting social cohesion and preventing violence. The grantee will also convene members of civil society and journalists and will gather judicial authorities to discuss the importance of respecting human rights in the electoral process. A white paper outlining a national reconciliation strategy will be presented to the President.

Strengthening Women’s Capacity to Consolidate Democracy



To strengthen women’s participation in the democratic process in anticipation of the 2020 elections. The grantee will train women leaders, conduct a study on women’s political participation, and launch an awareness campaign on civic duty and social cohesion. The grantee will also provide legal aid to hundreds of undocumented women to enable them to register to vote.