Côte d’Ivoire 2019

Defending Human Rights in State-Owned Classified Forests

Regroupement des Acteurs Ivoiriens des Droits Humains


To consolidate social cohesion ahead of the national elections. The grantee will train several awareness facilitators and establish committees to monitor intercommunal conflict. It will promote respect for human rights in inhabited public forests through additional trainings and advocacy meetings with the relevant authorities. The grantee will also undertake an investigative mission to document incidents of abuse.

Promoting Inclusive and Peaceful Elections through the Use of ICTs

Forum de la Societe Civile de l’Afrique de l’Ouest de Cote d’Ivoire


To foster informed women and youth’s participation in peaceful elections. The organization will develop a mobile application to mobilize youth and women and increase their knowledge about the electoral process. The organization will also conduct a digital creation contest and online and field outreach to encourage peaceful conduct during the presidential election. In addition, the organization will host a forum to encourage the digitalization of the electoral system.

Strengthening Civil Society’s Monitoring Capacity of Parliamentary Activities

Observatoire Ivoirien des Droits de l’Homme


To enhance citizen control of the National Assembly’s work. The organization will engage civil society leaders with National Assembly members on strategies to effectively check and balance the power of the Executive and encourage parliamentarians to initiate legislation. The partner will also monitor the parliamentary sessions and will share its analysis of the sessions with citizens. The organization will equip CSO leaders with skills to monitor the legislative process and to challenge laws that fail to comply with the constitution.

Strengthening Local Actors’ Capacity in Human Rights Promotion and Electoral Processes for Peaceful Elections

Conseil National des Droits de l’Homme


To strengthen human rights investigative and electoral monitoring capacity and contribute to peaceful elections in Cote d’Ivoire. The organization will train regional human rights commissioners and local actors including civil society and traditional leaders to better investigate and document human rights violations during the electoral period, and promote civic participation and peaceful rhetoric. In addition, the grantee will produce and distribute guides on how to protect human rights and to monitor and report human rights violations during the election period.

Strengthening Women’s Capacity to Consolidate Democracy and Peace



To encourage greater participation of women in the democratic process in anticipation of the 2020 elections and in the national reconciliation process. The grantee will train several women leaders on the electoral process, conduct a study on women’s political participation, and launch an awareness campaign on women’s leadership and social cohesion. To maximize its impact, the grantee will also encourage participants to engage in women’s capacity building and empowerment-related work.

Strengthening Youth Leadership to Mitigate the Risk of Electoral Violence

Actions pour la Protection des Droits de l’Homme


To strengthen youth’s resistance to political manipulation and violence and to promote their peaceful participation in the electoral process. The organization will train youth leaders on democratic values, the electoral process and social cohesion to enhance their peacebuilding agency and conflict prevention capacities. The grantee will also conduct awareness-raising programs to encourage non-violent behaviors. In addition, the organization will create a youth-led violence-monitoring unit to monitor potential cases of violence and report them to authorities. The grantee will also train youth on traditional mechanisms of conflict resolution.

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