Enhancing Women’s Political Participation and Representation

Women and Law in Southern Africa – Swaziland


To enhance women’s representation in decision-making processes in Swaziland. The organization will train its nationwide network of paralegals to strengthen the leadership and technical capacity of women to participate as active citizens, voters, and political candidates. The organization will also engage with traditional and elected leaders and coordinate civil society advocacy efforts towards legislative reforms promoting gender equality.

Monitoring Media Coverage of Swaziland’s Elections

Media Institute of Southern Africa – Swaziland


To promote media diversity, access to information, and inclusive citizen participation in Swaziland’s 2018 elections. The project will inform and monitor the conduct of the electoral commission and media sector. The grantee will organize dialogues and workshops to train electoral commissioners, media professionals, and civil society on best practices for voter education and election coverage, while continuing to advocate for increased press freedom and the enactment of access to information legislation.

Supporting Grassroots Democracy



To strengthen the capacity of grassroots activists to demand more accountable and responsive governance in Eswatini. The organization will mentor community-based organizations and activists to carry out local advocacy campaigns, and work with local officials and traditional leaders to address local development needs, thereby demonstrating the value of democratic processes at the community level.

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