Eritrea 2018

Building Capacity for Independent Media

Reporters Without Borders


To strengthen the organizational capacity and ensure long-term sustainability of independent media. The organization will assist with the recruiting and training of financial and administrative staff, supporting the development of a strategic work plan, recruiting new board members to support overall capacity and editorial independence and expanding its reporting and listenership.

Building Democracy in Eritrea

Eritrea Focus


To increase cooperation among Eritrean activists in the diaspora to advance democracy. The organization will organize a two-day conference to provide a forum for key Eritrean activists in the U.S. and European diaspora, senior Eritrean intellectuals, and representatives of the international community to discuss democratic reform recommendations and steps required for their implementation.

Human Rights Program for Eritrea

Human Rights Concern – Eritrea


To increase awareness of the human rights struggle in Eritrea. The organization will document and report on human rights trends and abuses in the country and engage with key international human rights bodies, government officials, and other relevant stakeholders to raise awareness on human rights issues affecting Eritreans inside and outside Eritrea and advocate for the implementation of UN recommendations to end such abuses.

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