Ethiopia 2018

Disseminating Human and Democratic Rights Education

Peace and Development Center


To deepen citizens’ understanding of human and democratic rights in western Ethiopia. The organization will conduct workshops to enhance participants’ understanding of human and democratic rights, enable them to critically assess the main challenges within their communities, and help strengthen their ability to work towards the prevention of rights violations in their individual and professional capacities. The trainings will include judicial and security officials, religious and civic leaders, and other stakeholders.

Human Rights Advocacy and Legal Aid

Human Rights


To protect and promote fundamental human rights. The program will build the capacity of Ethiopian lawyers through trainings on human rights litigation, provide pro bono legal aid services in a select number of cases, and encourage collaboration with civil society organizations and universities to educate university students on human rights. Research will also be conducted on human rights conditions, which will be used to engage relevant governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders and promote legal reform.

Human Rights Fellowship

African Civic Leadership Program, Ltd


To build the capacity of human rights organizations. The grantee will assign fellows to local human rights organizations to provide technical and professional support in human rights monitoring and reporting, social media engagement, digital security, and operational development.

Promoting a Culture of Public Policy Dialogue

Forum for Social Studies


To promote a more informed and inclusive discussion on public policy issues. The project will use broadcast and print media to provide policy analysis and recommendations on a range of economic and development issues. These activities will encourage a culture of constructive and politically salient discussion and strengthen linkages between the media and civil society organizations.

Promoting Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance in Ethiopia

Vision Ethiopian Congress for Democracy


To promote awareness of human rights, democracy, and good governance in Addis Ababa. The organization will hold workshops and forum discussions, civic education focused secondary school competitions, and leadership and management trainings. The organization will seek to deepen the participants’ understanding of political, economic, institutional, and cultural factors that foster democratic development and consolidation.

Promoting Democratic Values and Rule of Law

Rule of Law


To promote a culture of civic and informed public dialogue. The organization will facilitate a series of debates on democracy, human rights, and good governance on university campuses and produce weekly radio programs for experts and citizens to discuss timely legal reforms and human rights issues at the regional and federal level.

Promoting Dialogue and Democratic Values

Wazema Ethiopia


To promote freedom of information and independent media in Ethiopia. The grantee will produce online radio programs that promote civic dialogue and provide in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities for democracy in the country. It will also supplement its online programming by publishing briefing papers that will analyze socio-economic and political issues and provide policy recommendations.

Strengthening Voices for Economic Reform

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen the institutional capacity, sustainability, and governance of Ethiopian business membership organizations and their capacity to participate in democratic dialogue. The center will work with a local partner to finalize the Ethiopian Chamber Academy while continuing to support regional public-private dialogue initiatives. To mobilize the Hawassa private sector to improve the city’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, the center and a local partner will develop recommendations and engage small businesses in initiating a policy dialogue with local authorities and international investors.

Sustaining the Publication of Addis Standard

Jakenn Publishing PLC


To promote access to in-depth political and socio-economic analysis. The organization will expand reporting of Ethiopian political, social, and security developments on the free online news platform ‘Addis Standard’, a leading source of Ethiopian news and public debates. The publication will provide space for activists and political party representatives to engage with the public to contribute to a culture that respects a diversity of views.

Trade Union Strengthening Phase III

Solidarity Center (SC)


To increase the organizing capacity of the Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU). The center will provide training, mentoring and intensive exposure to organizing best practices across CETU’s labor sectors. The Center will expand its engagement with Ethiopia’s industrial parks by increasing its unionizing and membership outreach efforts to the manufacturing workers and providing them Know-Your-Rights trainings.

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