Eritrea 2017

Building Capacity for Independent Media

Reporters Without Borders


To strengthen the organizational capacity and ensure long-term sustainability of independent media. The organization will assist with the recruiting and training financial and administrative staff, supporting the development of a strategic work plan, and recruiting new board members to support overall capacity.


Eritrean Youth Peace and Conflict Management

Forum for National Dialogue


To enhance the capacity of young Eritreans in the diaspora to engage in the long-term development of democracy in Eritrea. The organization will conduct trainings on and disseminate information about human rights, youth in peacebuilding, leadership, strategic communications, intergenerational dialogue and mobilization, constitutionalism, and developing and managing accountable governing institutions.


Human Rights Program

Human Rights Concern – Eritrea


To increase awareness of the human rights struggle in Eritrea. The organization will engage with key international and regional human rights bodies and raise awareness on human rights issues affecting Eritreans inside and outside Eritrea.


The Role of Eritrean Civil Society for Democratic Renewal in Eritrea

Eritrean Global Solidarity LLC


To increase solidarity and understanding among Eritreans in the diaspora and share ideas and solutions on long-term transformation in Eritrea. The grantee will hold a two-day conference for activists and intellectuals, who will present papers and participate on panels. It will present a final report with recommendations.

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